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A challenge to traditionalists.

Commenter thedeti wrote in response to A shortage doesn’t indicate a buyer’s market. I seem to remember Cane Caldo saying something like this. I had Cane’s comments in mind when I wrote the post but didn’t have the link handy.  Cane kindly … Continue reading

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A shortage doesn’t indicate a buyer’s market.

One comment I see from fathers with surprising regularity is that their unmarried daughter is in a great position to find a husband because she’s not remotely interested in the kind of men who express interest in her.  Even worse, … Continue reading

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Someday we’ll laugh!

Commenter Ofelas pointed out the absurdity of the main character in Cat Person imagining how much a future boyfriend would enjoy hearing about her having sex with other men: …she imagined that somewhere, out there in the universe, there was … Continue reading

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Reframing Christian marriage part 4: judging the performance.

Christian wives have been taught to see their role in biblical marriage primarily as a judge of their husband’s obligation to love them as Christ loved the church.  This is as I showed in the beginning of the series essential … Continue reading

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When judging the performance goes wrong

Badger had several excellent posts last week about a woman named Alyssa Bereznak who very publicly shredded her OKCupid date (Jon Finkel) on the blog Gizmodo. Check out Badger’s posts here and here for the full story, but my sense … Continue reading

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