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The Other McCain nailed it (yet again).

In my previous post I quoted Jezebel Managing Editor Joanna Rothkopf.  From her Bio at Bustle, she is a walking, breathing, men’s sphere cliché: Joanna is a New York-based writer and performer. Her work has appeared in Vanity Fair, The … Continue reading

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Smartphones ruin everything.

The other day a woman mentioned her frustration with smartphones to my wife.  The woman’s complaint was that her husband would play or read on his smartphone while she browses through stores.  My wife asked why that was bad, and … Continue reading

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“I have always depended on the sexual kindness of strangers.”

Tracy “Hot Farts” Moore at Jezebel asks How Can We Make Casual Sex Better For Women? (language warning) Anyone who has embarked on a first-time hookup with a man knows the following: it can be terrible, just OK, or great, … Continue reading

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Be quiet, lie back, and take it.

As reported by Ashe Schow at the Washington Examiner in Columbia student defamed by mattress girl is suing, survivor Paul Nungesser alleges that he was forced to remain silent during his long, humiliating, ordeal.  After a seven month university disciplinary process cleared … Continue reading

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Sounds like bunch of 12 year olds.

The ladies of Jezebel describe the audience of 50 SoG: The audience is about 98 percent female, and mostly in their early 20s.  …here we are, dragged in public like trenchcoated patrons at a porn palace. As the film begins, … Continue reading

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