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We'd rather hear from the team of under-15-year-old boys who beat them. — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 6, 2019 Krieger should reconsider, given the history here.  After Amelia Earhart rode in an airplane while two men flew it across … Continue reading

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They thought he was chivalrous (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

From the Daily Mail, Modern day dandy, 25, who has dressed only in Regency-period clothes since burning his jeans at 14 says his eccentric attire has seen him receive ‘countless offers of marriage’: Zack has a huge legion of online fans … Continue reading

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Stinky feminists strike back.

H/T Instapundit Stinkyness is a favorite weapon of ugly feminists, so the new Slate article shouldn’t be entirely surprising. Deodorants were created to solve a fake problem and thrived thanks to the patriarchy. — Slate (@Slate) June 22, 2019

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At Instapundit, Stephen Green wrote: GOOD. It’s Happening: 3 High School Girls File Complaint Over Dominating Transgender Athletes. Commenter Allen responded with: If I have to live in clown world, so does everyone else.

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Men stopped reverencing women.

Instapundit linked to an article at Evie Magazine* by S.G. Cheah titled How Feminism Is Driving The Growing Trend Of Anti-Women Subcultures.  Cheah describes a disturbing conversation she had with a beta orbiter, where he explained to her why men … Continue reading

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