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What could possibly go wrong?

I offered this as a comment over at Instapundit, in response to a post on the impending sexbot revolution. Time is the modern woman’s real enemy here, with technology merely enhancing the effect. By continuously pushing out the age of … Continue reading

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Well played.

The Federalist is outraged at blatant Christian legalism when it comes to selecting a spouse: Women Prefer Physically Fit Men With Good Jobs And No Criminal Record Recently, there have been a lot of objections in the evangelical blogosphere over a highly offensive … Continue reading

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Chivalry and the kickass conservative gal.

While they may seem like an unlikely match at first, chivalry and the kickass conservative gal are a marriage made in modern conservative heaven.  As commenter Mother_of_4_Original demonstrates in her response to the article Male Feminist Declares: ‘End Chivalry Now’ (emphasis … Continue reading

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Go ahead; try to make this stuff up.

I dare you. From Profs say female STEM grades don’t reflect ‘perceived effort’: Based on surveys of 828 STEM students, the professors conclude that female students believe they work harder than their male classmates for similar grades, indicating that “women’s higher … Continue reading

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The coward’s way out.

Kevin Williamson at National Review writes in Advice for Incels: In the 1960s and 1970s, there were some social disruptions touching marriage and family life. It was, they told us, a “sexual revolution.” The thing about revolutions is: Somebody loses. … Continue reading

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