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More bad news for marriage is baked in.

Back in September W. Bradford Wilcox and Wendy Wang published an American Enterprise Institute report titled The Marriage Divide: How and Why Working-Class Families Are More Fragile Today.  I’ve written previously about the NYT response to the report, but not … Continue reading

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Cucked by Courtly Love.

Cuckoo’s are diabolical parasites.  The video below shows what happens after a cuckoo egg is laid in a Warbler’s nest. The cuckoo chick ejects the real offspring so it can take their place.  The truly disturbing part is that the … Continue reading

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Percent of births out of wedlock by age and race of of mother.

I’ve done a quick scan of the latest US data I could find on out of wedlock births, and some of the data is very interesting.  The first thing that surprised* me is that the percent of births out of … Continue reading

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Someone tell Gilligan.

From our local DFW channel 8 news: Suspected gunman who shot Dallas firefighter had long rap sheet (emphasis mine): WFAA talked to family members and learned Brown is the father of 18 children and worked as a janitor at Parkland … Continue reading

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Father Roulette

A German judge has coined a brilliant term for the new family model we have adopted to replace marriage: father roulette.  From the Daily Mail German woman loses legal bid to discover male escort’s identity after he got her pregnant … Continue reading

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