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Ugly feminists are large and in charge.

The other day readers suggested that Sirena Bergman was a satirical character mocking SJWs, like Titania McGrath: Sisters! We MUST get behind the #SexStrike NOW. ✊️ ALL of us. No excuses. As women, it is our duty to stand up … Continue reading

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She’s teaching her daughters to play patriarchy chicken.

Anna Lee Beyer at HuffPost writes in How I Am Teaching My Small Daughters To Play Patriarchy Chicken: Imagine me, a grown woman, with a jumping 5-year-old on one hand and a rogue 2-year-old pulling on the other. We are … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson moves in the right direction.

Two years ago when Dr. Helen pointed out that our anti father family courts are our society’s formal legal expression of our contempt for respectable men, Tucker Carlson responded with an emphatic “Who cares”? Dr. Helen:  [The] new world order is … Continue reading

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Sounds like she squeaked one past him.

Huffington Post had an article last week about Amy Schumer’s 6 month wedding anniversary: Amy Schumer Celebrates Marriage Milestone With A Fart Joke, Of Course “Married 6 months today,” she wrote on Instagram Monday. “I love you more every day. … Continue reading

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Visible in absence.

As I’ve noted before chivalry is the mechanism that turns feminism (women’s complaints) into action.  This is at times hard to observe because chivalry is most men’s default condition in our culture*.  Most men don’t actively think of themselves as … Continue reading

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