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Feminist Atlantic waxes conservative.

The Atlantic has a love-hate relationship with men’s economic contributions.  The magazine alternates between gloating that feminism has destroyed men’s economic status once and for all, and worrying that men are no longer fulfilling their traditional roles as bread winners. … Continue reading

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Don’t tell women no.

Recently Zippy Catholic noted how shocking it was to see how vehemently the pro life movement opposes holding women accountable, or even discussing the idea of holding women accountable: …just listening to the pro life rhetoric following the Trump gaffe … Continue reading

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How to close the gender pay gap once and for all.

Closing the gender pay gap is a national priority, but due to misunderstanding the problem we have failed to fully close it.  The good news is we are already making great progress in this area, albeit largely by accident.  Even … Continue reading

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Started with a bang, ended with a whimper

In This won’t end well I explained the seeming contradiction between Hanna Rosin’s assertion that women chose the hookup culture because they found it empowering, and Leslie Bell’s observation that women wanted something more. What neither author noticed is that … Continue reading

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This won’t end well.

The Atlantic has a piece out by Leslie C. Bell titled Women in Their 20s Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Wanting a Boyfriend (H/T Free Northerner).  Ms. Bell takes issue with Hanna Rosin’s assertion in Boys on the Side that young women … Continue reading

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