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Pride of ownership.

According to Spirit Halloween, the top selling Harley Quinn costume item is a choker with the word Puddin on it (Harley’s pet name for the Joker).  Popular culture tells us that women don’t want to be owned, yet a collar … Continue reading

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Hot Crazy Feminism vs Dumpy Lesbian Feminism

As I explained back in August, the real problem with the Ghostbusters reboot was not that it was too feminist for audience sensibilities.  The real problem was that the women in ghostbusters didn’t look hot while they were playing the … Continue reading

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Well behaved women seldom make history

The latest Wal-Mart Halloween commercial here in the US reminded me of grerp’s post Piece of Advice #74: Do not confuse being difficult with being strong: If only girls have more moxie then they will become men! Too bad it … Continue reading

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The word “husband” as bragging rights.

One of the more common misconceptions in the manosphere is that women don’t place any cachet in being married.  A surprising number of men have inadvertently swallowed the feminist misdirection on this issue.  This is somewhat understandable, since there is … Continue reading

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