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Melinda Gates, miserly billionaire.

From what I have read, Bill and Melinda Gates are generous with their money.  But Melinda Gates is an incredible miser when it comes to gratitude.  She married one of the world’s most successful men, arguably of all time, and … Continue reading

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Gratitude is the enemy of feminism.

Darcy Lockman at The Atlantic warns wives against the danger of feeling gratitude in Mothers Shouldn’t Be Grateful for Their Husbands’ Help Gratitude is a brand of benevolent sexism, a force that repels change. To offer thanks for whatever contributions … Continue reading

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They see the good in men.

H/T Elizabeth

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Soulmates: The cuckold and his scold.

The ugly feminist and the chivalrous man are a perfect match.*  Nothing terrifies her more than the thought of suffering feelings of love or gratitude. Nothing excites him more than the privilege of proving his superior manhood by doing the … Continue reading

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Do what she asks, but know in advance that she will take great care to protect herself from feeling gratitude.

From: This viral airport ‘mansplaining’ story shows what male allyship can look like. A feminist endures the unbearable experience of a stranger in an airport telling her his opinion on a topic she is highly credentialed in. A white knight … Continue reading

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