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Jordan Peterson can’t handle the truth.

Jordan Peterson tries to morally condemn pickup artists without condemning fornication: Peterson ends up twisting himself in knots, so it is possible that he had something profound in mind but wasn’t able to articulate it.  The closest he comes to … Continue reading

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

When I first started blogging one regular criticism I received from traditional conservatives (especially when writing about Game) was that I was killing chivalry.  For the most part I disregarded this with the assumption that they either didn’t understand Game … Continue reading

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How to creep out your wife.

Sheila Gregoire at Authentic Manhood coaches frustrated Christian husbands on how to seduce their wives in In Search of the Secret Switch.  To her credit, she admits upfront that she has no idea how to actually do such a thing: … Continue reading

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Why Game is a threat to our values.

Chances are you’ve heard of a concept called “Game”, and if you are like most people you suspect this concept poses a dire threat to our most cherished values.  These suspicions are correct;  Game is fundamentally incompatible with our values … Continue reading

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The thought of holding hands with him made her sick, but fortunately he convinced her to marry him.

In Chapter 20 of Every Man’s Marriage, Stephen Arterburn explains that when he was dating his wife Sandy she found the idea of holding his hand revolting: When Sandy and I were dating, I attempted to hold her hand one night.  She … Continue reading

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