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The wages of wooing.

In my last post I offered an example of alpha widowhood.  Marrying such a woman represents a real danger for men, and the risk of this is greatly increased by the mind frame of courtly love. Infogalactic lists the stages … Continue reading

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*Real men* confess their love to the gas station attendant.

Cane Caldo notes: The rebuttals here are hilarious, and fall into two camps. 1. To some people the idea of “man pursues, woman responds” is so important to the arguer that he redefines woo to mean “bought”, and bride-price as … Continue reading

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A challenge to traditionalists.

Commenter thedeti wrote in response to A shortage doesn’t indicate a buyer’s market. I seem to remember Cane Caldo saying something like this. I had Cane’s comments in mind when I wrote the post but didn’t have the link handy.  Cane kindly … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson can’t handle the truth.

Jordan Peterson tries to morally condemn pickup artists without condemning fornication: Peterson ends up twisting himself in knots, so it is possible that he had something profound in mind but wasn’t able to articulate it.  The closest he comes to … Continue reading

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

When I first started blogging one regular criticism I received from traditional conservatives (especially when writing about Game) was that I was killing chivalry.  For the most part I disregarded this with the assumption that they either didn’t understand Game … Continue reading

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