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Ministry of humor.

Ford ran a commercial here in Texas at the beginning of game two of the World Series last night selling the message that their F-150 pickup trucks are both tough and safe.  You can see the ad at iSpot, which … Continue reading

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Hair shirts and chest thumping.

Conservative Christians are terrified.  They are terrified of offending women, especially women in feminist rebellion.  This creates a problem, because conservative Christians still want to condemn the outcome of feminism.  The question is, how to condemn the outcome of feminism … Continue reading

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NFL Super Bowl PSA: Who is the abuser?

During the Super Bowl tomorrow the NFL will be running the following PSA on domestic violence: Last year’s PSA featured a woman dialing 911 but not being able to tell the 911 operator why she called.  She couldn’t speak freely … Continue reading

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Feminist territory marking, NFL style.

I’m not a huge football fan, but for the past few years I’ve clicked on a game in October only to be repulsed by the sea of supplication. I don’t know what is more troubling, that NFL management thinks men … Continue reading

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Great Middle School Football Play!

I saw this on the local news.  Middle School and High School football are a big deal in Texas, but this play is good enough that it might make national news as well: On the news they interviewed a number … Continue reading

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