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She’s paving the way for the trailblazers.

It is funny to think that if feminism is successful, newspapers will be printing quotes like the one below a hundred years from now (and two hundred, etc).  From the Daily Mail Female college football player Toni Harris dreams of … Continue reading

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She joined the feminist brotherhood.

The Seattle Times has a new article up today about a girl playing high school football:  A battle for respect, then in the trenches: For Newport’s Jenna Martz, football is feminism  Off the bat there is the obligatory territory marking, … Continue reading

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Raising her right

Football is clearly one of the main areas of focus in feminist mopping up activities.  It was one of the final socially acceptable male spaces, so it is only natural that feminists feel compelled to fully mark it as feminine.  … Continue reading

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They’re her bros.

Cane Caldo shared a video from a local newscast: Notice how this story demonstrates the two primal feminist desires that work cross purpose: Be (like) one of the guys (experience manly pride) Mark all spaces as feminine (extinguish manly pride) … Continue reading

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A tough spot for conservatives.

DC McAllister at PJ Media wrote a post arguing that Special K’s marketing campaign encouraging girls to play football is hurting women.  Her first argument is that men, and young men especially, need their own spaces: While I don’t want … Continue reading

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