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Thoughts on conducting a proper manhunt.

Commenter Rachel asked a question a little over a week ago: I have a bunch of teenage daughters. I try to teach them to respect their father and men in general, like their youth group leader who recently nearly died … Continue reading

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Anna Hitchings can’t find a man.

End of transmission.   H/T Boris, Steve, & Anna.

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The “no marriage proposals” canard.

During the discussion of The season of singleness commenter innocentbystanderboston (IBB) made a fairly common argument, that women like Wendy Griffith and Allyson Rowe didn’t delay marriage in pursuit of feminist goals, but instead were forced to pursue feminist goals … Continue reading

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The season of singleness.

One of the biggest impacts of the sexual revolution and second wave feminism is the trend of women delaying marriage to focus on a combination of sexual promiscuity, education, and career.  A quick and dirty way to visualize this is … Continue reading

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Never forget the eager role of the conservative anvil.

I originally left this as a comment in response to Larry Kummer’s recent post: Marriage: soon the Surgeon General will warn about it.  Larry wrote: Summary: The Left has worked for two generations to destroy marriage as an institution by … Continue reading

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