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It was time to settle for a boring loyal dude.

Filed under the category of Losing control of the narrative, I bring you Why It’s OK To Settle In Romantic Relationships – Refinery29 When I met my now soon-to-be fiancé, five years ago, I didn’t really think much of him … Continue reading

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What if we acknowledged repentance and respected Christian men who married single mothers?

Commenter Bee proposed that Christians should encourage single mothers to adopt their children out at birth, instead of shaming Christian men for having a “vain expectation of marrying a childless virgin”: Mark Driscoll is another Christian Leader that has encouraged Christian … Continue reading

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No respect for men who marry single mothers.

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has a 2016 article by Sam Parkison excoriating Christian men for not marrying single mothers.  Parkison calls Christian men’s preferences in this regard vanity, and repeats the charge three times: But functionally, marriage is still idealized … Continue reading

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Is Christian marriage only for elite women?

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. –Romans 12:10, ESV Last week Pastor Michael Foster and I had an excellent exchange in the comments of my post Unless the men are *Christian*. The discussion was … Continue reading

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Must a father teach his son to fix things?

In response to Giving thanks for fathers commenter Oratorian wrote: Coming to this a little late, but does anyone have any insight about how the father-son passing on of masculine roles works among men who are NOT interested in or capable … Continue reading

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