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What a setup looks like.

Pancakeloach describes how she met her husband in a comment at Courtship Pledge: I needed a ride to the [church singles] retreat, an acquaintance of mine had an older brother who was going – we chatted a lot in the … Continue reading

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She isn’t getting enough dates.

Eddie Kaufholz at Relevant Magazine has an article on an old standby topic, Why Don’t the Guys in my Church Ask Women on Dates? (H/T Robert Yates).  Relevant reader Erica kicks off the discussion with a letter asking why weak men are … Continue reading

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CBMW’s striking ambivalence for complementarianism

When I first pointed out the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood’s discomfort with headship and submission, a discomfort which goes back to their founding document, Sunshine Mary explained: Understand that when Christianity Today (the most influential publication in American … Continue reading

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Continuing the conversation.

The previous post at Courtship Pledge garnered an excellent discussion with 139 (and counting) comments. Donal Graeme furthers the conversation with his guest post: Getting the Ball Rolling: Networking

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Rebuilding what is forgotten.

Scott with Courtship Pledge was kind enough to take up a question of mine in his post:  How to send the right signal to the red-pill guys in church? I’ve left my own thoughts in the comments there*, and I’m … Continue reading

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