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The ultimate affront to cartoonish chivalry.

It is bad enough that we force women to join and even lead our military in the real world, but this has gone too far:  

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Complementarian marriage: Egalitarian marriage with a veneer of headship.

In order to understand complementarian marriage, you have to start by tossing out everything the Bible says about marriage roles and begin with a foundation of egalitarian marriage.  Then add back a thin veneer of headship, focusing on headship sounding … Continue reading

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Androcentric chimps chimping

Lore Ferguson Wilbert explains The Problem With Our Complementarianism Bit by the bug of second wave feminism in the 1960s and ‘70s, the term “complementarianism” seemed to offer conservative churches an answer. Here was a word that described how men … Continue reading

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Ye shall know them by their cartoonish chivalry.

As complementarian women continue to push the feminist envelope, complementarian men are forced to ramp up their non-threatening imitation masculinity.  Ladies, if you want your Christian feminist rebellion to come with a stamp of (sort of) tradition, you are going … Continue reading

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She brings a perspective you cannot bring.

Jen Wilkin explains that male pastors need women to preach to women because: She holds an authority you cannot hold. She brings a perspective you cannot bring.  I wrote about the authority question yesterday, but it is worth reiterating that … Continue reading

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