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As I showed in my last post the movie Indivisible teaches a well worn and well loved modern Christian message that God wants wives not to submit to their husbands, but to threaten their husbands to make them change. The … Continue reading

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She joined the feminist brotherhood.

The Seattle Times has a new article up today about a girl playing high school football:  A battle for respect, then in the trenches: For Newport’s Jenna Martz, football is feminism  Off the bat there is the obligatory territory marking, … Continue reading

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Chivalry was re-purposed by women, for women.

Reader ‘Reality’ Doug writes (emphasis mine): Dalrock, very educational. Your thesis may be no less irrefutable than Alex Jones’ certain theory, but your ‘evidence’ from the lips of a woman who earns a living as a college professor…you should know … Continue reading

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How can men help girls see her and be her?

Back in June of 2016 The Association of National Advertisers and its Alliance for Family Entertainment launched an initiative titled #SeeHer, to boost girls’ self esteem by making sure women are portrayed correctly in commercials.  As AdAge explains: The Association of National … Continue reading

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You can’t argue with the boy.

Somewhere in Texas, on a Dalrock family road trip, my wife and children were having breakfast at the motel breakfast bar while I caught a few extra minutes of sleep.  An elderly couple asked a family with three girls what … Continue reading

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