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He’s a bully.

The British tabloids are out for blood after a video surfaced of an army bayonet instructor yelling at a female recruit. The headline in the Sun reads: Bully army corporal reduces female recruit to tears in harrowing training video Harrowing … Continue reading

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I propose a soon-to-be coveted moxie badge.

The Chicago Tribune/AP has a new article up titled: With girls joining the ranks, Boy Scouts plan a name change. Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh explains that moving forward there won’t be “girl” scouts and “boy” scouts, just scouts: Surbaugh … Continue reading

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Visible in absence.

As I’ve noted before chivalry is the mechanism that turns feminism (women’s complaints) into action.  This is at times hard to observe because chivalry is most men’s default condition in our culture*.  Most men don’t actively think of themselves as … Continue reading

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Winning the arms race (made you look!)

In women’s online race to acquire beta orbiters and ensure that the maximum number of men know that their bodies are sexy, it is tough for a woman to stand out while still pretending to not be seeking sexual attention.  … Continue reading

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They built the airstrip, but no cargo appeared.

Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos are once again in the news*: Theranos CEO and former president charged with massive fraud The interesting thing is that while a settlement has been reached, I don’t think we know anything more today about the … Continue reading

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