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Reconciling old and new conservative views.

Stephen Green has a post up at Instapundit on the US Submarine force’s failure to meet the needs of women.  Not all women who want to serve on submarines are given slots, and thus the Submarine Community Can’t Meet Demand … Continue reading

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An earnest defense of John MacArthur’s chivalry.

French poets, in the eleventh century, discovered or invented, or were the first to express, that romantic species of passion which English poets were still writing about in the nineteenth. They effected a change which has left no corner of … Continue reading

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Fruits of chivalry

Scott commented: Whether it’s dressing in a fairy tutu to go trick or treating with your daughter or playing football in pink, if you don’t want to participle it is said that you can’t just have a little fun or … Continue reading

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Of course they aren’t changing girls to boys and boys to girls.

In the video “Has Swedish feminism gone too far?” a school administrator states: People think that we are going to change girls to boys, and boys to girls.  But that is of course not what we are doing. Immediately after … Continue reading

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She’s their successor to Christ, their man of the year.

Social Justice Warriors have been outdoing themselves with Greta Thunberg.  After I wrote A (new) child to save us, I saw in Fabius Maximus’ post Using girls for propoganda that a church in Sweden has declared her a successor to … Continue reading

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