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A cold calculation.

Child support is the answer to the question “How shall we replace the nuclear family”?  This much is axiomatic, with the only question being how many nuclear families we want to replace.  Radical feminists want to destroy all marriages, or … Continue reading

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Hacksaw Ridge

Note:  Minor plot spoilers to follow.  You may want to watch the movie before reading this post. I had the chance to catch Hacksaw Ridge the other day, and it is an extremely powerful movie.  I was a bit leery … Continue reading

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God’s Drill Instructors (language warning)

Conservative Christians are facing a masculinity crisis.  The traditional/biblical roles of men are no longer palatable in our feminist era.  Yet part of being conservative/complementarian means stressing the difference between men and women.  The challenge is, how to take on … Continue reading

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Deepwater Horizon is a pleasant surprise.

In our discussion back in 2014 of Mom’s Night Out, Cane Caldo astutely commented: Our movies really hate married fathers. “Taken” is acceptable as a movie premise because Liam Neeson’s father character is divorced. “Homeland” is also fine because Jason … Continue reading

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The mysterious male marriage premium.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit explains why he left big law: …I looked at the partners and their lives and thought, “this is what it looks like when you win?” But one thing I noticed about a lot of the partners … Continue reading

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