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Time and fantasy.

Picking up from my last post, the root of declining marriage rates isn’t just that there are substitutes to marriage, but that marriage itself has been degraded for many decades.  Time is our enemy here, because inertia has delayed the … Continue reading

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She didn’t stick the landing, and she won’t leave the floor.

When Eat Pray Love came out, it appeared that Elizabeth Gilbert had successfully navigated her way through steps 1-8 of having it all.  But to succeed in this game of serial monogamy a woman needs to stick the landing.  In … Continue reading

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Not like the movies.

Huffington Post Divorce warns its readers that dating after divorce tends to be a letdown in The 11 Worst Pick Up Lines Divorcés Have Ever Heard: Thinking of jumping back into the dating scene? Prepare yourself for some godawful pickup … Continue reading

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A coat and a hairstyle.

Elizabeth Holmes is part of a storied tradition of feminist pioneers who were willing to do what it takes to be like trailblazing men.  Holmes of course has patterned herself after Steve Jobs: Like Jobs, Holmes wears a daily “uniform” … Continue reading

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What else could they want?

Vox Day has a post today about Forbes revising its net worth estimate for Elizabeth Holmes from $4.5 billion to zero.  Yet from this article it is clear that Holmes has all of the attributes to be a kickass tech … Continue reading

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