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McCormick mans the grill.

The polar opposite of Gillette’s ad showing disdain for their primary customers is the flame and flavor ad by McCormick. This of course carries its own form of risk, because feminist harpies consumed by envy of men are very likely … Continue reading

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Feminist charisma

It looks like the following video on Brie Larson made the rounds several months ago, but I only stumbled upon it last week. The feminist dream has turned into a nightmare.  Here she finally is, one of the guys, but … Continue reading

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Manspreading is about envy, not space.

The BBC has an article up about an ugly feminist receiving “backlash” for her pettiness. Laila Laurel won a “major award” for creating a pair of seats designed to force men’s legs together while forcing women’s legs apart. Dude, it's … Continue reading

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Discontentment is both the input and the output of feminism.

Larry Kummer writes in Feminism has given us successful girls and broken girls: Summary: I have two grown boys. The most frequent comment I get from parents who have daughters: you are so lucky; teenage girls are so difficult. The … Continue reading

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Melinda Gates, miserly billionaire.

From what I have read, Bill and Melinda Gates are generous with their money.  But Melinda Gates is an incredible miser when it comes to gratitude.  She married one of the world’s most successful men, arguably of all time, and … Continue reading

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