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Some questions for American Airlines.

Maybe a reader with a Twitter account can run some or all of these past the American Airlines Twitter account.  Regarding the recent viral video: Does American Airlines take domestic violence seriously? Why was the victim ejected from the plane … Continue reading

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Duluth worked even better than I expected.

The Miami Herald reports that the woman in the viral video wasn’t arrested or charged.  From Woman smashes husband with laptop on plane, video shows: The woman was not arrested. According to the report. there was a delay from the time … Continue reading

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Ugly feminists on a plane.

As I’ve shared previously, feminists have been wildly successful in bending the legal system to enable women to dominate men: The Duluth model is working as designed; you won’t smart mouth her again. Another case of Duluth working as designed. NFL Super … Continue reading

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“Look what he made me do!” as a murder defense.

Submitting to the Lord sometimes involves drawing clear boundaries and enacting consequences when a husband sins. –Mary Kassian Fox News explains that a wife who shot and killed her husband was trying to give him a wakeup call in Arkansas … Continue reading

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Valentines for the pearl of great price.

Fitting for our times, I saw the following Valentines Day cards at a local supermarket: Dump that zero and get yourself a hero! I also saw this card, which is a sign of our full acceptance of the Duluth model:

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