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Sounds promising.

Via Dr. Helen at Instapundit: IN THE MAIL: From Shawn T. Smith, The Tactical Guide to Women: How Men Can Manage Risk in Dating and Marriage. I was interviewed for the book and have some advice for men in Chapter … Continue reading

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The unexpected challenge to modern Christian orthodoxy.

There is very often an honesty in secular media that is striking when compared with modern Christian teaching.  Rare News reports on the ladies at the view discussing wives withholding sex to punish their husbands for disagreeing with them: “Well, … Continue reading

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Not enough cash and prizes.

There is a new push under way for women who divorce to be rewarded with even greater amounts of cash and prizes.  Dr. Helen tackles this in Elizabeth Warren Wants Men to ‘Share the Pain’.  It isn’t just Elizabeth Warren … Continue reading

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Why am I so much better than other men?

I already offered this as a comment at Instapundit, but since I don’t have a new real post to offer I thought I would put this up to at least allow for new discussion.   Instapundit’s post is itself a link … Continue reading

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Who cares?

Commenter yac-yac asks why a young man would want respect from a man who would tell him to man up and marry those sluts: That, I think, is the epiphany, the moment of change: the awareness on the part of … Continue reading

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