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NFL Super Bowl PSA: Who is the abuser?

During the Super Bowl tomorrow the NFL will be running the following PSA on domestic violence: Last year’s PSA featured a woman dialing 911 but not being able to tell the 911 operator why she called.  She couldn’t speak freely … Continue reading

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Not listening.

A few readers have challenged my observation that when complementarians say husbands are guilty of “not listening” to their wives what they mean is husbands aren’t doing what the wife says.  I’ve recently offered multiple examples where complementarians do this … Continue reading

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Honey, I’m home!

While Pastor Saeed Abedini was flying home to see his wife and children yesterday after being imprisoned for his faith for nearly four years, his wife Naghmeh was preparing a special surprise for him. According to a local news station, … Continue reading

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I hear he is a real bastard.

With Pastor Abedini’s relaese, chose him as a topic for one of their 5 Fast Facts posts.  Fast fact number three is: 3. His Wife Naghmeh Campaigned Relentlessly for His Release, But Then Quit After Saying He Had Abused … Continue reading

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Nagmeh warns Christians not to be seduced by the desire for attention.

I had planned on changing the subject, but haven’t had time to write the next post I plan on writing.  In the meantime, the Christian press continues to feed Naghmeh Abedini’s cravings for attention.  Ironically this latest round involves Naghmeh … Continue reading

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