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It would be immoral *not* to blow up her family.

Bell has a difficult marriage and turned to Yahoo Answers for advice:  I want out I can’t take him any longer? We have been to counseling and he stopped going. He refuses to go back. He has an attitude most … Continue reading

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The crazy dictator.

My wife and I watched a movie titled Joshua a while back (plot spoiler alert).  We ended up fast forwarding the second half of the film just to see how it ended, but the first half was both fascinating and … Continue reading

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The sin of lacking moxie.

Reader aa asked for my thoughts on an article by JD Gunter at the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) titled We’re Just “Talking”.  Gunter has misunderstood the increased ambiguity in the Sexual Marketplace (SMP);  where women have pushed to … Continue reading

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Brilliant advertising.

Viva La Manosphere highlighted a Barbarossaa post today with a new (to me) man up video featuring Pastor Mark Driscoll and Bill Bennett.  These guys are the all stars of the man up brigade, so it was impressive to see both of … Continue reading

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No room for headship here.

As I explained before, all too often the topic of domestic violence is raised not in a good faith effort to protect against real abuse, but as a club against husbands to bring them into submission.  The concept of a … Continue reading

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