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Loud and proud complementarians: Pastor Matt Chandler.

Pastor Matt Chandler is at the nexus of the modern complementarian movement. He is a contributor to The Gospel Coalition (TGC), the president of the Acts 29 church planting network and a council member of the ERLC. In the video … Continue reading

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A marriage isn’t a military unit.

Commenter Warthog wrote that I have missed Pastor Doug Wilson’s point when he claimed that a husband is like a captain of a ship, and therefore “the man is completely responsible for all the problems [in the marriage]”: Not defending … Continue reading

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Nancy Carol Hastings Sehested writes in An open letter to Paige Patterson: Dear Brother Paige, We now have something in common. We were both ousted. Mine happened so long ago that you may not remember me. It was 30 years … Continue reading

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Hysteria grips Man-Up Headquarters.

It is disturbing to watch the cowardly response of Dr. Paige Patterson’s colleagues as the SJW mob went after him.  Patterson was a lion in Southern Baptist and complementarian circles.  He was the president of two different Southern Baptist seminaries, … Continue reading

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What is off about Patterson’s “two black eyes” story?

Swanny River asks: So if I am understanding you and Dalrock correctly, that third story, and Patterson, are complex because Patterson may be lying? That sounds like a leading question, but I do just want to see if I understanding … Continue reading

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