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With friends like Gilder, married fathers don’t need enemies.

In response to my post Vagina worship, Neguy came to George Gilder’s defense: Men and Marriage is actually a re-released second edition of Gilder’s 1973 book Sexual Suicide, which was interestingly published by New York Times Books. It’s easy to … Continue reading

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Do it for the validation.

From the ironically titled site For your marriage, comes a pitch to use the annulment process to validate your decision to divorce even if you don’t plan on remarrying: I do not plan to re-marry. Why should I present a … Continue reading

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Sentence first; verdict afterwards.

SkylerWurden scoffed at my assertion that the 70 fold increase in RCC annulments in the US after the 1960s* represents a important shift in RCC thinking on the permanence of marriage.  He revised his calculations several times, but he seems … Continue reading

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Drowning in a sea of smugness.

In response to Women hardest hit commenter Micha Elyi smugly explained that the RCC’s hard line on divorce puts Protestants to shame: Kind’a makes you think that King Henry VIII and Martin Luther were wrong and the Catholic Christians have been … Continue reading

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Women hardest hit.

One of the changes in the new tax law involves the tax status of alimony.  Previously the payor (men) could deduct the money they pay in alimony, and the payee (women) would have it taxed as income.   Starting with … Continue reading

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