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Was it real?

I happened to come across the “In the Air Tonight” scene from the pilot for the old TV series Miami Vice the other day (below).  For those who aren’t familiar with the show and the scene (and yet still care), … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s hero can’t save the day

IBB linked to an interesting article by Megan McArdle on Bloomberg View: How Hollywood Can Save Our Families.  McArdle points out the enormous disadvantage broken homes create for children and our society.  She proposes having Hollywood use its moral force … Continue reading

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Too ugly to empower

Back in July I predicted that the (then) up and coming divorce fantasy movie Wild would not have the kind of success Eat Pray Love had back in 2010.  A good divorce fantasy needs to show the divorcée ending up with a … Continue reading

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Fathers [sometimes] matter!

A reader recently asked if I’ve moved away from my prediction in More ominous than a strike that we will eventually see some dialing back of the worst excesses of the family court: …ignoring the problem will become more and … Continue reading

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Celebrating divorce by denying its existence.

At first glance it may seem strange that feminists like Claire Cain Miller and Justin Wolfers would go to such lengths to convince the public that high divorce rates are a thing of the past.  One might expect that feminists in their … Continue reading

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