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Why doesn’t this 28 year old manboy want to become respectable?

The Daily Mail has a new article about a 28 year old man who doesn’t want to grow up and start a family of his own.  Instead, he chooses to live with his mother and go to grad school for … Continue reading

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Not in the picture.

The Daily Mail has a new article on the ten year anniversary of Eat Pray Love (EPL): Eat pray love (and walk out on your husband): It’s the bestseller that inspired a generation to transform their lives. But it left … Continue reading

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It isn’t insincerity, but fear of losing women’s approval.

Agnostic writes in The Pro-Life Movement (TM): Just another branch of victimhood feminism: Certainly if you believe that abortion is murder, then the pregnant woman is at least an accessory to murder. Perhaps you wouldn’t punish the woman as much … Continue reading

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She wanted to run with the bulls.

Drudge has a news story up today about a woman the local Tennessee media celebrated back in July of 2015 for showing that women can be in combat just like men.  At the time Erika Lopez was the first woman … Continue reading

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Not listening.

A few readers have challenged my observation that when complementarians say husbands are guilty of “not listening” to their wives what they mean is husbands aren’t doing what the wife says.  I’ve recently offered multiple examples where complementarians do this … Continue reading

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