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Winning the arms race (made you look!)

In women’s online race to acquire beta orbiters and ensure that the maximum number of men know that their bodies are sexy, it is tough for a woman to stand out while still pretending to not be seeking sexual attention.  … Continue reading

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Now get out there and reject passivity!

Complementarians have the problem of wanting to seem biblically traditional, while avoiding actually being so.  The goal is to create something separate from formal feminism/egalitarianism, while avoiding offending feminist sensibilities.  This has led complementarians to invent a host of weasel … Continue reading

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Complementarian soul essence.

Some readers of my recent series on the book Every Man’s Marriage may feel that I’ve unfairly lumped Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker in with complementarians. After all, their book teaches that the wife is the master, and that the … Continue reading

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Huge improvements! But don’t worry, nothing is changing.

The USMC puts on a clinic on how to lower standards to accommodate women while denying that anything is being done to accommodate women.  From Infantry Officer Course lowers requirement for hikes.  Brig. Gen. Jason Q. Bohm leads the way, explaining that … Continue reading

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Sentence first; verdict afterwards.

SkylerWurden scoffed at my assertion that the 70 fold increase in RCC annulments in the US after the 1960s* represents a important shift in RCC thinking on the permanence of marriage.  He revised his calculations several times, but he seems … Continue reading

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