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Out of wedlock births have leveled off in the United States since 2009

In my previous post I stated that out of wedlock birth rates were continuing to increase.  However, I was incorrect.  According to the August 2014 Census paper Recent Declines in Nonmarital Childbearing in the United States out of wedlock birth rates have … Continue reading

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2014 Never Married Data

The Census finally got around to publishing the 2014 Families and Living Arrangements tables.  As I’ve done in the past, my focus is on the trend of never married White women.  Marriage rates vary widely by race, and looking at … Continue reading

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Doubling down

Commenter adam pointed out that I am not alone in challenging Claire Cain Miller’s NY Times article on divorce.  Professor Steven Ruggles of the University of Minnesota has likewise refuted Miller’s claim that the public’s understanding has failed to keep up with what … Continue reading

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NY Times Happy Talk About Divorce

The NY Times has a new article complaining that people still think divorce is a problem (H/T Rollo Tomassi):  The Divorce Surge Is Over, but the Myth Lives On But here is the thing: It is no longer true that the … Continue reading

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If it was a snake, it would have bitten them.

CNN Money has a new article up claiming that men with children magically earn more than childless men (H/T Sunshine Mary):  It pays to be a dad Dads had a median salary of $49,000 compared to around $29,000 for men … Continue reading

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