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They thought he was chivalrous (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

From the Daily Mail, Modern day dandy, 25, who has dressed only in Regency-period clothes since burning his jeans at 14 says his eccentric attire has seen him receive ‘countless offers of marriage’: Zack has a huge legion of online fans … Continue reading

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Revolving door chivalry.

The Daily Mail has a post up for Valentines Day titled The new rules of chivalry: From who pays the bill to paying compliments etiquette expert William Hanson reveals the dos and don’ts for the confused modern man (and woman) The … Continue reading

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She’s paving the way for the trailblazers.

It is funny to think that if feminism is successful, newspapers will be printing quotes like the one below a hundred years from now (and two hundred, etc).  From the Daily Mail Female college football player Toni Harris dreams of … Continue reading

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What millionaire doesn’t dream of having children with a 47 year old divorcee with three kids?

From where else but the Daily Mail:  Divorcée, 47, seeking romance on dating agency which promised the ‘crème de la crème of bachelors’ WINS £13,000 in court battle after it failed to provide a wealthy suitor (and £500 for her sadness) … Continue reading

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Shame on him who thinks evil of it.

The Daily Mail has a new article up naming and shaming a young man who is accused* of privately telling his (then) girlfriend the dress she bought was too slutty: US high school student, 16, who dumped her slut-shaming boyfriend … Continue reading

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