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Does romantic love sanctify married sex?

Hence Xystus in his Sentences tells us that “He who too ardently loves his own wife is an adulterer.” It is disgraceful to love another man’s wife at all, or one’s own too much. A wise man ought to love … Continue reading

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Chivalry was re-purposed by women, for women.

Reader ‘Reality’ Doug writes (emphasis mine): Dalrock, very educational. Your thesis may be no less irrefutable than Alex Jones’ certain theory, but your ‘evidence’ from the lips of a woman who earns a living as a college professor…you should know … Continue reading

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Defending chivalry’s honor.

Commenter J. J. Griffing disagrees with my use of the term chivalry: Just call it “Courtly Love,” already, @Dalrock. You seem to have no idea what ACTUAL “chivalry” consists of beyond that, but what you call “chivalry” repeatedly is to … Continue reading

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Soulmates: The cuckold and his scold.

The ugly feminist and the chivalrous man are a perfect match.*  Nothing terrifies her more than the thought of suffering feelings of love or gratitude. Nothing excites him more than the privilege of proving his superior manhood by doing the … Continue reading

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The day chivalry killed chivalry.

Back in January of 2016, Mr. Gabe Jones of Those Catholic Men declared in Women Don’t Deserve Combat that chivalry died on Dec 3, 2015: December 3, 2015 ought to be remembered as the date that any remaining vestiges of our country’s … Continue reading

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