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Call me unchivalrous.

After due consideration I have decided to adopt the label unchivalrous Christian.  The label is more accurate than anti-feminist Christian, or traditional Christian, because antifeminist and traditional Christians almost always stress chivalry as their strategy for fighting against feminism.  Yet … Continue reading

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LARPing Lancelot

When researching my recent posts I came across a 2013 blog post by “Word Warrior” Barry Jacobsen titled CHIVALRY IS DEAD, LADIES: AND IT’S (PARTIALLY) YOUR FAULT! Jacobsen took the sinking of the Concordia as an opportunity to position himself … Continue reading

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Lancelot and the gruesome demand for the Full Titanic Experience.

Five years ago this January the cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground at 11:45 PM with 4,252 souls on board.  The engine compartments were quickly flooded, and the ship eventually capsized and sank.  Miraculously, all but 32 of the souls … Continue reading

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We live in strange times.  Recently several religious conservative bloggers have suggested that the word “slut” is a slur against all women, and that it is a type of profanity.  My best guess is they feel that sluts know that … Continue reading

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Men make ultimate sacrifice; women and children hardest hit.

Sarah Boesveld of the Canadian National Post wrote an article commemorating the 100th anniversary of men standing aside and drowning so that women on the Titanic could enjoy additional leg room on the life boats.  The Post titles her thoughtful … Continue reading

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