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Modern Christian teachers of the lesson in The Wedding of Sir Gawain.

In The Wedding of Sir Gawain we learn that what women want is sovereynté (control).  If a husband loves his wife, he will grant her the sovereynté that she covets.  As a result of her loving husband granting her sovereynté, the wife will … Continue reading

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Rules for dating a Daughter of the King.

I don’t recall what I was searching for, but the other day I stumbled upon a reproduction of Rules for Dating a Drill Instructor’s Daughter at The Gospel Coalition: Daddy’s Rules for Dating His Daughters. How long should you date … Continue reading

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Wilson deflects.

In Dalrockian and Disoriented Pastor Doug Wilson responds to my recent posts If mama ain’t happy and She’s the boss, you’re a guest.  Click through and read his full post, and you will notice that Wilson is careful not to … Continue reading

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How to creep out your wife.

Sheila Gregoire at Authentic Manhood coaches frustrated Christian husbands on how to seduce their wives in In Search of the Secret Switch.  To her credit, she admits upfront that she has no idea how to actually do such a thing: … Continue reading

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Sheila will make a man out of you.

Last week I linked to a post by the complementarian group Authentic Manhood in in What was Adam’s Sin?  It turns out that this group has hired Sheila Gregoire to help teach you how to be a man.  Who better … Continue reading

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