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The erasure of Pastor Saeed occurred sooner than I thought.

In my last post I noted that there was no reference to Pastor Saeed in his wife Naghmeh’s Facebook post yesterday.  However, I now see that Christian Today wrote an article in December about a Dec 16th Facebook post by … Continue reading

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Trading places.

Regular readers of the blog are aware of the tragic situation with Pastor Saeed Abedini (see the tag with his name at the bottom of the post or start here, here, here and here).  One aspect of this tragedy that … Continue reading

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Why didn’t He think of that?

Just before Naghmeh Sabedini reiterated her charges of abuse against her persecuted husband, Christian Today published:  Why evangelicals pray for persecuted pastors rather than battered women.* Ed Cyzewski explains that God only hates divorce when it doesn’t come with cash … Continue reading

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Fatherless doublethink

As everyone knows, women struggle greatly with commitment.  This is why the Christian blogger at Uplifting Love has offered a list of ten things Christian husbands can do to stave off the ever present threat of their wives becoming unhappy … Continue reading

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Christian Red Guards

The piling on against Pastor Saeed Abedini continues, with an article published yesterday by Christian Today*:  Why did Naghmeh Abedini keep her spousal abuse a secret for years? Behavioural experts offer explanation Since her husband Pastor Saeed Abedini was first … Continue reading

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