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Andi does Melbourne?

From The Sun: I swiped through so many men on Tinder I was told there were NO matches left – and I’m still single Andi Lew, 46 – a wellness coach from Australia – even started “pin dropping to other … Continue reading

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Anna Hitchings can’t find a man.

End of transmission.   H/T Boris, Steve, & Anna.

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What could possibly go wrong?

I offered this as a comment over at Instapundit, in response to a post on the impending sexbot revolution. Time is the modern woman’s real enemy here, with technology merely enhancing the effect. By continuously pushing out the age of … Continue reading

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Fighting choice addiction.

To my future husband: I know you will be worth the wait! — Wendy Griffith, Age 53* Choice addiction is part intoxication with the process of judging suitors, and part fear of missing out on something better. The risk is … Continue reading

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Someday we’ll laugh!

Commenter Ofelas pointed out the absurdity of the main character in Cat Person imagining how much a future boyfriend would enjoy hearing about her having sex with other men: …she imagined that somewhere, out there in the universe, there was … Continue reading

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