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Do you smell that?

In The Death of Christian Britain Callum Brown explains that the evangelical narrative in Britain in from the 1800s until the collapse in the 1960s was that if a woman’s husband was godly she was sure to be in love and happy … Continue reading

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How Lancelot vanquished British Christianity.

In The Death of Christian Britain Callum Brown argues that contrary to the accepted narrative Christianity did not steadily decline in Britain as a result of urbanization and industrialization, but instead suddenly collapsed in the 1960s.  …women, rather than cities or social … Continue reading

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Fortunately they had a strong woman to row them to safety.

In my last post I shared accounts from Lifeboat 8 on the Titanic demonstrating the chaos and loss of life the chivalrous WACF policy caused.  Ida Strauss and her husband perished after Isidor chivalrously refused to enter the lifeboat, and … Continue reading

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Killing her with chivalry.

Over at Instapundit there is an article/discussion offering chivalry as the antidote to feminist charges of toxic masculinity.  Specifically, the article points to the men on the Titanic as the gold standard for noble masculinity. Few conservatives would argue with … Continue reading

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Chivalry and the kickass conservative gal.

While they may seem like an unlikely match at first, chivalry and the kickass conservative gal are a marriage made in modern conservative heaven.  As commenter Mother_of_4_Original demonstrates in her response to the article Male Feminist Declares: ‘End Chivalry Now’ (emphasis … Continue reading

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