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Soulmates: The cuckold and his scold.

The ugly feminist and the chivalrous man are a perfect match.*  Nothing terrifies her more than the thought of suffering feelings of love or gratitude. Nothing excites him more than the privilege of proving his superior manhood by doing the … Continue reading

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Do what she asks, but know in advance that she will take great care to protect herself from feeling gratitude.

From: This viral airport ‘mansplaining’ story shows what male allyship can look like. A feminist endures the unbearable experience of a stranger in an airport telling her his opinion on a topic she is highly credentialed in. A white knight … Continue reading

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The day chivalry killed chivalry.

Back in January of 2016, Mr. Gabe Jones of Those Catholic Men declared in Women Don’t Deserve Combat that chivalry died on Dec 3, 2015: December 3, 2015 ought to be remembered as the date that any remaining vestiges of our country’s … Continue reading

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Feminists resent his chivalry even as he chivalrously supports feminism.

Country star Chris Janson has a song climbing the charts titled Drunk Girl, teaching that the difference between a man and a boy is that real men seek out sloppy drunk women in bars so they can take them safely into … Continue reading

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A disgrace to the garter?

From The Telegraph (paywall warning*): Scotland Yard deputy commissioner tells inquest he locked himself in a car as he watched Westminster terrorist stab colleague. [Sir Craig Mackey] locked himself in his car as he watched terrorist Khalid Masood kill one … Continue reading

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