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Mad Dog Chandler on Toxic Masculinity.

The #metoo era is dangerous because the rules of what is permissable are very quickly changing.  This is especially dangerous for complementarians because complementarians earn their living in the margins of what feminists are trying to destroy.  This June we … Continue reading

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Rules for dating the candidate’s daughter.

Kemp is running for Governor in Georgia, but I think the same message would go over well in Texas. H/T Cane Caldo

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Rules for dating a Daughter of the King.

I don’t recall what I was searching for, but the other day I stumbled upon a reproduction of Rules for Dating a Drill Instructor’s Daughter at The Gospel Coalition: Daddy’s Rules for Dating His Daughters. How long should you date … Continue reading

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Visible in absence.

As I’ve noted before chivalry is the mechanism that turns feminism (women’s complaints) into action.  This is at times hard to observe because chivalry is most men’s default condition in our culture*.  Most men don’t actively think of themselves as … Continue reading

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Ensuring a safe and pleasurable ride.

An Australian father wasn’t able to keep his daughter away from the head of the local biker gang.  After two years of pleading, he and his son joined the biker gang to provide overwatch: A FATHER has told of the … Continue reading

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