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God’s Drill Instructors (language warning)

Conservative Christians are facing a masculinity crisis.  The traditional/biblical roles of men are no longer palatable in our feminist era.  Yet part of being conservative/complementarian means stressing the difference between men and women.  The challenge is, how to take on … Continue reading

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Do as you please with their wives, so long as you respect her in the morning.

It has been telling that Republican outrage over the audio of Trump describing his attempt to cuckold other men is almost entirely focused on the fact that Trump spoke crudely in describing the way women threw themselves at him.  Cuckoldry … Continue reading

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She isn’t impressed.

Drudge has a link to a story about a Texas man on vacation in Tennessee who called 911 after his wife was squirted with water by a Hibachi chef (as part of the show): I’m not from Tennessee so I … Continue reading

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The ultimate affront to cartoonish chivalry.

It is bad enough that we force women to join and even lead our military in the real world, but this has gone too far:  

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Ye shall know them by their cartoonish chivalry.

As complementarian women continue to push the feminist envelope, complementarian men are forced to ramp up their non-threatening imitation masculinity.  Ladies, if you want your Christian feminist rebellion to come with a stamp of (sort of) tradition, you are going … Continue reading

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