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Angelina can’t keep a man.

It has been interesting to watch the tabloids switching from cheerleading Angelina Jolie for her empowering decision to divorce Brad Pitt, to seeing her as destroying the lives of her children.  There are a number of factors which explain this, … Continue reading

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Eva Mendes said you can’t keep a man.

A few weeks ago Eva Mendes caused what the Telegraph characterized as a “fierce online row” with a seemingly innocuous statement about sweatpants: You can’t do sweatpants… ladies, number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no! The controversy wasn’t … Continue reading

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Haunted by a number

The Frisky has a piece up where the author complains about slutshaming herself titled:   I Lied To My Gynecologist About My Number Of Sexual Partners. I didn’t think I was ashamed of the number of sexual partners I’ve had … Continue reading

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