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An unshakable faith in men’s benevolence. An inexhaustible supply of good will from men.

Feminism is ironically founded on an unshakable faith in the benevolence of men.  This is implicit in (as just one example*) the whole complaint about “rape culture”.  Feminists have faith that men will solve all of their problems, which is … Continue reading

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*Real men* confess their love to the gas station attendant.

Cane Caldo notes: The rebuttals here are hilarious, and fall into two camps. 1. To some people the idea of “man pursues, woman responds” is so important to the arguer that he redefines woo to mean “bought”, and bride-price as … Continue reading

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A challenge to traditionalists.

Commenter thedeti wrote in response to A shortage doesn’t indicate a buyer’s market. I seem to remember Cane Caldo saying something like this. I had Cane’s comments in mind when I wrote the post but didn’t have the link handy.  Cane kindly … Continue reading

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Harkening back to the golden age.

Cane Caldo hilariously describes Pastor Doug Wilson’s new post Masculinity without Permission.* Even when he tries to avoid blaming men–for one post!–he has to caveat that he would really rather talk about the bad men…but he won’t do it here…even … Continue reading

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Self inflicted reframe.

BillyS noted in response to Leading *is* serving that Christ only washed his disciples’ feet once: …Jesus washed their feet once, not throughout His time on the earth! Cane Caldo advised against changing the subject in this way: I recommend … Continue reading

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