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Warhorn interview: Who am I and why do I blog?

For context see this post.  You can also see the whole series.  Nathan’s comments are in blockquotes and my responses are in normal typeface: Nathan’s question: 1. Who are you and why do you talk about the things you talk … Continue reading

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Bnonn, Pastor Foster, and the power of women.

Reader 7817 shared what I believe to be a newsletter from Bnonn and Pastor Foster.  Whoever is the author, they mistakenly claim that women are powerless to create patriarchy (emphasis mine): …a much more serious error is implied in the … Continue reading

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What is the blue pill?

Blogger Bnonn recently took a catty swipe at this blog and the larger Christian men’s sphere in a sixteen part tweet. 1/16 There are lots of folks calling themselves red pill Christians. This is no better than feminist Christians, or … Continue reading

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And Now a Brief Word for the White Supremacists

Bnonn writes in his most recent post: Moreover, unlike Dalrock, I see exactly the analogy Doug draws from runaway slaves (Dt. 23:15), and I agree that its general equity applies here. The statement I made that Bnonn is referencing is: … Continue reading

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Pastor Wilson doubles down.

Back in July Pastor Doug Wilson published a post titled:  On a Wife Deciding to Leave Her Husband.  In this post Wilson referred to 1 Cor 7:10 (NIV): 10 To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): A … Continue reading

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