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Like a rutting buck.

Having shared the arguments of both St. Jerome and St. Augustine on sex in marriage (which again are not RCC doctrine*), I want to look at what the Bible says.  As several readers have noted, Song of Solomon literally sings … Continue reading

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Carrying on like teenagers.

Scott shares a tip on diffusing spousal friction in:  When in doubt, grab her by her waist, put her on the kitchen counter and kiss her neck. Added to the fun was the fact that my daughter, who loves this … Continue reading

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Tempting wives to stay married.

In God hates divorce? Pastor Sam Powell worries that some readers may suspect he is soft on divorce: This article is a little more technical than I usually write. There is a reason for it. I am fully aware that … Continue reading

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Good advice for interesting times.

Vox Day offers excellent advice in It won’t be fun, but you must endure: What isn’t fun is living in a 4GW world which is an obvious reality in the United States of America today. I believe things will get … Continue reading

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Is fear of women the beginning of wisdom?

Christian Economist Dr. Robert P. Murphy explains in An Essay for Single Christian Men* that although what most call red pill** observations are on the whole accurate, knowledge of the truth is highly dangerous.  While Dr. Murphy and I no … Continue reading

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