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Raising her right

Football is clearly one of the main areas of focus in feminist mopping up activities.  It was one of the final socially acceptable male spaces, so it is only natural that feminists feel compelled to fully mark it as feminine.  … Continue reading

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Nasty Gal’s nasty woman problem.

In Hillary’s nasty woman brigade I quoted from an opinion piece in Business Insider about ugly feminists embracing the term “nasty woman”. Since Trump made that statement, women around the country have taken up “nasty woman” as a rallying cry … Continue reading

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Hillary’s nasty woman brigade.

Trump struck a cord in the final debate last week when he called Hillary a “nasty woman”. Business Insider’s Linette Lopez is convinced that ordinary women will rush to self identify as nasty: Clinton and her female supporters officially have … Continue reading

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The hum of the pumps.

One thing to always remember is that feminism requires constant effort just to avoid moving backward.  We aren’t in a steady state regarding feminism, and despite the myth of progress there is nothing natural about how we have organized our … Continue reading

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Are real men attracted to boisterous, opinionated women?

In Real Men Love Strong Women*, a feminist laments the fact that weak men are screwing feminism up: I’ve heard it too many times: “A man likes a quiet woman.” “Guys don’t respond well to smart girls.” “Educated women are … Continue reading

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