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2014 Never Married Data

The Census finally got around to publishing the 2014 Families and Living Arrangements tables.  As I’ve done in the past, my focus is on the trend of never married White women.  Marriage rates vary widely by race, and looking at … Continue reading

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Crazy cat lady logic

I’ll be shutting down comments later in the day, but in the meantime enjoy (Courtesy of The Other McCain) the first rate feminist logic of Katy Kreitler in Sad Spinsters And Crazy Cat Ladies:  Why Society Shames Single Women And Why We Should Celebrate … Continue reading

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The unworkable bachelor tax.

One of the ideas often put forward when discussing declining marriage rates is that our elites are likely to enact a Roman Empire style bachelor tax.  I admittedly don’t have much background knowledge of how the Romans went about this, but … Continue reading

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Single men with jobs are becoming a scarce commodity.

The new Pew study has gotten a great deal of attention. Suddenly everyone is noticing that as women continue to delay marriage their prospects are getting less rosy. One finding which should come as no surprise (but nevertheless surprised many) … Continue reading

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A bastard of a job.

First we had Margaret Sanger telling us of the woes of American housewives trapped in boredom and drudgery during WWII, unable to experience the freedom, fun, and excitement of going off to war.  Then Betty Friedan helped us (not) name … Continue reading

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