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Feminist Atlantic waxes conservative.

The Atlantic has a love-hate relationship with men’s economic contributions.  The magazine alternates between gloating that feminism has destroyed men’s economic status once and for all, and worrying that men are no longer fulfilling their traditional roles as bread winners. … Continue reading

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How long does IVF allow a woman to delay having children?

The New Scientist has a new article up titled: When should you get pregnant? Computer knows age to start trying. Happy with just one? The model recommends you get started by age 32 to have a 90 per cent chance … Continue reading

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She’s been groomed her whole life for this con.

On Saturday the New York Times warned of the problem of elderly women being conned on dating sites in Swindlers Target Older Women on Dating Websites.  They lead with a widow and church secretary in her 70s who fell for … Continue reading

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Too busy planning for retirement to find a husband.

She may have waited a bit too long…   Edit: The youtube version of the commercial seems to be gone, but you can still see the add on ispot.

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Rules of the road for fornication.

Fly Fresh and Young (FFY) has a post where he ponders the morality of being a player, titled Are women “collateral damage”? (H/T In Bona Fida): Look, I love women. I love the chase, I love the seduction. I love that … Continue reading

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