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Humorless scolds.

Feminism is the assertion that men are evil and naturally want to harm women, followed by pleas to men to solve all of women’s problems. — Dalrock’s Law of Feminism This summer Melinda Gates launched a campaign called Equality Can’t … Continue reading

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Lancelot’s bowtie.

A very common lament about conservatives, or if you prefer “cuckservatives”, is their uncanny knack for finding a way to “lose with honor” no matter how strong their position might be.  Winning really doesn’t seem to be the objective.  This … Continue reading

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Pictures of chivalry.

Rollo and Fabius Maximus both have new posts up with disturbing images.  Check out Rollo’s post Unconscious Contempt, and Fabius Maximus’ post Women are driving America into the future.  As you click over and view these disturbing images, keep in … Continue reading

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You say Jesus, they think Lancelot.

Commenter Robert gives an example of how modern Christians can’t conceive of Christianity separate from what we call chivalry (courtly love): I’m not clued up on chivalry, but Jesus loving us enough to die for us seems like chivalry to … Continue reading

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Confusing history with literature.

One of Vox Day’s readers argued: As Dalrock has explained, all that cultural bomb-throwers have to do is to borrow from the Satanic inversion that is chivalry, that puts women in the place of Jesus. Vox objected, responding: That’s not … Continue reading

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