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Fragile femininity and our masculinity crisis.

Conservatives frequently complain about a masculinity crisis among younger generations of men, but while feminists probably are succeeding somewhat in their efforts to feminize young men, their primary success has been in making women less feminine (H/T Vox Day): The … Continue reading

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Comment of the month.

I haven’t done this before, but Opus’ comment on the 18th deserves recognition: Somehow (and as at best a sceptic) I find it very hard to think that Christianity just happens to be a perfect fit for Feminism and that … Continue reading

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Misers are miserable.

Perhaps the greatest disappointment for feminists is their failure to make men miserable by getting them to do traditionally female roles.  Feminists didn’t understand that their misery came from their own miserly hearts, not from the act of caring for … Continue reading

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What Prager and Wilcox are selling.

Brad Wilcox of the Marriage Project made a video for Prager University that along with a rebuttal by MGTOW Turd Flinging Monkey has been getting a good deal of attention.  Be a man. Get married. From the title alone you … Continue reading

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There was an altercation down in Houston over the weekend that was caught on video and ended up as a story at the Daily Mail: Note that the woman spends the first minute of the video trying to get a … Continue reading

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