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Science vs theology.

Scientists and the popular media are claiming that women are fallen, and therefore tempted to sin.  But Christian theologians know that women are innately good, and if they are ever tempted to sin it is because they don’t have enough … Continue reading

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Broadcasting what they bring to the table.

After a successful hunt (or fishing trip), men like to show off with a picture of what they are bringing to the table.  The appeal for men to demonstrate their ability to provide in such a primal way is obvious.  … Continue reading

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Every submarine, every SEAL team.

Oscar commented: I’ve served in all-male units and I’ve served in mixed sex units, and the all-male units simply worked more smoothly… This of course was what the Marine Corps found when they compared teams with all men and mixed … Continue reading

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Why can’t women do pull ups? It’s a culture thing.

With the news coming out today that the sole remaining female Marine has dropped out of the Infantry Officer’s Course (CNN, Marine Corps Times*) it seems like a good time to look into why women in the military are having … Continue reading

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The real problem with the Ghostbusters reboot.

I left the following paragraph as a comment over on Instapundit the other day, and I think it is worth sharing here and expanding on: The real problem with the reboot is that it was the stereotypical dreary feminist message. … Continue reading

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