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How long does IVF allow a woman to delay having children?

The New Scientist has a new article up titled: When should you get pregnant? Computer knows age to start trying. Happy with just one? The model recommends you get started by age 32 to have a 90 per cent chance … Continue reading

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Feminist self loathing

Feminists have long struggled to define their driving sense of discontentment.  Understanding this sense of discontentment is critical to understanding feminism itself.  If you don’t know what feminists are devoting their lives in reaction against, you won’t understand what feminism … Continue reading

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OT: Ammunition is (mostly) cheap and plentiful again.

I don’t know of a good summary of the small arms ammunition shortage that has accompanied most of Obama’s presidency, but in my own experience ammunition became hard to find shortly after President Obama took office.  Things started to get … Continue reading

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She’s been groomed her whole life for this con.

On Saturday the New York Times warned of the problem of elderly women being conned on dating sites in Swindlers Target Older Women on Dating Websites.  They lead with a widow and church secretary in her 70s who fell for … Continue reading

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Where have all of the bad men gone?

Jessica Valenti complains that not only are men in New York City no longer catcalling her, but our patriarchal culture makes her crave sexual attention from random strangers: Men rarely catcall me any more. I hate that our culture makes … Continue reading

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