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Hitler Learns Wikileaks Released Democrat Campaign Emails

When I saw that Ecuador cut off Assange’s Internet access I decided to try my hand at satirically scripting this famous scene.  Language warning.

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Going through the motions.

The narrative for feminist STEM poster child Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos continues to unravel.  Last week the WSJ published an article titled Agony, Alarm and Anger for People Hurt by Theranos’s Botched Blood Tests (paywall warning).  As the … Continue reading

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The hum of the pumps.

One thing to always remember is that feminism requires constant effort just to avoid moving backward.  We aren’t in a steady state regarding feminism, and despite the myth of progress there is nothing natural about how we have organized our … Continue reading

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Four legs good, two legs better.

Slate XX has a piece up explaining that women like Beth Moore are much more of a force in driving conservative evangelical opinion on politics than outsiders would likely suspect.  Slate quotes CBMW co founder John Piper explaining that it … Continue reading

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Vox Day has lead the creation of a fork of Wikipedia called Infogalactic.  Creating an alternative to the SJW converged Wikipedia is a massive undertaking, but starting with a fork is a great way to approach this.  For more information … Continue reading

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