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The sound of a rebellious woman

She was loud and rebellious, Her feet would not stay at home. — Proverbs 7:11  NKJV Some time back DeNihilist linked to a blog post titled:  21 Signs You’re A Rebellious Woman (language warning).  The post begins by explaining that … Continue reading

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Embarking on a lifetime of ugly feminism

Disney’s Babble is big on teaching girls to be bossy.  In March of last year they jumped on the “ban bossy” bandwagon with Let’s all join Beyonce and Jennifer Garner in banning the word bossy: The two superstars are asking … Continue reading

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The Crafty Harlot

Having made my readers suffer four posts on the saccharine sweetness of modern Christian culture, I feel obligated to cleanse your palate with the salty wisdom of the Bible. In the discussion of a recent post the topic of what … Continue reading

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Leadership means telling her she is pretty

Brian Dodd (the same blogger I linked to on my last post) explains that wives cheat because their husbands fail to show leadership. I’m convinced women do not want to cheat.  I read many articles about the incredible guilt and … Continue reading

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Modern Christian wife worship

44 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From War Room The Movie Lesson number 37: Husbands Either Serve Their Wives Or Serve Themselves – You cannot do both.  Spoiler Alert – This involves a basin of water and ice cream. Husbands of … Continue reading

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