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How chivalry (and mamma’s boys) brought us women’s suffrage and feminism.

On the Moral Superiority of Women explains how suffragists turned traditional conservatives’ chivalrous arguments against them.  Chivalry/courtly love teaches that women are the source of manners and morality, and that men are made moral by becoming enslaved by romantic love … Continue reading

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Organized Female Nagging, Forever.

  I happened to stumble upon this 1920 anti suffrage broadside while looking for something else (source). Interestingly the broadside was created by a group of women who opposed suffrage, the Southern Women’s League. The More a Politician Allows Himself to … Continue reading

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If Christianity isn’t feminism and courtly love, what is it?

New commenter Tim asks: I’ve come to really enjoy your writing since I first found it about six months ago. I appreciate how you’ve expanded my thinking on many issues. However, although I’ve read many of your archived articles, I … Continue reading

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It turns out they *both* want a tall man.

What are the odds?* Update Sept 17:  The video was deleted some time yesterday evening, but the youtube channel is still available for context.  See also Larry Kummer’s slightly edited transcript snips in the discussion below. This demonstrates the cruelty … Continue reading

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Kids these days

Several readers pointed out the anachronism in the Stanton quote I included in my last post: Ask any young woman how she vets all the nice young men who approach to decide who will advance to the bonus round of … Continue reading

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