I’m a happily married man living with my sexy wife and our two wonderful kids in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.  I’m very interested in how the post feminist world impacts myself and my family, and am using this blog to explore these kinds of issues.

I hope you enjoy this blog and most of all take a few minutes to comment on any entries which interest you.  Feel free to either agree or disagree, although I find I learn the most from those who disagree with me.

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  1. I just found you via OneSTDV—great blog!

  2. dalrock says:

    Thanks! Welcome to the blog!

    I’m a long time reader of -1, and I’m really tickled that he chose to add me to his blogroll.

  3. Passion Fruit says:

    So no black people?

  4. Omnipitron says:

    Hi there, here’s one :)

    [D: Welcome!]

  5. Richard Kern says:

    This site looks great; I can’t wait to read more.

  6. Don Ghixote says:

    A commentator on Roissy posted the following article, which is great fodder for your site: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/relationships/8140103/Why-are-so-many-married-women-having-affairs.html

  7. Melissa says:

    fodder for your marriage posts: I love this site but why are the men in all the wedding pictures out of focus or cropped out?

    I’m disturbed by the implied self-centeredness and the idea that a wedding is perhaps just a prize for the gal to show off.


    I’m looking for the stories of men over 65. Such stories are an integral part of the collective wisdom of men.

    Men over 65 have incredible experience.

    Men over 65 have deep wisdom.

    If the stories of such older men are not recorded, they will be lost forever.

    I present a challenge to the manosphere.

    Record the personal histories of those quite older men. Men only. Fathers, grandfathers, and uncles are perfect.

    Do this before it’s too late.

    These stories are vital for social history and for spreading wisdom.

    To that end, I have created a part of my blog where these stories can be stored.

    Some ground rules –

    * Only men over 65 years old (Baby boomers need not apply unless there is some true wisdom and not shallow self-indulgence).
    * Appropriate file formats if the story is recorded and linked to (Word, text, .WAV, .MP3, etc.)
    * About another man (not you)
    * Any theme is appropriate – work, politics, history, relationships, social history, anything. This is about the story of older men.
    * If audio or video, the files must be easily heard/viewed. There is nothing worse than garbled audio and difficult to view video. If the file can’t be heard/seen, what’s the point?

    If this project gets enough attention, I will personally find a way to publicize this effort.

    Are you looking to find men for this project? Volunteer.

    Volunteer at an active retirement community or nursing home just to listen to the stories and history of men in their later years. Volunteering is easy, put in a call in to the activities director and tell them you want to write or record the stories of the men. You will be welcomed and appreciated. I strongly recommend this to all men in the manosphere.

    Use the Veterans History Project guidelines – http://www.loc.gov/vets/moreresources.html. There are great resources in the Veterans History Project.

    I have a secondary website where these stories

  9. Kate says:

    Once Rare in Rural America, Divorce Is Changing the Face of Its Families


  10. Helvetica says:

    Hey Dalrock, I did not want to clutter up one of your most recent posts with this but I have a random question – is Texas a good place to meet young single males? I managed to get accepted at both UTexas Austin and Texas A&M, and they are both offering me full tuition. The thing is, I was also accepted at MIT on half-tuition, but one of the main reasons I was going to graduate school was to meet potential spouses. Feel free to email me if you don’t want to answer it here. I have heard good things and bad things about the spouse market in Texas, just thought I would ask someone with an MRA take on things.

  11. Dalrock says:

    Hi Helvetica,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m not sure I have much insight into the marriage market here, since I am married and met my wife in Colorado before we moved here. Susan Walsh did a post at HUS a while back titled The Importance of Location in Relationship Strategy. She ranked Texas in general, and Austin in specific as a great place for women to find men. She and I both guess that men in Texas are likely more manly (on average) than some other states. YMMV.

    Good luck!

  12. Helvetica says:

    I just went back and read that Susan Walsh thread, looks like Boston is out! That’s ok, I was ambivalent about attending MIT anyway, I think they only let me in for diversity. It’s kind of weird to be an ethnic female, even though my ethnicity isn’t a typical “protected minority” class, you never know if you were a qualified applicant or if they just have a quota.

  13. Kate says:

    note the family structure :(
    Mother and 3 Children Drown After Van Rolls Into the Hudson


  14. ExNewYorker says:

    Hi Helvetica,

    Funny coincidence. I’ve lived in both places. I went to STEM Central (MIT) in the early 90’s, and lived in Austin in the late 90’s.

    Boston overall is a fantastic college town. At MIT, you’d definitely have a favorable male:female ratio, but they’d be STEM males, which is not the cup of tea for a lot of women. If it is for you, then you’d have a lot of selection, particularly if you have any measure of comfort in being feminine. However, if you like more “alpha” guys, well then it’ll likely be harder, since you’ll be targeting guys in other schools where there are usually more women, and the guys at those other schools don’t tend to prefer STEM women, even if they’re fairly physically attractive. One problem with MIT is the undergrad curriculum is fairly intense (I found grad school easier), so there will likely be less time to socialize than at a lot of other STEM schools. In my case it worked out, since I met my wife through (several layers of indirection) the friends I made while there.

    Austin is a pretty cool town, lots of things to do. There are some STEM males (UT Austin, and a bunch of tech companies), but not as much as in Cambridge. However, there are a lot of attractive women there, so more competition (I was there before learning some Game principles, so didn’t partake much). More religious groups (even in Austin), so if you’re religious, it might be one way to proceed. San Antonio is an hour and half south, and has lots of Latino males, if that floats your boat. Texas A&M is a little isolated in College Station…I knew some friends who’d trek to Austin on the weekends.

    Each place has its own advantages. Good luck!

  15. Kate says:

    Did you see the Logan interview. She talks about her children, one of them is only one! “I felt like I had been given a second chance that I didn’t deserve…because I did that to them. I came so close to leaving them, to abandoning them.”

    Um, you came close to abandoning them? Try again, leaving your baby to work in a foreign country, IS a form of abandonment.

  16. detinennui32 says:


    here’s an article from MSN on June 16, 2011 about women who knew they were marrying the wrong guy before the weidding, and knew it, but went ahead with it anyway:


    Maybe this is fodder for another post on this subject. I know you’ve posted on this before but thought it would be interesting to read moer.

    One woman said she married her husband, thinking he’d be a good husband and father, but he didn’t make her “heart race”. Another said she married her husband despite misgivings about his secrecy, but went through with it because she was busy “planning her dream wedding”.

    [D: Thanks! It looks like they repackaged the same content as the Marie Clarie article on the same topic that I referenced here. I see this quite a bit. The worst most anti marriage content is echoed all over until they can be fairly certain they have saturated all of womanhood.]

  17. dannyfrom504 says:


    i discovered the manosphere after reading the article kay hymowhateverthehellhernameis wrote regarding her “manning up” book. this was backin april. i spent the next month or so reading as many of the sites as i could, but primarily frequented/commented on Riv’s site. by may i was only hitting up riv’s, badger’s, yohami, keoni’s, your’s , and athol’s site. after some goading by Riv and mention’s by Badger and Yohami, i started my blog. i have you linked in the blogroll. i hope that’s alright.

    again, great site.

  18. alcestiseshtemoa says:

    Hey Dalrock I’m 18, a Christian girl and from a non-Western background. I will probably only stay 3-4 years in the USA and then go back to either my father’s country or my mother’s country to live since the West is in decline. Cheers.


  19. jack says:

    Do you have an email address? You can respond to my email I use for my ID.

  20. Nathan says:


    Love your site. Keep up the good work.

    There is an interesting article at Wall Street Journal which perfectly exemplifies the me-ism of Gen-Xers (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303544604576430341393583056.html?mod=WSJ_hp_MIDDLENexttoWhatsNewsTop#articleTabs%3Darticle).

    Be sure to read through the comments. Many of them reinforce many of the points you make. One of the saddest among them is below:

    Michael Trian:
    “I have often said that my parents threw 4 perfectly good children in the trash that day”

    Divorce is a very very selfish act. I am not a child of divorce – my parents were married for 50 years until the death of my mother – but I am a divorced father. I pleaded with my ex to save the marriage, trying to convince her of the effects it will have on our three daughters, and that working and saving the marriage will instill in our girls that perseverance, not quitting, is the correct life path – but to no avail. Rather, she listened to “friends” who convinced her that “it’s all about YOUR (her) happiness”.

    I read somewhere that in over 90% of divorce cases, the spouse wanting the divorce has a lover.

    Sadly, I will feel sorry for whomever chooses to marry my daughters.


  21. Hey Dalrock I want to see you take on this


    hamster wheeling at its worst. It claims that women gain more weight once they get married than men because marriage is biased towards men, and other silly claims.

    [D: That has to be one tired hamster.]

  22. Brigitte says:

    Why does a “happily married father” spend so much energy on the topic of divorced women?

    [D: You are asking why I care. I would ask why you don’t.]

  23. Chels says:

    Brigitte, because someone has to care and people must be held accountable for their choices. I would ask you the same, why don’t you care?

    PS: Dalrock, that post you linked her to was awesome.

  24. A Lady says:

    Dalrock, would a church that practices shunning and disfellowshipping, among other forms of real church discipline for divorce or unBiblical remarriage be a church that is serious about divorce, even if they didn’t post signs and figures?

  25. easterner7 says:

    Dalrock, found this floating around, thought you’d find it interesting; a perspective from the other side.


  26. Jane Wilder says:

    We have been married over 30 years. We have raised two children. The church deserted us with the handicapped kid–we kept going anyway. Men need to pay attention not to what they think their wives should need, but what they DO need. There would be less women divorcing them. Men have become accustomed to women putting the needs of the men and children first, but they are not willing to do the same. To me this is the problem. As for being in the post feminist era? I disagree and I will agree to be post feminist only in the post patriarchy.

  27. Jane Wilder says:

    Plus our marriage was considered and still is considered “good”. We have had our trials , but now he refuses to put my needs on the map. So I am getting out my own map. Scary yes, but better than slow death. I consider ourselves to be similar to the Gores. We just don’t want anything like the same thing anymore, it is no one’s “fault” and can’t be helped. We have done everything to save this marriage and it isn’t happening.

  28. PuzzledTraveller says:

    This is interesting and probably helps to explain a lot:


  29. Dalrock, didn’t see a contact page, so I’m sending you this link here since I know you’d want to see this:

  30. Morgri says:

    Dalrock, I was looking for your email. Just wanting to see if you would post on your blog about http://us.movember.com/?home (movember). It’s a charity event for Men’s Health. Something like this doesn’t seem to come up often… so I thought it would be something to spread the word about.

    Love your blog by the way!


  31. Abydos says:

    Hi Dalrock,
    While I have no religious beliefs myself (atheist), you’re on a roll with the latest articles on the role of the church in promoting frivolous divorce.

    Following that same theme, I thought you might find the site of Gillis Triplett (Gillis Triplett Ministries) interesting. These articles in particular were fascinating to me as I began to ingest all of the red pill–

    Have Modern Day Women Lost Their Minds?

    What Every Good Black Man Must Know About Surviving The Gender War

    Keep it the good work!

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  33. anonymouse-1 says:

    Dalrock, this is another kate B like rant you might be interested in….


  34. Legion says:

    I don’t know if you read these comments anymore, Dalrock. If you do, please let me know if my comments got out of line at the end of the Game for Pastors Part 1 article.
    I can be contacted at: [Redacted]

    [D: I haven’t gotten through the most recent comments. I’ll take a look later in the day. Thanks for your concern here. I pulled your email address because it shows up internally with the post and I don’t want you getting spammed.]

  35. deti says:


    Here’s an article on msn.com, called “Fertility Math? Most women flunk, survey finds”


    The money quotes/paragraphs:

    Those numbers are exemplified by a series of high-profile births in older celebrities, including icons such as Kelly Preston (son at 48), Holly Hunter (twins at 47) and Jane Seymour (twins at 44.)

    The famous mamas may or may not disclose whether they’ve used fertility aids, such as IVF or donated eggs, says Schoolcraft. That further contributes to the notion that it’s never too late to have a baby.

    “It sends the message, if she can do it, then Miss Healthy Boring Me, I won’t have any trouble at 41 or 42,” Schoolcraft says.

    The trouble is, such thinking can cheat a woman out of her options, Collura says. It’s one thing to postpone children in order to pursue education or a career, fully knowing it might be more difficult to get pregnant later. It’s another thing to be surprised by infertility.

    “This is not about empowering women and women’s rights,” she says. “This is about science and biology 101.”

  36. Deansdale says:

    Hey Dalrock, would you please consider writing an article somewhere along the lines of “top 10 things you can do to improve your marriage”?
    I already asked Keoni Galt and will ask Athol Kay too, and I plan to combine all the material into the most important blogpost ever :D I reckon you guys have the best advice out there :)
    If we could work together we could actually change the world. Or at least I could live in delusion :)

  37. Matthew Peak says:

    I wanted to give a thanks and hattip to you for the work you’re doing. Hopefully, I can get the young men I know to read sites like this and have their eyes opened. It has definitely helped open my eyes.

    [D: Thanks, and welcome!]

  38. Lily says:

    My granny cut this article out of the papers (with scissors!) for me to post to you for blog fodder.
    Divorce down % percentage generally though.

  39. ElectricAngel says:


    Would you like a guest post on my observations on the recent Orthodox Jewish wedding I observed recently? Orthodox Jews, Amish, and Traditionalist Catholics are three groups outbreeding the dying secular west, and what I saw at this wedding (writing as an outsider to that faith) might give some answers on how to rebuild marriage in other denominations.

    Contact me via my email address on this post.

  40. Lily says:

    Saw your note on the other post, you’re welcome, I’ll pass onto my granny.
    I had a look to see what the Daily Mail had to say about it and their agony aunt not to impressed

  41. Melville says:

    Nice blog, in addition many thanks for posting all the Solomon stuff, I never heard of him till you posted it. I recently just re-read it and I just got a quick favor to ask, any chance of you sending me the King Solomon posts that you were not able to upload, I’d love to check them out. Thanks man

  42. Father Marker says:

    This article from Henry Makow seems to be a scaled down version of what men are experiencing across the world expect in this article the Devil is the alpha male and Jesus is the beta male.


  43. SCJoe says:

    Just discovered your blog and I’m enjoying it very much…although not your use of the Traditional Conservative label, when you’re really talking about a feminized and enculturated creature who fall far short of both of those perfectly good words (despite his vaguely good intentions).

    Be careful about ruining perfectly good words; remember “gay”.

  44. zed says:


    Please send me an email through the spearhead, then delete this message. I need your email address to discuss something with you off line.


  45. Dalrock

    Two things, the first is thanks. Your blog is very helpful. Second, I have attached some statistics I found very interesting, enlightening, and uplifting.


    less than 1% of american men commit rapes or sexual assault, fbi!

    153,000,000 men in America, 191,670 number of reported rapes and sexual assaults (fbi)

    let me say that again. less than 1% of american men commit rapes or sexual assault, fbi! the precise number is 00.00125!

    rape culture is a joke!

  46. PuzzledTraveller says:

    And for some levity. Crazy Cat Lady – The Action Figure:

  47. wildman says:

    Here’s an article that fits the subject matter – Good Christian Bitches – http://religionnerd.com/2011/03/13/abc’s-good-christian-bitches-makes-feminists-of-religious-right/

  48. Ivan Drago says:


    I am just absorbing this merger of the manosphere with Christian masculinity. I agree with many points, but am trying to understand how one mergers the “a-hole-ness” of being alpha with the seemingly (sometimes) beta-ness of being Christ-like.

    I waver between being sometimes alpha and sometimes beta in all kinds of relationships. This appears to be proper, depending on the relationship. However, when I consciously try to be more alpha, I have a tendency to unconsciously become self absorbed. Obviously, this does not bode well. Interestingly, people liked me much more when I went through a major depression and had no self esteem.

    How do you balance having proper, healthy alpha-ness, a servant heart, and a balanced ego? Obviously the answer depends on the person, but what would be good reading?

  49. Dalrock says:

    Ivan Drago

    I would temper this several different ways. Alpha doesn’t have to mean a-hole. It is as much about your frame as anything else. As a man you are expected to have things sorted out and know who you are and where you are going. There is much room in this sense for Christian alphaness. The image which comes immediately to mind is Christ in the temple with the money changers. Being a man who is a leader with solid convictions doesn’t mean shying away from conflict; you just need to make sure your convictions are correct first.

    The other part is that everyone agrees that you need to mix in the right amount of alpha and beta traits. PUAs run hard alpha game because it works especially well on their target audience. Yet even Roissy writes about vulnerability game and contrast game. From what I’ve seen each woman needs a different level of alpha. Not being super alpha when looking for a wife strikes me as being to a man’s advantage for this reason; you tend to automatically sort out the women who need hard alpha game. It also should help you better gauge the real person and not just a woman who is under your spell.

    Lastly, assuming the woman was attracted to you when you weren’t running hard game, you shouldn’t have to play a role you aren’t comfortable with to keep her happy as a wife. I think most men turn too beta not because they secretly want to be that way, but because our culture (including the church) is bombarding them with the message that this is how men who love their wives act. I’ve written about that here.

  50. grego says:

    Hi Dalrock,

    Iif already explored–can you suggest a post/ article on pornography being related to or stemming from negative treatment from the wife (such as nagging, withholding sex), where men were non-viewing/ non-participating UNTIL those situations, and turned to it as a release/ escape?
    If not, could you write one up (yeah, just pull it out of the hat, right?)? I would LOVE to hear your input, and the input of lots of the commenters here.


  51. Father Marker says:

    Dalrock you should have a bit of a chat with Dave Murrow.


  52. ybm says:

    “A) men are more sinful than women”

    Boom. The guiding principle of modern women today. This idea has infected every single part of the protestant west and will be its doom. It is pervasive, and unstoppable.

  53. ybm says:

    That article is absolutely side-splitting hilarious:

    “The single men who survive the screening process generally fit one of the following profiles:

    1. The Bible geeks. Quiet, studious men who love to study theological tomes. Or verbal guys who love to teach.
    2. The musical. They play in the band. Or they stand on the front row raising their hands during the music.
    3. The asexual. Guys who are OK with kissing dating (and kissing) goodbye.
    4. The predators. Guys who know there are plenty of desperate young women in church and enjoy trying to get them in bed.
    5. The social misfits. Strange men who come to church because it’s the only place women will smile at them.
    If you’re into these kinds of guys, then the church dating scene isn’t so bad. ”

    Really selling me on that going to church thing pal. Well, if everyone thinks by being in church I’m one of the above 5, f- it I’m staying home and watching football! I wouldn’t be surprised if that article convinced more men to drop out of the church! After all, if you are viewed as a loser at the church, WHY NOT STAY HOME AND BE HAPPY!?!

  54. M. Simon says:

    Why are you missing the obvious? The women’s movement is run for the most part by sexually abused women.

    You want to kill so called “feminism”? Do something about childhood physical and/or sexual abuse of girls.

    And for the men: want to do something about crime and rampant drug use? Do something about childhood physical and/or sexual abuse of boys. Take a look at the wanted posters in your Post Office if you need reference material.

  55. M. Simon says:

    I don’t know why “Christians” can’t see this:

    You want to do something about politics AND crime? Do something about PTSD.

    There is a political party that caters to PTSD sufferers (drug users, the sexually ambivalent, the sexual deviant etc.) the Democrat Party. Now I don’t object to any of those behaviors from a principled stand point. They are adaptations.

    What I do object to is that the Right is doing exactly zero to dry up the wellspring of its opposition. Child abuse.

    Oh. The Right is perfectly happy to fight the symptoms. With negative results (how will the traumatized react to further trauma?). But dry up the well? Not even under the dimmest of consideration.


    How to gauge what is going on: About 20% of the population is susceptible to long term PTSD. About 10% of the population are alcoholics/drug users.


    Ah. Well. Americans (let alone Western Civ) are notorious for missing the obvious.


    And the rape statistics above? Multiply that by 20 years. Then fudge for the number of women who get raped more than once. Assume by a different perp. The numbers don’t look near as good.

  56. M. Simon says:

    Here is a good place to start for further reading material:


    It deals with the fact that 70% of female heroin users claim childhood sexual abuse.

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  58. Gouverneur Morris says:


    A story I thought you might be interested in.

  59. Heathre says:

    I also live in the DFW area. It’s always interesting coming across blogs that are local.

  60. deti says:


    Over at the Solomonreborn page, you — or someone — took down the Proverb 31 page which was a list of Roissy’s Maxims. How come? I do have to admit that the comments section got a little heated. Anyway, what gives?

  61. Dalrock says:

    I haven’t done anything there but allow held comments through for quite a while. I didn’t ever finish posting all of his old stuff, and some of his posts I held back for specific reasons. I don’t recall either holding that one back or deleting it though. Could it be I never got that far?

    Edit: Found it. For some reason I had unpublished it; I’m not sure why. I just republished it. There are some others including Proverbs 31 which are there as well. I’ll look at them later and if I can’t figure out why I pulled them I’ll republish them. That may not be for a while though. Remind me in a month if they still aren’t up.

  62. Alshia says:

    Dalrock, there’s this website that claims that sex ratios is still above 1.0 until 50 years old and above: http://ratiofactor.blogspot.com/.

    The blogger then concludes that women can still afford to play the field until their 30s before settling down. The reasons are that the sex ratio favors women, economic independence and less pressure to get married.

    What’s your take on this?

  63. deti says:


    here’s a new study parsed out over at the Social Pathologist:


    I haven’t read it, but it has to do with correlation between premarital sexual history and risks of divorce. Looks like a followup on the one he previously fisked.


  64. deti says:


    Head on over to the Social Pathologist. he has some new studies up, or at least some new takes on old ones.


  65. PuzzledTraveller says:

    Beta of the year? Fool of the year. Definite proof that game, even accidentally used game works.


  66. blogster says:


    Following on from your mention in the Bettina Arndt article in the SMH, Melbourne Reverend Father Tony Kerin, has come out and said women need to be less choosy in marriage.


    “Are women getting too choosy? I’d say yes,” said Father Kerin, speaking on behalf of the archdiocese. “I think many are setting aside their aspirations for later, but by the time they get around to it, they’ve missed their chance.

    “In trying to have it all, they end up missing out.”

    Prominent Australian demographer Bernard Salt raises the following statistics which dance around the elephant in the room, hypergamy:

    “Demographer Bernard Salt calculated there are 1.3 million women aged 25-34.

    But of the 1.343 million men in the same age bracket, only 86,000 single, heterosexual, well-off, young men were available after excluding those who were already married (485,000), in a de facto relationship (185,000), gay (7000), a single parent (12,000) or earning less than $60,000 a year.”

  67. Tony goff says:

    Long time reader, I’m a higher functioning beta in a reasonably stable marriage, attempting to learn game to possibly improve my relationship.
    Divorce was a very real possibility as recently as 6 years ago, due to my spouse’s escalations during disagreements.
    The drama has largely gone away, but I still find myself ruminating how badly I would have treated by the divorce industry.
    I identify as a fiscal and moral conservative, but I see the mainstreaming of same sex marriage as a way of removing the bias against men.
    That is: how would the courts behave, when it wasn’t obvious, based upon gender, who was to be disposessed and enslaved as a result of divorce?
    Tony goff

  68. joe says:

    Hey Darlock, I’m fairly new to the manosphere so I am not sure if what I am about to suggest already exists out there somewhere. In the comments to your post about Janine Turner, Van Rooinek wrote “Manosphere Prime Directive: Don’t trust what women say, watch what they DO.”, which led me ask are there really manoshphere prime directive written down, and if not, why not. I think it is important to not just debate among ourselves, but to also export our ideas in a readily digestible form to the general public, especially young men. A set of prime directive would be a good starting point and a good reference tool when engaging the mass media. My idea is for a site like yours (not necessarily yours if you are not interested) to start a collaborative effort among its readers to develop such a prime directive. To get the ball rolling, I wrote down some of what I’ve learnt since entering the manosphere in order of importance.

    The modern young man’s guide to coexisting with the modern young woman (Manosphere Prime Directives)

    1. Her number one priority above all else (including children and faith), is her own happiness and wellbeing

    2. As a man you have to know when to tell a her no.

    3. Don’t pay attention to what she says, pay attention to what she does

    4. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, she is rarely what she seems.

    5. She is in it to win it, so you had better be too.

    6. Your level of trust in her should never exceed her level of investment in you.

    7. Beware of her rationalization hamster.

    8. Nice guys (beta males) do finish last (to ride the carousel), and alone (divorced), and broke
    (paying child support and/or alimony).

    9. Its not all your fault, despite what she and everyone else says.

    10. Don’t trust alpha males.

    11. Beware of good men (white knights) who defend her honor, especially if they are standing
    behind you.

    12. There are still a few good women out there. If you are lucky enough to find one: love her,
    respect her, honor her, cherish her and please lead her.

    This is just a starting point and not etched in stone. Tell me what you think. Is such a project something that you or anyone else would be willing to get behind and develop?

  69. joe says:

    I just noticed deti’s post which mentions Roissy’s Maxims of which I was unaware. After reading his fine work I would like to ask that you remove my previous post as I humbly bow to a master.

  70. Lars says:

    Is there any legitimacy in this discussion about how male contraception was shot down – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JymN5yu-K_o
    I mean, even if 10-20% suffer permanent infertility it’s still an option to the more invasive vasectomy.

  71. samsonsjawbone says:

    Dalrock, I want to “third” the people asking you to contact them by email. I’ve got something I’d like to share with you. Can you drop me a line? [redacted].

  72. JHSD says:

    Dalrock, I have been a reader of your blog for about two days now. You are a God-send for my unplugging. I have been reading The Rational Male and other androsphere sites for over a month now and have been working at unplugging. Your moral outlook on these issues is appreciated. While reading Rollo I was confronted by two things – the amorality of much of what he suggests (note I did not say ‘immorality’) and second, how correct he was. This gave me a minor crisis of faith, as it were. Finding your writings has helped me regain my focus and will certainly make the red pill more easy to swallow.

    [D: Wonderful! Welcome to the blog.]

  73. Karen says:

    Hi Dalrock. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and really enjoy it, despite the fact I am a late 30s former carousel rider (and therefore should be mortally insulted according to my similarly situated friends, married and single). I also read “feminist” websites (although I find it increasingly more difficult), and found a discussion and article that horrified me, even as a never-married childless woman. The gist of the discussion and article was that women who choose to be stay at home mothers/ wives for whatever reason are betraying ALL other women and making real equality impossible. I was wondering if you’d take a look and comment, although I know you focus more on marriage. http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/2012/06/20/feminism-housewifery/

  74. Scott says:

    Hi there. I stumbled onto the “manoshpere” because I have been looking for anyone else in the friggin worl who has noticed the way men (mostly dads and husbands) are portrayed on TV sitcoms and commercials. I have been reading these sites almost constantly for 3 days. Not sure I am on board with the whole Alpha/Beta/Game thing. Very refreshing stuff, though. All of it.

    [D: Thank you. Welcome.]

  75. an observer says:

    Bernard Salt is a populist demographer who makes a living writing books, presenting and consulting. Whilst he has made some correct forecasts (the sea change phenomena comes to mind), he is no mra.

    He interprets observations from a betaised, feminist mindset. He is incapable of perceiving wrongheaded female sexuality ad a major cause of family breakdown, and prolonged singleness.


    Here is an example of ignoring the hypergamy in the room. This is despite acknowledging that younger women overestimate their attractiveness, or smv. No, he always focusses on mens faults, alleging they are the picky ones.

    So near, yet so far from the truth.

  76. an observer says:

    I will add that under a patriarchy, where the female sexual instinct is moderated, every beta usually gets a wife, not a divorce. Hence, there would be far fewer single, middle aged men for Salt to villify.

    Of course, he would also be selling far fewer books.

  77. Tricket says:


    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now (mostly as a silent reader). I’ve got a question.

    Why are women willing to quote word for word that men are to “love their wife as Christ loved the church” but are never willing to say word for word what the Bible calls them to do? I might’ve missed it, but not once have I seen anyone mention word for word what the Bible call’s a wife to do and I’ve never seen a woman quote it.

    So basically, why is it alright to remind men that they should “love their wives as Christ loved the church” but not to remind women that they are to “submit herself to her husband as she does to the Lord.“? Did feminism go and edit that part of the Bible some how and my copy was missed?

  78. agamemnon021 says:


    Wow. They’ve become quite shameless in promoting sluttiness.

  79. Gordon Rees says:


    I was wondering if you might consider doing a brief analysis of one of the key subplots of the movie ‘Savages’ – that of the two men and a woman in a “polyamorous” relationship, as well as sex scenes from the movie involving them, and their implication in broader pop-culture and contemporary society at large. My suspicions are that we may see a growing, yet probably minor, trend of women (and men) attempting these sorts of relationships – I have literally seen postings by females in the various Craigslist personals sections looking for this type of thing…


    Oliver Stones criticism of people being too “puritanical” (see the link for the quote) which in turn he felt impeded him from going with full-graphic sex scenes I find particularly troublesome…He is just another member of the artist and intellectual class who have NO understanding of how what they put out impacts their audiences.

    There is just something so utterly despicable about a women engaged in sex with two men at the same time. It is like sexual-murder or spiritual-murder – there really is just no coming back from it.

    I recall a time when I met a girl who I was quite fond of and she confided in me that she had done such a thing. Never have I been so turned off of someone so fast. I think I recall feeling sick to my stomach and not being able to put it out of my mind…as a little experiment I did a small survey asking men what they thought of this (and asking them if they would date a girl who had done such a thing) and also asking women what they thought…you can guess what kind of response I got. The men – “Hell No!” The Women – “Don’t be so judgmental. Your so conservative. Who cares, if she loves you that’s all that matters”. The fact that I was even considering dating her after recoiling in such horror shows those were definitely days when I was much more “beta” – I wouldn’t even consider dating a girl who had done such a thing now. Over the past decade I have spent a lot of time repressing natural feelings of revulsion (like knowing of a girl who got tag-teamed) and trying to rationalize why I was feeling them (“oh, I have just been culturally-conditioned to react like that). Well, no more – I am going to let myself be free to feel revulsion at anything my instinct tells me is repulsive.

    Also…see (or read the lyrics) the Britney Spears song “3” …It’s things like this that really make me feel as if we are hitting an end-point in sexual morals…

  80. MV says:

    Hello, Mr. Dalrock, from Eastern EuropeanUnion

    I’ve been lurking here for many months now. I have some breaking news you might find interesting. It seems Russia just launched a nuclear attack against (let me call it this way) United Hamsters of America.

    One day before Madonna’s “gay-friendly” concert in St. Petersburg, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in a post on Twitter late Wednesday, said that

    “every former w. who has aged wants to give lectures about morals, especially during tours and gigs” abroad.”

    Western press went hamster-bananas over this “insult”. But today DPM Rogozin cleverly pointed out that name “Madonna” was never mentioned in the tweet, and letter “w.” in Russian language can also signify “Goddess” or “Ballerina”. I think this situation could be used in english language courses as a perfect illustration of the phrase “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves”.

    As for our local prominent educated feminists, they are running in circles like headless chicken torn between:
    a) Their tolerance for homosexuals ( learned from Hollywood and EU agenda)
    b) Their hate for capitalist Americans (learned in communist schools of their youth)
    c) Their despise against all types of Christian ethics (learned from both sources cited above)
    d) Their wet-panties for Russians (our most probable new alpha-masters after EU collapse)

    As bad as things look here, economy-wise, it is encouraging to see mean women outliving their public dignity. Sic semper!

  81. MV, and there is also the Pussy Riot trial. Russia does not bend over for feminism like America.

  82. Jeffrey says:

    Can you point me in the direction of ideas on how to raise smart, charming, pure, and wise young women? My oldest girl is 10.

  83. Binks Webelf says:

    (1) Assume that the culture, TV, and schools are teaching them irresponsible hyper-individualism, consequence-free sex, soft socialism, and selfishness… and that ‘modern’ ladies spend 18-30 in party/ carousel mode, then maybe babies eventually. Feminism is mind, soul, and body-poison. If they are not reading for pleasure, get them on that track, and put good books in their way.

    (2) The presence of a father in a child’s life– especially for daughters– is a direct indicator of likely drug-use, premature intimacy, proper self-confidence, and all the rest. Check it out online. Thus, from 10-16 is a second childhood in a sense, except growing & maturing into adulthood. I have twin boys: I don’t subscribe to the “teen” idea.. you’re a kid, young adult, adult, period. If you yourself are a good, smart, charming, pure and wise dad, she will model that, and seek it in a possible mate.

    (3) Dating-culture is fornication-culture. Others on this blog may have more wisdom about girls & dating. Just remember– the pill is a class-1 carcinogen, and does not prevent embryos, or spontaneous abortion– just implantation. The pill IS an abortion-pill.

    (4) Teach your daughter self-defence, how to use, clean, and defend herself with weapons (including guns), first-aid, and how to help others & herself. This is a dangerous world; you don’t know where she may end up living, and you never know when emergencies come up. Raise a protective sheepdog, not a wolf, or a sheep.

    (5) Talk to parents you respect about their young adults and adult children– what went right, wrong, etc. Here’s one dad’s take on raising boys that feminists will hate– http://townhall.com/columnists/douggiles/2006/03/04/raising_boys_that__feminists_will_hate/page/full/

    I’m brained out. God bless & good luck.

  84. alan says:

    Hey, do you have any followups to post game for pastors part 1? This is useful to me but I couldn’t find any followups. please email.

    [D: Sorry, I’ve never done as promised there. The closest would be my recent post Why Christians need game.]

  85. Regarding the comment about the post-WW II change in Soviet men no longer being relevant, I see certain parallels to the current state of the Inner-City “ghetto” so-called Black Community.
    Could you please give me a lead or two so that I could continue some personal research here – I contribute now-and-then to an interracial dating/marriage site (Beyond Black & White), and this issue affecting the so-called ‘Black Community’ seems vital to this group … and to the young black women trying to FLEE from the strictures of the ‘Black Community’..

  86. Rogerio Canales says:

    Hello Darlock, I discovered the manosphere, about a week ago. I find your blog specially appealing because of your Christian perspective. I was already familiar with some of the “red pill” ideas because of a friend of mine, and reading a few PUA’s forums. I have been in walking on the ledge between giving up and becoming a player, and keeping my faith and values. So far I have not gone down but sometimes it is very tempting as it is almost impossible to find Christian women where I live. I grew up in a very “Churchian” environment, including homeschooling that I feel was great in almost every respect, but it didn’t teach me how to be a man. Now I live in Europe and the availability of truly Christian women is almost zero. I attend a Reformed church in the country I live, which I think is better than the Evangelical kind of church I grew up in, however there are absolutely zero women in my age range there (I’m 26, there is no single girl between 20 and 30). I think it has to do with the fact you state that some churches preach what women want to hear so they prefer to stay there instead of facing the truth. I have only met one decent (non slutty) Christian girl in the three years that I’ve been here (and one strictly Catholic from outside Europe). You post very interesting material on marriage and the path women have chosen for this age. What I can’t seem to find is advice on how to find a girl willing to live by the rules of Marriage 1.0 (even the one Christian girl I know would get a bit shocked at the beginning with these concepts). So I have some questions for you. Do you think it is still possible to find someone willing to abide by those rules, or do you think that men from now on have to live in a Marriage 2.0 mentality? If there are still women willing to live under the Marriage 1.0 rules, how can do you attract them (or one) and differentiate them from the others? I have a problem with the concept of alpha as put in other websites, because even though it has been only one week, whenever I do “alpha” actions I feel a bit of an asshole, or a bit taken back when I make a mistake. I think it has to do with my up-bribing and how I was taught I should behave. I am having a bit of an internal conflict as I swallow the red pill. So my final question is, what is the line between being a manly man as God intended us to be, and becoming an irrespectful egoist that only thinks about himself? I hope you can answer my questions either in your blog or through e-mail.

  87. Anonymous says:

    What to do now? I have been reading these websites for several months. I started simply because I was sick and tired and did a search “why are men portrayed as idiots or evil in every commercial, movie and sitcom ever made since 1987?” I think the red pill is about half-way down now, but its consequences are unbearable. This site is the one that resonates with me the most, so I will ask this question here. I am anonymous, because I have a lot to lose.

    I am in my 40s and an active duty Officer in the US Army. I am a licensed medical provider. I have been married for 5 years to a woman who had a 10 year old when I married her. We now have a 3.5 year old, and one on the way. I possible, please spare me the “alpha/beta” stuff, as I am working through what I think about that, and where I fit in to it. I absolutely love my children, my career, my big house, my church. She has become the most miserable person I know. Constantly on eggshells are ALL OF US wondering what is going to set her off next. None of us (me, my step son, and my 3 year old) absolutely cannot predict what is going to make her upset next. I can sense her hand on that detonator. There is part of me that doesn’t care, but after spending a year in Afghanistan, I know it would break my heart to have my access to my children reduced to almost nothing. That deployment almost killed me. With bonuses and incentive pay for being a doctor, I make 4 times what my wife does, and the truth is, we could probably make it without hers (with minor adjustments.) Your post about the detonator made me think–which of those three men am I, and which should I try to be? As I said, this manosphere site has the deepest thinkers on it–the posts and the comments. My question–what do I do now? Thank you.

  88. deti says:

    Anon Sept 17:

    Need more info.

    1. Tell us more about her. How old is she? Widowed/divorced? How is your/her relationship with her ex husband? Is he present in your stepson’s life?
    2. How much of this is due to her being hormonal because of pregnancy?
    3. When did all this start? Has it always been like this or is it just since she got pregnant?
    4. When did you get back from deployment and how much time passed between your return and her pregnancy?
    5. How much dominance do you use in your everyday life together? Are you the final authority on what happens in your life and marriage? Do you expect submission and call her on her rebellion? Do you insist on being treated with respect in public and private, and do you call her on it when she steps out of line?

    Re the “detonator” post: You need to be No. 3, the resigned, happy patriarch.

  89. Anonymous says:

    These are excellent questions.

    1. She is 39. Never married, so if you do the math, she was 34 when I married her, and the relationship that produced her son was very difficult for me to get to the bottom of. The more I learn about it, the more disgusted I am with the way she cut him out of the picture as soon as she was angry. Bio dad has married and has 2 kids, roughly the same age as mine. He lives on the other side of the country, and is not particularly involved. Although–and this cannot be understated–my dealings with him have been that he is a fair, honest, decent guy. He appears to be less involved in my step sons life because dealing with my wife over the slightest inconvenience (like plane trip arrangements) is so painful, so difficult, so absolutely impossible, it is not worth it to him.
    2-3. My assessment is, not very much. She is always like this, pregnant or not. When I write of what makes it miserable, think jealousy–I can’t have any hobbies, interests, etc outside of the marriage because she is competition with them–no matter how innocuous (hunting with my step son, being in the choir at church, etc.)
    4. Got back from deployment in May, she was pregnant within a month. This was acutally planned, so I own it.
    5. I use some, but it’s mostly passive aggresive–a little like guy #3. When it gets really obnoxious, I just walk outside and start working on my truck, my yard, etc. I can’t help but think that somewhere down deep inside, at some point she realizes what an irrational idiot she is being and calms down–the part that DRIVES ME CRAZY is her lack of articulating any kind of accountability for it–you know, like “sorry I exploded in a fit of rage (in front of the children no less) over having lost my coffee maker.” That would go A LONG WAY with me, because I am, after all, a man, and accountability is abig one for me.

  90. deti says:


    A few suggestions.

    she’s 39. How old are you? You have any prior marriages/kids?

    1. Go over to Married Man Sex Life (marriedmansexlife.com). That’s Athol Kay’s place. He has great suggestions. You might email him and get some tips for your personal situation.

    2. My mother was like this. Hair trigger sensitivity to anything. The slightest problems triggered massive overreactions, but only sometimes. When it gets all the way down to it, it’s a control thing. What a woman like this really wants is for her husband to take control so she will not have to.

    3. I think you might be able to help this situation through having a good strong frame, and never playing into her emotional outbursts and overreactions. I do this sometimes with my wife.
    “Let me know when you’re ready to play nice. Until then I’ll be downstairs.” Then when she talks to me, it’s “Are you ready to be nice to me now?” And expect an apology, and don’t end the conversation until you get one. In the rare occasions when she is disrespectful or overly, irrationally emotional on the phone, I tell her to calm down, call me back when she can talk calmly and respectfully, and then I hang up. I just won’t put up with being disrespected.

    4. Does she have any health problems? Diabetes (fluctuating sugars can really play havoc with a woman’s emotions)? Ever had any mental health issues?

    5. Get all the way to the bottom of this situation with your stepson’s bio-dad. Sounds like you don’t know the whole story. You say you’re disgusted with how she cut him out of her life. I know whereof you speak.

    I suspect at least part of what’s going on here is that you are finding out more and more about what your wife did and you’re more than a little frightened she could (and would) do it to you. Reading around these parts has shone a brand new light on her, her past, and women in general for you, and it scares the hell out of you.

    Now that you know some things you didn’t know before, keep in mind that women are sinful, imperfect, flawed creatures just like we men are. She needs to know you are in control. Frame is crucial. Understanding hypergamy is a close second.

  91. Cane Caldo says:

    I will say that I have very different ideas than many of the men here; including to some extent Dalrock.

    My first suggestion would be to read a book called “Family Shepherds”, by Voddie Baucham.

    He has a lot of clips and sermons on YouTube, and at sermonaudio.com


    My second suggestion is to find a sympathetic friend–in the flesh. It is my opinion that we can’t get the best most complete information, and then prescribe the perfect medicine. Exploratory surgery can become surgical dissection pretty quickly; and end up harming or killing the patient it pretends to want to save. What we often need, rather, is a good nurse. I’m not in medicine, but I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals. Hopefully my metaphor makes sense.

    In no way do I mean to discourage you from posting, but just to know what is possible, and what is not.

    If you want to email me, I’m at cane(dot)caldo(at)gmail(dot)com.

  92. Some Guy says:

    @Anonomous —

    I have a very similar experience to yours.

    This is what I’m doing:

    1) If an issue comes up, I always say what I *feel* about it. (A lot of men seem to be programmed to pretend to have certain feelings to make their wife happy or to avoid conflict. I have no idea why guys suck up like this all the time… and I’m embarrassed at how bad I used to be.)
    2) I can’t *make* her do anything, really… but neither can she make me do something I’ve decided not to do. My wife will try to bully me and use every emotional weapon she can find until I cave in. She will has even hit me with stuff. Every time she starts up, I ask her point blank if she is going to do her usual thing. *Sometimes* she is shamed into backing down. So remember… her own excesses CAN be used against her… but you must have a mind blowing amount of self control to get to that point.
    3) All of this gets back to frame. In my wife’s view, if she is unhappy… it’s my fault. If a woman does something wrong… it’s a guys fault. If a family breaks down… the husband didn’t lead right. Church, TV, and Facebook constantly program her this way. Talking through these things, I see that she has no concept of the New Testament requiring *anything* from her in marriage if she doesn’t “feel” it. And *that* kind of person is constantly judging me for not being “Christian” enough…?! I view every fight as an opportunity to call her on this insanity.

    I live with a terrorist. I have not won the war by any means, but I am at least resisting and fighting. It is wearying. BUT… compared to my previous policy of submission and appeasement… I deal with far less bullshit now. I do not know if this will ultimately save my marriage… but I can say that (pre red-pill) the usual counseling and marriage book thing only multiplied her resentment toward me. Indeed… looking outside the relationship for an authority to sort us out is futile if she is unable to show the slightest respect to me. (Never mind respect… the New Testament calls her to treat her *enemies* better than how she treats me.)

    Sometimes I pity her because it is clear that she is a child that has never been held accountable for anything. My calling and “ministry” is to be the only voice in her life that can point her toward these basic truths that no preacher would dare address….

  93. Anonymous says:

    I’m 41. I was married for 8 years the first time, in the “perfect” “Christian” marriage to my pre-school (no shit) sweetheart. Thank God we had no children. The way that relationship ended was as bizarre to me now as it was when it first happened 12 years ago. To have THAT girl–you know the one–with the Christian parents, the PhD, the “conservative” values be the one who cheats and blames me for it has been a process for me ever since. I had several relationships in between, and the truth is, even this one, I could walk away from with no real pain (except for the part about my kids–and I think of my step son as mine). I never really got over it, and I am psychologically protected forever now. (In other words, I think I could learn “game” pretty easily, and have a lifetime of no strings attached sex until the day I die and not really be bothered by it.)

    These points are great advice, and I thank you for them. Some days its easier to take that approach than others–I am sure you understand. If anyone else wishes to chime in, please feel free. I will continue to check. Thanks!

  94. deti says:


    Cane is right that you need a good sympathetic friend to talk to in the flesh. There’s a lot more going on here than can possibly be addressed in a series of comments on a public blog.

    The friend you select to discuss these things with should be a man.

  95. Cane Caldo says:

    I never really got over it, and I am psychologically protected forever now. (In other words, I think I could learn “game” pretty easily, and have a lifetime of no strings attached sex until the day I die and not really be bothered by it.)

    I don’t mean to pick at fresh wounds, but: Did she do you wrong, or did she benefit you? If a man can bench-press his bodyweight of 200 pounds, and a woman cuts off his legs, do we describe his new condition of benching well over his weight as an increase in strength?

    Viewing the problem this way leads to the necessary conclusion that the best way to inoculate most men against bad women is to have them marry a harlot. The good news is we don’t each have to have our own slut: by definition we can share. This is the practice of good Game. In this future, we’re all PUAs.

    Anyway, you have my email, and my blog is on my Gravatar.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Cane–email sent.

  97. Flaming Man of Iron says:


    I’ve been aware of the manosphere off and on for a few years now and in the last six months have been reading a lot. Especially the last week. with a few nights up until 3am reading yours and other’s blogs. If you’re interested, I’d like to write something about my experiences as a man who got married at 22, well below the average age to get married for man these days.

  98. I just stumbled on this book, but apparently it came out a few years ago. It’s written from the monstrously selfish perspective of a woman who denies her husband sex: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2007/03/not-tonight-dear/305643/1/

    It’s ridiculous that it got any positive press at all.

  99. Alshia says:


    It’s a no brainer that men have higher sex drives than women. Even the evolutionary sciences have an explanation for that long before some ‘low libido’ woman decides to write about it. Men propagate, women select; that’s the reason in a nutshell.

    But to allude to the possibility that most women hardly ever want sex, I find that unbelieveable. I’d say that it’s normal for women to want it at least one to three times a week. WITH someone she’s actually attracted to. Which she probably isn’t (Sex on HER terms?? Hah.)

    “If you have sex when you don’t desire it, physically desire it, you are going to feel used.”

    If I work at the office from 9 to 5 when I don’t feel like it, I’m going to feel used. Let’s face it, marriage isn’t all fruitcakes and roses. But so is everything else. We gotta do what we don’t like, sometimes.

    “…just do it enough times, and you’re going to build a resentment that’s slowly going to take over the relationship…”

    If you actually married someone you’re attracted to, you wouldn’t build a resentment towards him needing sex. You’d be glad to do him a favor.

    Would a man who loves his job resent it?

  100. S. Chan says:

    Here is a scientific studying explaining why Democratic women tend to support feminism and Republican women are the opposite:
    Briefly, Republican women typically have more feminine power: feminism would be harmful to that.

  101. van Rooinek says:

    Dalrock, stumled on this site while looking for something totally unrelated. Apparently India is suffering the feminist curse too; they have their share of “alpha widows” —

    …there is no way any young urban woman can remain satisfied inside a marriage, if she has experienced the bliss of having sex with multiple men before marriage for prolonged periods of time. No man can satisfy such a woman…”


  102. S. Chan says:

    Some older posts seem to have disappeared, e.g.
    What is the reason for that?

  103. Can’t contact you privately but stumbled across a recent article on marriage situation in Australia.


  104. S. Chan says:

    Following are some extracts from “The Scarlet Manifesto“, Huffington Post (13 October 2012).

    In my work and in my life, I had been hearing more from women who were both having extramarital affairs and actively seeking them out. While they weren’t necessarily proud of their actions, neither were they ashamed. Unlike men, whose cheating often follows an impulse, these women had considered their affairs. They had reasons for them.

    In a study published last year in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers at the Kinsey Institute found that it’s no longer true that men cheat far more often than women do. In fact, they found that women and men cheat at about the same rate — though, yes, for different reasons. Women tended to cheat because they were unhappy in a relationship or felt their partner didn’t hold similar sexual beliefs. For men, the biggest factor was sexual excitement. That is, women are far choosier about why, and with whom, they cheat.

    Women are becoming more confident about making choices. … Is this a good thing? It sure is. For these women, marriage is important, but it doesn’t define them. If it doesn’t last, they won’t be destroyed. For a woman, the ability to realize that she’s not happy — and she’s going to do something about it, rather than be passive and accept whatever comes — is empowering.

    Choices can’t be impulsive or made haphazardly; they need to come out of who you are and what you desire and how you aim to conduct your life.

  105. Sam says:

    Was wondering if you would be willing to provide input on military/manosphere-related project. Thanks for what you’re doing here.

    [D: Welcome Sam. I’m not familiar with that project.]

  106. jsr says:

    Dalrock, I would be very interested in a post or series of posts on how husbands should fulfill their Biblical duties to their wives (give themselves up, honor, cherish, nourish, etc.) without falling into the churchian traps or becoming supplicating betas. It does seem the Bible commands some actions that would be considered bad beta or a turnoff according to gaming blogs (kindness, considering others better than yourself).

    [D: Welcome to the blog. Good idea on the posts. I don’t know when I will have time, but I’ll give it serious consideration.]

  107. an observer says:


    Joseph has been working on the type of materials you mention. His blog is here:

  108. Sam says:

    Thanks for the reply. To ellaborate, I’m a former infantryman who had a red pill train wreck after getting wounded and coming home. I have done some writing about that time and I was wondering if you would be willing to provide feedback on it. If you are, please contact me via my email address.

  109. Joe says:

    Hi I wanted to contact you and dont know how so I’ll publish here. I read an article Quote: “Once feminists break into an all male sphere and start marking their territory, men simply regroup.” and I thought what if we tried just that, to separate ourselves, or at least to count how many of us share these views against feminists. maybe we could form a social network. https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/feminist-territory-marking/

  110. John says:

    Dal – wish you had an email address up. I’d love to see your analysis of this situation:


    Be sure to go to the monkeys forum to read all the emails.

    TL;DR – diplomat’s wife in love with high school sweety and kills her husband (allegedly). All the emails back and forth between wifey and lover are there.

  111. A white-male contributor to the Beyond Black & White blog (my avatar is “SirLoinDeBeef”), I thought to bring to your attention the small but growing subset of white males who are ‘opting out’ of long-term contacts with, and marriage to middle-class feminist-inspired white women – preferring women of quite different racial, ethnic and nationalities – this might be a reasonable area to visit with your demographic-search skills.
    Simply put, I, as a veteran of the feminist-inspired marriage/divorce wars, happened to fall in love with and marry a very dark-skinned African-American woman … whose values, attitudes and loyalties are at a total opposition to the current white-woman ‘marriage-detonation for cash and prizes.’

  112. Stingray says:


    If you have a moment, would you please send me an email? I have a quick question regarding some saved content of yours. Thank you.

  113. Pete says:

    Pushback in England to get more men into Universities:

    Exclusive: Treat white working-class boys like ethnic minority, Willetts tells universities

    Massive fall in admissions demands drastic action, Universities minister says


  114. Keith Young says:

    Married to a black woman, I can attest to the conclusions reached – black women don’t do end-runs … nor use tears … nor detonate marriages – they very often ‘have your back’ through the thick and the thin.

  115. John says:

    Hey Dalrock, loving the blog. You should read this paper:


    Thesis: Monogamous marriage is key for a stable society. The success of the western world is due to embracing monogamy. (Obviously, if monogamy collapses, civilization may be next.)

  116. An Northern Observer says:

    Here’s an interesting page suggesting there’s a surplus of college-educated women, which may partly explain the delay in marriage: http://www.theatlantic.com/sexes/archive/2013/01/forget-online-dating-heres-something-that-might-i-really-i-hurt-monogamy/266970/

  117. David J. says:

    Dalrock: Thought you might be interested in this article from the current edition of The Atlantic: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/01/a-million-first-dates/309195/. Subtitle is “How Online Dating Is Threatening Monogamy.”

  118. DBergs says:

    I just found your blog and can’t quit reading. Thanks for the great info. Had never even heard of game theory until 3 days ago- this stuff might even save my marriage.

    [D: Thank you, and welcome to the blog. You may have already read them, but some relevant posts are here, here, and here.]

  119. Pirran says:

    Hi Dalrock. Am I being modded? I can’t seem to post anything much these days.

    [D: No, but the spam filter can go haywire sometimes. I’ll check it.]

  120. Stingray says:


    My husband and I found these the other day and I thought you would very much like them. I’ve posted them at my site, but I think it very important to spread them around. The videos are amazing.


  121. 30words says:

    Thought you might be interested in this. Now that I read your blog I view everything differently. Two weeks ago I wouldn’t have given this more than a passing glance. Keep up the absolutely marvelous telling of the truth!

  122. brendan319 says:

    Hey Dalrock,

    Any thoughts on this:


    It seems that couples in Quebec are now free from the ‘family law’ industry and can frame their own mutual commitments in accordance only with their own personal values.

    Here’s the point I’m getting at. If a couple marry at a religious ceremony in Montreal (in the eyes of God only – they don’t sign the state or ‘civil marriage’ documents) and then set out in a separate legal document (what the legal system calls a ‘cohabitation agreement’) their freely chosen rights and responsibilities, what is your opinion on what that document should contain? To phrase the question differently – what would you agree to, Dalrock? And what would you expect in return?

  123. joeywheels says:

    I’ve become a regular reader thanks to exposure to Vox and “game”.
    Having gone through a frivorce 3 years ago and making a concious decision then to eschew dating until I got my own noggin in order, it was a breath of life to be exposed to all things mandrospherish.
    Thanks for the thoughtful topics and thanks to all of the various responders.

  124. Mike Bracken says:

    I found something that may interest you Dalrock if you haven’t read it already.
    There is so much wrong with it that its better if you just read it.

  125. HoosierHillbilly says:

    Further reinforcement of the red pill. Why are we right, you ask? Well…uh..it’s SCIENCE!


  126. Max Nevill says:


    take a look at this article, apparently this is already the case in several provinces in Canada.


  127. S. Chan says:

    Here is a story in The Guardian that might be of interest:
    It starts off about IVF but then branches into other things, seeming to want society to pay for women to have children, whether or not the women are wed.

  128. Tytalus says:

    Dear Dalrock,

    There is this picture popular in my facebook feed:

    If that doesn’t work the text is something like: “we need our daughters to know the difference between a man who flatters her vs compliments her, ”

    “A man who spends money on her vs invests in her” etc etc then ends with “and we need to teach our sons to be this type of man.”

    I could have sworn it was you who wrote a manosphere rebuttal, but I never bookmarked it and can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’m hoping to post something because it sounds right, but is WRONG.


  129. Hi Dalrock, please email me ASAP – need to run something by you. 3rdmilleniummen@gmail.com


  130. hermit says:

    Hey, Dalrock, I’m a new reader and I am greatly enjoying what I am reading.

    I have question for you – my church is starting up a new study for married couples called ‘imarriage’ by Andy Stanley. Do you know anything about it? I am fairly new to this church, so I haven’t had much opportunity to discover how they treat marriage, divorce, and feminism. I am hoping you might have a little insight into this program.

    [D: Welcome. I’m not familiar with it, but chances are it is from the book of Oprah. If it weren’t, the ladies of the church would be in full revolt along with most of the men.]

  131. Alshia says:

    The Ubiquity of Feminism: http://www.singaporelawreview.org/2011/11/love-in-the-time-of-pre-nuptial-agreements/

    “…Terms of the pre-nuptial agreement are also required to be fair and reasonable. …Unsurprisingly, they have been used frequently by wealthy men who have much to lose should their marriages end in divorce and the court orders a just and equitable distribution of matrimonial property…But courts will deny parties the desired protection of their wealth if the terms of the agreement were only beneficial to one spouse and detrimental to the other, raising an inference that the agreement was procured through bad faith…”

  132. Anon says:

    If you get a chance–


    Sometimes I really get a “red pill” feel from Ms Coulter.

  133. 30words says:

    Oh vomit- I cannot even read this garbage. I can only leave it here for you….. I’ve been reading you for a month or two now. I don’t even know how people put up with this crazy nonsense

  134. David J. says:

    Dalrock: More pandering to the stereotype of irresponsible single manhood, this time in a publication I normally respect: http://www.worldmag.com/2013/03/the_great_man_hunt.

  135. deti says:

    David J.:

    I read the piece at WOrld. Just looks like more of the same from the secular world, only this time with a Christian twang to it: “Young Christian women are out there setting the world on fire, working and ministering and doin’ great with their sistahs! But where’s the menz? Oh yeah, they’re in mom’s basement, playing video games and eating Cheetos and letting mom do the laundry. They should be out there working and getting ready to chain themselves to a 9-to-5 and help her take care of babies! They should be at the church, meeting and dating and marrying the young christian women!”

    But what’s missing is that these young men were sold a bill of goods. They’re complaining that these men aren’t out their busting their humps at a job. But that’s pretty hard when the best job you can find is slinging coffee at starbucks. You can’t exactly give a woman a house and picket fence on that salary.

    They’re complaining that these men aren’t in church. But there’s NOTHING for men in churchianity. It’s emasculating from top to bottom. They come to church and are browbeaten about how predatory and lustful and bad and evil they are.

    The young Christian women are complaining that there aren’t any good young Christian men. Um, ladies, you’ve made it VERY clear that you don’t want them. You don’t want to be friends with them, you don’t want to date them, you don’t want to marry them, you don’t want to have sex with them. You will, however, very willingly date and have sex with Harley McBadboy and F*ckbuddy Rockbanddrummer. You complain these Christian men aren’t getting jobs and working. Why should they? What incentive is in it for them? To impress a girl?

  136. grego says:

    Many here have talked about modern churches and these problems, and trying to find churches/ ministries that are better about it. I’ve heard this Christian isn’t afraid to get after women…: http://www.jhm.org . True or not, I don’t know (not my church or my religion), but it might be something to write about.

  137. thehap says:

    John Hagee is big, loud, and I am quite certain that he is not afraid to get after anyone. He would be the guy preaching to Nero when they lit the cross he was on. Honestly, until I just checked out his site, I would have told you he was a Baptist – apparently, he is an evangelical. Will wonders never cease.

  138. Josh says:

    I have been reading this site and several others for a while and I agree largely with what is said. Apparently, it has sunk in more than I thought. Recently, while talking about an entirely different topic, marriage and the behaviors of husbands/wives was brought up. Even on a site which I usually enjoy, I was told emotionally how terrible and disturbing my views were (see later comments):

    Granted, I didn’t have a chance to edit or proofread anything on the site so I may have been able to phrase things better, but it is interesting to me that feminism is so engrained in modern Christians that to oppose it is seen as opposing Christianity. Sad indeed.

  139. Höllenhund says:

    I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: there has never been a society in human history where men were permitted to refuse to do what women demanded of them. Something will have to give. Some sort of reset is inevitable.

  140. terri says:


    I love the blog, I do video satire on youtube and have a web site redonkulas.com right now I am bashing women and the feminist mentality. I will have a few good ones that you will find amusing.

    terrence popp

  141. 30words says:

    I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said “I will be post-feminist in the post-pachriarchy”

    You know you want one of these Dalrock ;)

  142. S. Chan says:

    Margaret Wente is the foremost political columnist in Canada. She has recently written a column entitled “What you won’t learn about marriage in gender studies”:
    Very very highly recommended! Much of it almost could have been written by Dalrock….

  143. Isn’t she the one that wrote about the ‘dangerous male energy’ still left in the world?

  144. crowhill says:

    Dalrock, I recently found your blog through Vox Day. You write some interesting stuff. Have you ever tried to explore / explain the anti-masculine stand of the modern Roman Catholic Church? I would be interested in your analysis.

  145. HawkandRock says:

    Just wanted to thank you for writing this Blog. There is a wealth of intrepid, clear thinking here. I hope you keep writing.

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  147. David J. says:

    Dalrock: Are you familiar with the book “The Walk-Out Woman”? http://www.amazon.com/Walk-Out-Woman-Heart-Empty-Dreams/dp/1590522672. From the description and reviews, it sounds like it acknowledges to some extent the existence of frivolous divorces and at least some of the damage they cause. It was pretty clear from the excerpts available on Amazon that the authors were deliberately being “gentle” in their approach; my impression was that they themselves recognized how wrong and damaging frivolous divorces are and intended to be persuading Christian women to reconsider, but their very gentleness leaves “loopholes” that blinded women — like my ex-wife — will seize on to justify the frivolous divorce anyway.) I’m curious whether the book (published in 2004) had any success or received any blowback from Christian feminists.

    [D: No, I am not familliar with that. Thanks. Looks like more Book of Oprah]

  148. John says:

    Check this out…the Dark Enlightenment on Twitter:

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  150. thehumanscorch says:

    Hey there bud!
    Got recommended to you by JudgyBitch, and it’s a home run.
    This is the blog I always wanted to create but have been far too angry to do so.
    Kudos to you, my man.
    Keep putting righteous info out there, and keep standing up for happily married men, it gives us other men who are leery of marriage some real hope.

  151. anonymous says:

    Last night I wokeup about 1:45 AM. and in the clarity of the late night, somehow a whole lot of Manospherian wisdom collapsed into 2 simple sentences:

    Truth #1. Women, throughout all history, have harbored a deep genetic impulse to marry, or mate with, men of higher status. (“Hypergamy”)

    Truth #2 Feminism, throughout the modern West, has lowered the relative social and economic status of men.

    The collision of these 2 facts, explains most of what’s wrong with our society.

    Men of high socioeconomic status — the UC and UMC — can still attract wives and, for the most part, successfully create normal 2 parent families.

    Raw, wild forms of masculinity — athleticism, rock-stardom, outright criminality — are immune to the solvent of feminism. These men can attract whatever women they wish, either for marriage or a de facto harem.

    But a man who makes a modest income at an honest but low-status job, no longer gets status points for simply being a good man. Fifty years ago, he’d be married with kids; today he’s “despised and rejected of women, a man of sorrows, accused as a creep.”

  152. Stephanie says:

    Dear Dalrock:

    I’ve read your website and here’s my thoughts, especially since you have such a huge readership:

    Please caution men that they also help create the negatives about women they complain about in the manosphere. Ask your followers to recall the times they didn’t act responsibly and ethically towards women OR didn’t police the inappropriate actions of their fellow man? Many will lie, minimize and deflect their part.

    Ask how many good women have been ruined by unscrupulous men who when presented with a good woman (read: honest, thoughtful and, gasp, nice), they are skeptical and treat her with the same “game” they use on tramps. Instead of valuing a good girl and doing the manly thing by NOT dating or leading her on, some get a thrill out of ruining a good one. Ask if any of the angry self-righteous divorced men were physically/ mentally abusive or cheated on their family. (Yes, cheating involves the family when you are married.) Men don’t “feel” cheating the same as women unless they’ve been cheated on. How would you react if someone who outweighs you by 100 pounds and is almost a foot taller than you is threatening towards you or your children? Where’s the men to handle this problem?

    Not only that, PUA guys and other player types tell good women they are “uptight”, a prude or no fun because they don’t want to slut around and get wasted. Good women are human too, not some alimony monster waiting to happen. Even non-religious girls want to find a good man to marry, love, respect and nuture, but the dating climate rewards the tramps and players. So men are just as culpable of fostering society’s sickness.

    In some relationships I’ve seen, men will knowingly WASTE women’s time! They will make promises and string her along because he’s not mature, or man enough to own up to not being marriage ready, capable or she’s not the one. Manosphere sites encourage this attitude by giving guys the false idea that they’ll be virile, desireable and productive enough to get a 25 year old wife at 50!

    Men have a marriage window too, and it’s very selfish to consume his best, most productive and attractive years with tramps. Meanwhile, now he’s older, less active and risking an autistic child due to advanced reproductive age and more set in his ways. Men should also objectively look at their market value. A man 3, of means, character and charm, is totally different than a man 3 who’s poor and socially awkward. Yet, the unfortunate man 3 totally believes he’s entitled to an younger, fit charming woman 7/8 and angrily gets affirmation from the manosphere that women are shallow tramps when they aren’t interested. Sigh…

    Men will even selfishly “trap” women with a pregnancy (common with black or latino men) if she’s serious about leaving him due to no marriage intention. It’s not always the women who trap! Trapping is especially harmful; some women don’t do abortion and OOW reduces her marriage prospects. So where are the men who traditionally enforced the honor of his female relatives and friends when these circustances happen?

    I’m not saying every woman is a victim…heavens NO! I’ve known girls who were just as “unladylike” and conniving as some of your posts suggest. And yes, women have a duty to protect their reputation against slander and their bodies against being used. But men, as they are representing themselves in the manosphere, also have a duty to be MEN (eg. honesty, leadership, ethical and logical) and to police the bad behavior of their fellow man – brother, friend, cousin, co-worker – not to just pat them on the back when they’ve slutted out some other guy’s daughter. Only a MAN can truly affect another man and I’ve witnessed the positive effects of men holding other men responsible to be good men.

    Appreciate your time and your site! :o)

  153. Keith A. Young says:

    If the reliable male birth control pill ever becomes a reality, it will have a social impact that would mirror that of the contraceptive pill, in terms of mega-society-changing influence.

    Think of the male equivalent of the 3-year to 5-year Norplant contraceptive, implanted in the muscles of the upper arm … guaranteeing male ‘performance’ without possibility of unplanned pregnancy or pre-planned cuckoldry.


  154. MARK A. says:

    Dalrock, I think you might find this interesting. Keep up the great work!!

  155. @Stephanie:
    You are absolutely correct in the content of what you assert. I’ve been reading here for a few short months and have learned much and also share your respect of Dalrock, whoever he is. I’m 49 years of age and wish I could take back some things I have done in the past, but not anything abusive. I would never get a gal pregnant and not take responsibility; that is a disgusting sin in my opinion, just as abortion is.
    I view this site as a place for men to vent and find fellowship. Women have so many venues of sharing with each other. Women are wired to share with each other, men are not. We men feel isolated, helpless and trapped when we are in a bad relationship. Couples therapy doesn’t really help and apparently the churches no longer are a comfort. Having this blog and others like it can be very helpful for some men.

  156. Cowtown says:

    Dalrock, I’ve been reading your excellent blog for over two years, and I’ve learned a lot from you. A few days ago, I got into a discussion with one of my buddies about divorce and its effects on children, many of which are well documented. Using nothing other than anecdotal evidence gathered by my lying eyes for a few decades, I hypothesized that children of divorce go on to have fewer children, themselves, as adults. My buddy claimed the exact opposite. I tried to find statistics and studies on the fertility rates of children of divorce, but I came up blank. Either no one has ever studied the fertility rates of children of divorce or my Google Fu is sorely lacking. You know more about divorce, and its negative effects on Western Civilization than…. basically anyone. So, if you have a moment, what are your thoughts on the matter? Thanks.

  157. Atom says:

    Dalrock, many thanks for your work. It is great to find such an excellent source of valuable information. For those who want to start a successful family your blog is one of the best sources. I would like to ask your permission to partly translate some of your posts and put it in Russian forums and in my future blog, with links to your original posts. This knowledge must be spread as wide as possible. Please let me know if it is OK. Thank you in advance.

    [D: I’m fine with that.]

  158. Sean says:

    Dalrock, I read your site on a regular basis and have had occasion to drop knowledge on “Fireproof” since I work in a Christian store. Do you take requests on books/movies to review? I am disheartened by the bluepill crap fed to Christians. Although I am atheist, I believe in Christian family formation even without Biblical basis.

  159. Nathan says:


    Regarding the visual trichotomy of the Dark Enlightenment, here is a great visual of the theonomists:

    This is being sent around on various email lists.


  160. vitabenedicta says:

    Because teaching your daughter to be President is so much more realistic than teaching her to be a Disney princess: http://www.jaimemoorephotography.com/2013/05/09/not-just-a-girl/

  161. pavetack says:

    More Divorce Porn: http://qz.com/90237/how-to-finally-get-along-with-your-spouse-get-divorced/

    I doubt what works for a couple who can afford two Manhattan residences is best for the majority of us. Includes the lovely rationalization:

    “Marriage, meanwhile, has become more of a status symbol than a necessity for many. Tying the knot stopped being the gateway act to adulthood years ago. Women in particular no longer need a husband to buy a house, have a child, or pay the bills, which helps explain a surprising fact in a Pew Research Center report released Wednesday: Single mothers have tripled in number over the last 50 years.”

    No discussion of how outcomes are worse for children in single family homes…

    PS – You need a “tips” email address so we don’t have to use this :-)

  162. David J. says:

    Dalrock: Are you familiar with Richard D. Phillips’s “The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling to Men” (Reformation Trust, 2010)? From reviews, it may not be as churchian as other evangelical Christian takes on manhood in marriage. Here’s one review: http://www.9marks.org/books/book-review-masculine-mandate-gods-calling-men

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  164. 30words says:

    I’ve been meaning to write this for weeks but this weeks show just threw me over the edge. MAJOR red pill vibe from “inside Amy schumer” on Comedy Central. Very mainstream. You really should see it.

  165. thehap says:

    Hey, Dalrock, would you mind sending me an e-mail? I’d like your advice on something. Feel free to delete this post, as well :)

  166. jwysokowski says:

    I read an article/post here (or possibly linked from here) a week or so ago and I can’t seem to find it again. One part in particular stuck with me but it, in general, was a commentary on why women choose divorce and why they view beta’s as incompatible. One of the reasons given was that the husband couldn’t “keep up with” the wife. Does that ring a bell?? Could you direct me to that article/post?

    [D: Could it be this post?]

  167. Allan says:

    I saw a newspaper article about a local RC priest Daniel Conlin who fathered a child with the wife of a man with children at his church.


    Nine years later, the priest still performs mass, serves on the archdiocese’s marriage tribunal, which decides annulments and pays $750/mo child support. The man and wife separated and divorced after the child was born.

    The man’s (who’s wife had the affair) father asked: “”When all is said and done, my main concern is the (child and the child’s siblings). … And I just don’t know what they’re supposed to understand.”

    Good question. Reading your blog a while lately has clarified that for me at least. Marriage is pretty much over in secular society, and child support (a check by mail) is the enduring relationship men have to women and children. The article mixes in cases of priest child sexual abuse… I don’t get that connection myself, except to further the view that all problems in relationships are men’s fault, men have only obligations and responsibilities in sex. The article says not one word about the wife, her choices, breaking her vows, nothing.

    The RC here recently fought heavily against the successful passage of gay marriage in Minnesota, so it’s striking they say nothing in this case about “a priest (who was) in a position to pass judgment on marriages is the same guy who destroyed a family and a marriage itself? I’m at a loss,” as the husband’s father said.

  168. MarcusD says:

    Hi Dalrock, could you send me an e-mail? I have a few things you might be interested in. Thanks.

  169. Mike says:

    What do you make of this commercial?

    [D: Funny stuff. Thanks.]

  170. pabarge says:

    Double wow, just wow: have you watched the movie Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood lately? If not, give yourself a gift and watch with your Game Eye. Watch the Alpha vs Beta vs Hypergamy interplay with the main characters. It’s out of a Game textbook.

  171. thehaproject says:

    Hey, Dalrock, can you put up or enable something that indicates which tags/html are accepted in your comments? Every site seems to have different rules.

  172. MarcusD says:

    Out of curiosity, Dalrock, have you considered making your blog a book (e.g. http://www.blogbooker.com/ – Free)? I think a “Christian Red Pill Library” is a logical next step for “spreading the message.”

  173. AnonS says:

    Dalrock, just saw the recent film Mud and I think it is worth dissecting in a blog post.


    It is mainly a story on oneitis and the damage it causes. With a young boy coming of age and having the painful realization that women don’t respect his love.

    The movie has it all. Parents going through divorce with the wife acting entitled. A girl that manipulates men (that an older character calls her out for). A young girl acting fickle and callous. It even has a direct quote from a sleazy girl that “I’m a princess, you should treat girls like princesses!”. An idea about the “cure” becoming deadly. And in the end, men are saved by looking out for each other, being industrious, and not getting hung up on women.

    One view on the ending:

  174. MarkP says:

    A chance to inject the truth of scripture into the marriage discussion.

    “What Every Marriage Needs”

  175. Hi Dalrock,

    I have a question about dating a woman who has been divorced because her husband was abusive. Wondering if you can drop me an email. Much appreciated.

  176. aa says:


    Would love to see a post on this:
    Essentially it’s a post about straightforwardness in dating/courting by a Southern Baptist. I think that he’s missing (or choosing not to see) the fact that many girls *prefer* ambiguity at the beginning, and will drop you if you follow the advice he gives.

  177. mustardnine says:

    Sorry about the goofy first post, Dalrock. I’ve been “lurking” for about five months.
    I regularly blog at SycamoreThree dot blogspot dot com
    And now also at CedarsEleven dot wordpress dot com
    if you are interested.
    It is fun to follow your regular commenters, especially deti, VR,
    and yes, I really like GBFM.

  178. tacomaster says:

    Dalrock, is it possible to send my email address to UncleSilas? I would like to email him. Thanks.

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  181. MarcusD says:

    “I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honourable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.”
    –Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor


  182. indpndnt says:

    Hey Dalrock, big fan of the site.

    There’s a Louis CK bit that captures some elements of men’s and women’s SMV over time that you might find funny/insightful/worth commenting on:

  183. The Other Jim says:

    Dalrock, you might find the following blog post relevant to the on going discussion of your own blog;

    Keep up the good work.

  184. Brooke&Elliot says:

    Dalrock! Were an engaged couple who have been reading your blogs the past two months. Love it by the way.

    We have been kidding a best friend on how she reminds is of Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind. While we were trying to find stuff to send her to aggregate her with we came across this article in the NY Times:


    It talks about the “rough sex/rape” scene between Scarlett & Rhett in the movie and the feminist debate around the event. If you’ve seen the film then you know Scarlett wakes up the next morning happy and kinda overjoyed really.

    As we read it we both thought of how we would love for you to do a post on it. Maybe explain what you think that scene. You know, Rhett’s frustration and actions & then Scarlett’s reaction to the event. We thought it would be enlightening to hear ur take on it and the message it sends.


    Brooke & Elliot

  185. dennis says:

    Good day Sir,
    I’ve been following your site for almost a year and have posted a couple of times. Great writing.
    I don’t know if you have seen this yet;

  186. CK says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but never left a comment. I’m a 30-something married woman, no kids unfortunately. I’m trying to understand what it means, in a practical sense, to submit to my husband. He’s a rather passive guy and even when I’m actively trying to submit, it feels like I’m leading by default. I’d love to read your thoughts, or maybe you’ve posted something before and could direct me there.

    [D: Welcome CK! This post and the follow up a year later might be of interest to you. You might also want to introduce your husband to this post.]

  187. CK says:

    Thank you so much!

  188. Eva says:

    Hi Dalrock,

    I found your blog this week and I really think your posts are wise and worth studying. I regret participating in the comments, though, and I wonder if you would please, please be able/willing to remove or obscure the ones that I made where I revealed personal information? If you can’t, I understand, but I thought I would ask you directly and hope for your kind consideration. Thank you, and please keep up the good work.

  189. greyghost says:

    You are a now a source for Yahoo answers from even top contributors. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ap.s.wYFCb1.ref6xZGwy.4jzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20130327115748AAQQv1B Best answer. And not the only one and not the same person.

  190. nathan says:

    Please write a book.

  191. nathan says:

    The feminist movt was a shit-test wit large. It came from the collective unconscious of women collectively and was employed to test the fitness of the entire male body politic. The (liberal) men failed the test. Individually we suffer the consequences.

  192. Illuvitus says:

    “Please write a book.”

    I’d buy it. For several people.

  193. Howdy Dalrock,
    I found you because of a link in this thread http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/1525335_I_guess_I_m_cursed__wife_want_a_seperation__UPDATE___talked_to_a_lawyer.html

    I have been reading your blog bit by bit since. I went back to the beginning and have been reading the posts

    I know you are busy, but I really want to thank you for trying to help that man and his kids.

    Please log into your account there

    thank you

  194. DrifterBee says:

    That strip mining for men graphic is pure genius

  195. L.T. Rahe says:

    Gentlemen, for the women in your lives, check out the traditional guidance in my book, From Courtship to Marriage: Reflections for the Modern Woman.

  196. Craig says:

    Dalrock, Thank you for your effort. It has helped me tremendously and no doubt saved me from a lifetime of hell. I always knew subconciously much of what you talk about, I just never connected the dots and really trusted myself because no body else was talking about it.

    [D: You are welcome.]

  197. Kevin says:

    Dalrock, a friend of mine got married without a certificate from the state. Him being a true libertarian doesn’t see the need for the government to get involved in defining his marriage. As he explains, “It’s a covenant relationship between my wife and myself before God. There is no need for the government.” The marriage was conducted at their church and both have put themselves under the headship of the church leaders. It got me thinking that maybe if more Christian men went this route you would see less women wanting to divorce because they are unhappy. If couples marry without the government, only doing a religious ceremony, then the man doesn’t have to worry about the government taking half his stuff to give to the wife. He doesn’t have to worry about custody battles. The only higher authority would be the church leaders and they can’t order the husband to give half his assets away. The worst they can do is issue a religious certificate of divorce.

  198. mad statistician says:

    Lawyers sued for not advising woman that divorce would end her marriage


  199. thehaproject says:

    Dalrock, I am curious what you think of this young lady:


  200. Dre says:


    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    I watched this in a state of some combination of horror, fascination and comedy-induced seizure:

    To summarize, this woman has racked up 213,000 dollars in student debt and is about to marry. A melancholy violin plays as we hear about her woes, amongst which are included her fear of being too old to make babies with the cretin who has willfully agreed to marry her.

    I immediately thought of you and did an admittedly lazy search of your archives. I didn’t see anything on it, and would absolutely love to get your thoughts.

    If you don’t have time or just better things to do, I’m sure you and your readers will get a kick out of it.

  201. Kevin T says:

    Hi, Dalrock. I really enjoy your blog.

    Thought you might find this interesting:

    “Man Church”

  202. Alpha Men says:

    Hello Dalrock,
    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now. I swallowed the red pill about 3 years ago after trying to dig up some information on relationship dynamics as I’ve always been one for self improvement in all aspects of my life. Your blog is one of the best that I’ve been fortunate to stumble upon. I plan on starting my own blog soon as I’ve been focusing my efforts on my Facebook page. I would like to eventually link to some of your posts as I go along. I plan on approaching the subject just as you have done using rational logic and facts as it would seem the other side really can’t defend on that front.

    My Facebook page is called “Alpha Men” and the link is here: https://www.facebook.com/Alphamen1


  203. Chris says:


    Has there ever been an effort that you are aware of pass a law that provides additional incarceration for a women who has been found guilty of perjury in a rape case? Specifically, I’m thinking about the Brian Banks case. Ms. Gibson should probably be incarcerated, at a minimum, the length of time that Mr. Banks served.

  204. Pingback: “Darwinism is Racist”: Creationists Attack John Derbyshire | Occam's Razor

  205. Pawi says:

    Hi, first I want to congratulate you for your excellent blog. I always find the articles here to reflex my own opinion on the state of the society. I’d like if you could write an entry about this article:



  206. mop says:

    Hi Dalrock.

    I’m a lurker on your blog and had a question for you (apologies if this is covered in a post, I skimmed through your archives and nothing jumped out at me).

    Do you have any advice for young men who are serious about finding a good girl to marry? I understand the basics (work on yourself as much as possible to improve physical fitness, income, and masculinity), but do you have any advice beyond that? The “throw yourself into the strip-mining machine” strategy might work for players on some level, but it’s a brutal numbers game for average (beta) men, and not likely to lead to finding a decent girl for a serious relationship (girls who are strip-mining know that their men are easily replaceable and don’t treat them terribly well)

    thanks for keeping up the blog, it’s the only manosphere blog I’ve found so far that is useful for anyone but players/alphas.

  207. niceski says:

    How do you define “post-feminism” (as in “post-feminist world”)? And how do you parse out the impact of *feminism* from individualism and egalitarianism which provide the underlying ideological scaffolding for feminism? Research shows that individualism and egalitarianism are cognitively and temporally a priori to feminism, both among individuals as well as over time across cultures. While individualism and egalitarianism are a priori too feminism, they are ideationally and logically consistent with one another and highly interwoven cognitively. Empirically speaking, studies show this interweaving becomes progressively solid over time as societies relinquish religious and superstitious beliefs and move towards rationality. So, given this empirical reality (supported by numerous studies), do you have some game plan for how we could culturally “keep” individualism and/or egalitarianism but root out feminism? Or would you propose we get rid of all notions of individual rights and equality between peoples, just so we could get rid of feminism?

    Also, more than any other factor, feminism–understood as the call for women’s equality with men–is the direct byproduct of economic development and change. The progressive rise of knowledge-based urban economies where fertility control (necessary for lower and postponed fertility) and high investment in education for both women and men (including the ability to invest in children’s educations) are optimal strategic pathways for survival. In other worlds, feminism is fully consistent with the imperatives of the economy and entirely rational. So then what???

    Honestly, you need to address this obvious stuff. Unless all you want to do is rant.

  208. steve says:

    Dalrock, great blog, its been really inciteful and accurate with my experiences. You should look up a famous economics paper by Janet Yellen’s (new federal reserve chairmen who replaced ben bernanke) Nobel Prize winning husband on “The markets of lemons”. He is one of the most famous economists alive today and this paper would fit ABSOLUTELY perfectly with this blog. He describes how lemon cars without adequate consumer protections can actually collapse entire markets. It should not escape you that the principles and conditions described in the paper are exactly what is going on in the marriage market. You really have to take a look at that paper, it is an easy read and is an absolute gem. I assure you it is well worth the 15 minutes!!!

  209. thehaproject says:

    Dalrock, while you were away, someone wrote this:


    Not sure if I can agree that “be fruitful and multiply” isn’t a calling. At the very least, if you have a child, you are absolutely “called” to parent them.

  210. David J. says:

    Dalrock: John Piper dares to say that women are as depraved as men, here:


  211. enrique432 says:

    Teaser: “The 360-degree view [Kilimanjaro] was tremendous, but what intoxicated me was the sheer adrenaline around my sense of accomplishment and my surprise at what my mind and body could do.”

  212. Anonymoose says:

    Dalrock: your blog has been an interesting, informative read for me at the present station in my spiritual journey. I’ll tell you that I’ve been an “out” gay guy for almost 30 years (now aged 46) and I’m lucky enough to be physically healthy and in a stable, satisfying relationship. But here’s the thing: as I coast more deeply into middle age, all around me in our culture I see the unmistakable, increasing signs of what I can only interpret as depravity. I do sometimes wonder what role I’ve had in helping this come to pass, simply by participating on the periphery. Both my partner and I eschew most of what passes for gay culture and most of our friends are straight, because to us, gay men collectively, for the most part, seem self-centered, superficial, and removed from reality.

    One thing that becomes clear in reading blogs such as yours: under different cultural circumstances I might have been inclined to suck it up and get married to a woman and raise a family. But under the present circumstances there are absolutely no incentives to do so. Your January 3 post “More ominous than a strike” comes to mind here. In other cultures and times I might have paid the price of an unfulfilling sex life (and missing out on the related emotional goodies) but gained an arguably more valuable prize of children and family. However, the current culture can’t guarantee that even after such a sacrifice I’d get to keep that family and relationship with my children, so then what’s the point? Indeed, nothing is more vicious than a woman that suspects her husband may be gay, and she’ll do anything to destroy her husband’s relationship with his children (I could deliver a number of supporting anecdotes I’ve collected from previouly married friends over the years). In other words, there are profound disincentives towards marriage for men whose attraction to women is weak or nonexistent… in general, I applaud your blog in examining how the incentives built into our culture are slowly destabilizing it.

  213. Greg says:


    Your comment is extremely interesting to read. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything like it.

    To think that a culture could be so pro-natalistic and pro-fatherhood as to encourage a gay man to enter a heterosexual marriage is quite amazing to think about.

  214. Anonymoose says:

    Greg: *Most* previous cultures have been this way. The increasing prevalence of homosexuality in this culture did not spring from a vacuum, but arose from alterations in incentive structures, in both positive and negative senses. I would argue that most past and present cultures that have minimum prevalence of visible homosexuality manifest this phenomenon mostly through the positive incentive of family life and only incidentally through the negative incentive of censure. Homophilic desire will always exist, for humans as well as non-human aninals, but fatherhood is a very powerful incentive for a man past the age of 30: it still occurs to me from time-to-time to jump on the bandwagon of gay fatherhood, but I believe that a child needs both male and female role models (“Dad” and “Mom”) and there is no woman in my life that I would trust enough to engage in the long term project of helping to raise a child.

    As Dalrock has written about on this blog, our society is entirely too focused on sex and romantic love. From a cultural vantage point that elevates sex and romance, gay relationships and “marriage” make sense, and to the extent that “marriage” is about a formal state-sanctioned commitment between two adults, I obviously support state sanctioned gay civil unions (I would prefer to use the term “civil union” and I view “marriage” as an unfortunate choice in words that will only backfire in the long run). However, in most other cultures past and present, “marriage” was actually about raising children and intergenerational transfer of wealth, and from that perspective, modern Western “marriage” (gay or straight) makes no sense at all.

  215. Anonymoose says:

    One other thing… I think what I like about this blog is an implicit understanding of something that very few people, especially in liberal/progressive/libertarian circles, understand. The great failing of the modern West, which underlies all of our problems and will probably eventually be our undoing, is a fundamental error of moral reasoning: morality is not ultimately a property of invidvidual, deterministic actions, but rather a collective property of individual stochastic actions. There is a reason Sodom was destroyed as a city, and not specific wicked individuals within Sodom. An individual choice may seem harmless and have even positive consequences, but when these choices are aggregated over the full population distribution of all motives and incentives, lead to destructive outcomes at the population level. This is our cultural blind spot, and it applies not only to sexual and family morality, but also to economics, corporate behavior, and environmental degradation.

  216. MarcusD says:

    As Dalrock has written about on this blog, our society is entirely too focused on sex and romantic love.

    Worth linking: http://simulacral-legendarium.blogspot.ca/2013/10/visualizing-history-of-love.html

    One other thing… I think what I like about this blog is an implicit understanding of something that very few people, especially in liberal/progressive/libertarian circles, understand. The great failing of the modern West, which underlies all of our problems and will probably eventually be our undoing, is a fundamental error of moral reasoning: morality is not ultimately a property of invidvidual, deterministic actions, but rather a collective property of individual stochastic actions. There is a reason Sodom was destroyed as a city, and not specific wicked individuals within Sodom. An individual choice may seem harmless and have even positive consequences, but when these choices are aggregated over the full population distribution of all motives and incentives, lead to destructive outcomes at the population level. This is our cultural blind spot, and it applies not only to sexual and family morality, but also to economics, corporate behavior, and environmental degradation.

    It’s interesting to note that economics, sociology, and other fields are starting to rely on graph theory to analyse society.

    Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creeping_normality

  217. Scott says:


    I have something you might be interested in. Could ou write me at the email associated with this account? I lost your personal one when a recent switch in email accounts was done.


  218. Dirk D. says:


    I was wondering if you’d do an article about unemployment and options for young men.

    I myself am a young unemployed man, and I find a lot of anger building up regarding my situation. I earned straight A’s in school, a STEM scholarship, and (had) a solid work history, but no one is hiring right now, plain and simple. It was easy as pie just 6 years ago to walk up to a random restaurant and get part time work.

    In particular, I see the riots happening in Spain and Italy and can’t help but feel the destruction is warranted. If the economic situation is threatening our families, violence is the only moral action one could possibly undertake in defense of our families. If it comes between my kid starving to death and some lazy minority getting handouts, or some comfortable old person receiving their social security, you can bet I’ll be burning buildings down and threatening people with violence.

    My pastor in particular basically encourages us to lay down and die and let the anger fade away. I’ve become quite disillusioned with old people living comfortable lives who would offer the younger generation up for sacrifice in the name of “morality” and following what are supposedly god’s ways.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on the issue.

  219. mwcain says:


    A good friend came across this:

    And since it seems to show different divorce numbers within the church than you commonly here, I figured you may be interested in it. It raises the question if the church is being slandered by bad data, or if the church, in this article, is nit picking data to make itself look good.

  220. Patrick Pedat Ebediyah Golston says:
  221. jbro1922 says:


    Wasn’t sure where to post this, but thought you might enjoy the read. http://feministing.com/2014/07/03/the-one-where-i-need-help-understanding-why-mras-dont-become-feminists/. The best line is “But again, all of the grievances expressed here by MRAs can be solved by undoing patriarchy/misogyny/sexism and redefining masculinity/manhood. Which… are all goals of feminism. So why aren’t MRAs feminists?” Enjoy!

  222. Jeff Strand says:

    Dalrock, Love your blog. Here’s a linked article that might provide some fodder for the blog. I nominate this guy “Nick” as this years mangina/betaboy/white knight of the year. Voluntarily cuckolding himself and paying for it and supporting this troubled woman! And she takes it as her birthright. Take a look and see what you think. Keep up the great work! http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/it-happened-to-me-i-was-single-pregnant-and-still-got-my-happily-ever-after

  223. Thomas says:

    I wanted to email you, but couldn’t find your address. I’d like to offer you a review copy of my satirical novel, Hollywood Witches, which touches on the topics of Catholicism, feminism, and the New Age: http://www.hollywoodwitches.com

  224. It's Complicated says:

    Hi Dalrock! I wanted to email you but can’t find your email address. Anyway, I am having problems with my father and my aunt and wrote an advice columnist. This is the link: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/113767/she-wants-the-truth-known-about-a-long-rumored-family-secret

    Another person disagreed with her advice and this is the link: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/166828/is-lying-to-keep-the-family-together-ever-justified. I thanked the letter writer and explained more about my situation in the comments.

    I am female, 31 years old, never married, and never had a boyfriend. Because of the infidelities of my father, I believe that I have lost trust of men in general. How can I learn to trust men so I can be able to love a man, marry him, and have children? Thank you!

  225. Patrick Pedat Ebediyah Golston says:

    Hey Dal, have you ever read any of Karl Duff’s books… “Restoration of Men”, “Restoration of Marriage”?

  226. Ryder says:

    I stumbled across this and thought you might be interested if you’re not already aware:

    Someone followed a clue in _Confessions of a Reformission Rev._ and uncovered a pseudonym that Mark Driscoll used to post on his church message board back in 2001. Lo and behold, it suggests that he had a backbone at the time. A bit too vitriolic, perhaps, and it’s still all about what men are doing wrong, but back then, he sounded like someone I could like. At least he understood the insanity of “manning up” for “some gal left of the shelf long after her expiration date.”

  227. bluedog says:

    Can Dalrock be contacted?

  228. solitude says:

    Surprise you’re right!

    from… http://nationalmarriageproject.org/

    this is a big finding, its a major project at a large public university. Of course many have said this for a while, but its some good back up for people that follow academic journals like the bible

  229. DeNihilist says:

    Well Dal, hope all is well. I think you may be interested in this. Sitting here with my mouth open!


  230. Nissen says:

    Hi Dalrock.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog. I enjoy it really much.
    I found this article in a womens magazine in Denmark, Europe. I know it’s in danish, but Google Translate does a fair job translating it, I think.

  231. Red says:

    AWESOME!! Thank you, dood. :)

  232. Jen says:

    I couldn’t figure out where else to post this, but while ill watched an old comedy starring Melvyn Douglas & Merle Oberon, “That Uncertain Feeling” that you may find enjoyable (it’s available to watch online via “Watch TCM” here, if you have cable, ’til 9/27: http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/movies/19199/That-Uncertain-Feeling/). Bride of six years Oberon goes to a shrink who convinces her that her marriage to dependable good-guy Douglas is making her ill, and suckered in to believing the man, goes flibbertigibbet and begins to chase a real bad boy (a bad boy musician, no less). Douglas is understandably shocked, which leads to some laughs, but in the end pulls some Game on her, if you ask me. Not only is it entertaining (not Lubitsch’s best, but entertaining), it bears no small resemblance to the world of today, though I suppose the circumstances were much rarer in 1941.

    It also helped me realize one of the reasons I love old movies so very much: The writers, directors, and even actors understood women and weren’t afraid to portray the truth about us (watch the original “The Women”, with Norma Shearer, for one small proof of that)! I don’t think this film could be made today, and that’s true of so many of the old movies. If nothing else, you’ll spend an enjoyable hour-and-a-half-ish.

  233. Maverick says:

    Hi Dalrock! Thought you might like to see this. Typical in every way and of course they don’t say anything about the real cause of delayed marriage and fertility: women + (carousel riding, careerism, uncle husband sam). Anyway, hope you enjoy…


  234. Craig says:

    Dalrock, new pew research study on marriage came out 2 days ago… plenty of gold in there. The majority of the focus is on overeducated women not being able to find suitable men.


  235. Kevin says:

    Dalrock, here’s a video of an engineer explaining the dating for men and women. Funny but true. I’d like to hear your insights on it.

  236. Dalrock, I’m curious if there are any podcast you recommend? I am in my mid-40s and have a hard time finding manosphereish content that is for my age group. Just thought I’d ask. ~ Smooth

  237. honordads says:

    How do we find you on twitter?

  238. enrique432 says:

    Dalrock, you cannot pass this one up, and the first woman’s comment on this article, is finally a woman speaking the truth:


    “Kim Waller · Sales at Sports Authority

    So typical of women from this site to say how beautiful and inspiring when men would be ridiculed. I’m ashamed to be a woman reading these comments.”

    Reply · · 1,278 · 20 hours ago

  239. enrique432 says:

    “There was never an agenda for me other than to feel better.”

  240. technovelist says:

    Hi, Dalrock!

    I work in the Dallas area and go past your namesake road at least a couple of times a week on the way to or from my house in East Texas. I don’t drink but I’d be happy to buy you a beer or other beverage of your choice at your convenience. Drop me a line if you’re interested!

  241. Red says:

    I’m actually the blogger you blocked… we talked on here recently… so… yeah…

  242. Thought you’d appreciate this: http://www.wealthysinglemommy.com/wives-stay-thin-husbands-2/
    Should wives stay thin for their husbands?

  243. Blake says:

    this looks like Dalrock fodder: I’m 41, single, pregnant and loving it!! (I might have made that last bit up) via Instapundit

    View story at Medium.com

  244. Alex says:

    Interesting perspective here.

  245. Tired of having women accuse men of sexual assault / harassment while remaining anonymous, I determined to figure out who was the New Democratic Party (Canada) female MP who accused Liberal MP Massimo Pacetti of sexual assault. This is a big story in Canada. The Press know who it is, but are protecting the guilty. It turns out that the accuser cannot justify her claims, using her own words.

    The following is the link.


  246. Stumbled across an interest metric at http://www.jchs.harvard.edu/sites/jchs.harvard.edu/files/son2008.pdf

    Figure 13 in this document has the following comment.
    Married Couples Are on the Decline as More Women Divorce

    Share of Married Women Reaching Anniversaries (Percent)

    It then shows two things. 1. That marriage starts have dropped over the decades. 2. That for the marriage starts that do occur there is an obviously higher failure rate. You may be interested in taking a look for yourself as I believe that there is a relevant article to be made for Dalrock right there.

  247. Eric Richards says:

    Hello. I want to bring to your attention an offensive video for your and your readers’ commentary. (Feminist ‘All About That Bass’ Parody ‘Bitch In Business’ Might Be Better Than The Original; The Huffington Post | By Alanna Vagianos)
    The video and an article on it are at this link at Huffington Post:


    and here:

    Beyond vulgar, I believe this video is offensive to both men and women. Obscene and belittling references are made to both men and women. Unfortunately, some media outlets are promoting it. Made by three Columbia University Business School students, it would appear also to violate the university’s speech code on gender-based misconduct. (Anyone by the way can report alleged instances of gender-based misconduct to Columbia University.Perhaps one or more of your readers would like to do so, so as to to help to put an end to this nonsense. The internet based form for reporting this can be found at:
    https://publicdocs.maxient.com/reportingform.php?ColumbiaUniv&layout_id=1 ).

    I’ve attached portions of the school’s speech code below.

    Misconduct…can be committed by anyone regardless of gender identity, and can occur between people of the same or different sex or gender. This Policy prohibits all forms of gender­based misconduct.
    For purposes of illustration, the following list sets forth examples of conduct that could constitute gender-based misconduct under those definitions: … Belittling remarks about a person’s gender or sexual orientation based on gender-stereotyping.
    …Use of email, the Internet, or other forms of digital media to facilitate any of the behaviors listed above

  248. Eric Richards says:

    the Huffington Post article–

    Feminist ‘All About That Bass’ Parody ‘Bitch In Business’ Might Be Better Than The Original
    The Huffington Post | By Alanna Vagianos
    Posted: 12/11/2014 11:41 am EST Updated: 12/12/2014 12:59 pm EST

    While Meghan Trainor’s hit “All About That Bass” celebrates body confidence, a new feminist parody takes more of an intellectual approach to equality.

    Created by three Columbia Business School students, “Bitch In Business” puts a feminist manifesto to the tune of Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” The students, who are part of a group called the CBS Follies, describe the video as “a love letter to all the badass bitches who aren’t afraid to be themselves in the business world.”

    The video itself is a bit sharper than Trainor’s pastel-filled, hip-shaking video, and even includes a few slightly NSFW lines, such as: “You say ‘Babies are for girls! Business is for boys!’/Try telling THAT to my stay-at-home fuck toy.” Other amazing one-liners include, “Making these suits look good while I close the wage gap,” and “Gettin’ called bitch means I’m doing something right.” Preach.

    It’s no secret that sexism is alive and well in the business world (along with many, many other industries). If a woman is viewed as too “abrasive” or too “pushy” she runs the risk of being labelled a bitch, but those same qualities in a man might brand him as a strong leader. Everyday sexism at its finest.

    We still suggest you play this before any and every upcoming interview.

  249. Handle says:

    Hi Dalrock. You’ve been doing some great work lately. I’d like to invite you to a private forum with many of the old members of the community of internet sympathizers, but I don’t have your email address. Please email it to me and I’ll forward the info to you.

    -Best Regards

  250. Nino Samuel says:

    I am glad I have found this blog because I have been confused by feminists – this helps me understand why I often disagree with them.

  251. Lloyd John says:

    Hi Dalrock,

    Thanks for the blog and writings and creating a place where these issues can have a voice and collective to them.

    My Sons and myself are avid readers and think you are way ahead of the curve here…

    Here is an article that ALMOST calls out feminism, but reading between the lines, and the fact that only woman can have babies…

    …the consensus is building that feminism is making us weak, in all ways…and in my opinion, vulnerable of assault from other nations…


    From today’s National Post in Canada.

    Cheers Dal & gents,

    [D: Thank you. Welcome.]

  252. pavetack says:

    Dalrock – I’d be interested in your take on this: http://econlog.econlib.org/archives/2015/01/gss_sf.html

    It appears the media not only sells divorce, but promiscuity.

  253. Jeff Strand says:

    Check out this messed-up story: “I experienced reproductive coercion and gave myself an abortion.” This gal is messed up beyond belief! Yet all the comments go on about how brave, and awesome, and incredible she is.

    Of course, that’s partly because they delete any other kind of comment, like they deleted mine. And my comment was pretty mild – I simply pointed out that with all her baggage and mental issues, she is completely unsuitable as a wife and mother. And that any decent young man, upon meeting a girl like this, should run for his life…because he will never be able to “fix” her, and he’ll end up watching himself be destroyed.

    Guess the editrixes of the site didn’t care for that kind of Red Pill wisdom, so they simply deleted my comment. But they keep the comments coming that say how “incredible” she is. Typical. The hamster rolls on.

    Here’s the article in question: http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/ihtm-i-experienced-reproductive-coercion-and-gave-myself-an-abortion

  254. Laura says:

    Have you done any posts on the present state of pre-marriage classes? A young cousin of mine got married about a year ago in a big church ceremony, presumably after she and her husband-to-be completed a pre-marriage course. Within months, they were getting divorced. Her reason for divorcing him was that he refused to get a full-time job. He worked perhaps 15 to 30 hours per month. He said that a full-time job would be too stressful. I’m wondering how these two ever graduated from pre-marriage counseling. Back in the 1970s, the churches were really pushing pre-marital counseling as a way to reduce divorce. I wonder if the churches are just going through the motions of pre-marriage counseling at this point.

  255. pavetack says:

    Worth Reading: http://theothermccain.com/2015/02/04/replicating-failure/

    My sons are shell-shocked, both by the unbiblical divorce (commonly referred to in the “manosphere” as a frivolous divorce, or a “frivorce”) and by the rush into an unbiblical remarriage. They are asking themselves why they should even contemplate marriage when their primary example of Christian womanhood and wifehood has demonstrated that nothing protects them from a unilateral, frivolous divorce at any time — not the law, not the woman’s profession of faith, not the input of Christian counselors, not the church (which is afraid to step in or “take sides”), not the length of the marriage, not even the interests of the children. Perhaps most importantly for this audience, my sons also saw that other Christian women will do nothing to protect them from a frivolous divorce.
    I’ve learned that mine is not at all an isolated situation. In fact, two-thirds of all divorces today are initiated by wives, and only rarely for non-frivolous/biblical reasons.
    So, if you really want to raise the level of interest in marriage for Christian young men and/or increase the number of potential suitors for your daughters, (1) don’t divorce their fathers and (2) don’t sit silently by while your Christian sisters initiate frivolous divorces.

  256. David J. says:

    Hey, I know that David J. guy.

  257. 8intheGate says:

    Dalrock, first let me thank you for this blog and for providing a place where a man can shake out the cobwebs. I found you site about 11 months ago and it has been a source for some much needed balance and perspective – like when you know something is not right, but you can’t find the right words to express it – in many ways you have helped me find my voice.

    This is my first time to comment, and hopefully I can add something useful to the discussion going forward. To that end, I thought you might find this article interesting as we seem to be rapidly approaching G-Day:


    Here are some quotes:
    “2. A real man knows that every woman he encounters is God’s masterpiece, inherently worthy of honor and respect.” (ahhh, that’s right, it’s the women in this society that aren’t getting enough honor and respect)

    “It’s going to take hard work to teach young men that a man who needs to degrade, control, humiliate and abuse a woman to feel like a man is no man at all. He’s a coward.”

    “Parents must be more intentional than ever in not only protecting their children from evil influences but also in educating their children about what real manhood looks like. Fathers are the primary vehicle for modeling how to really love, honor, and cherish a woman. And mothers must require respectful communication from their boys. Our boys are watching, and as all parents know, more is caught than taught.”

    …and our girls are watching too.

    And from what I can gather, it is a woman that wrote this book, not a man (and she is not even claiming that a bad man made her do it). Over 100 million copies have been sold worldwide, primarily if not exclusively to women. All the excitement from the upcoming movie is from…that’s right, women.

    Maybe she should have spent her time writing about 5 things a real woman knows…

    Best regards,


  258. Norvis says:


    First off let me offer my thanks for your site. I found it via Alpha Game and have become a regular reader (via RSS) if not a regular commenter. What I appreciate the most about your site (vs others such as AG for instance) is your focus on the Christianity in your posts. As a Christian, husband and father, learning to shed the baggage of feminist thought shoved down my throat my whole life is of vital importance if I’m to be the spiritual leader of my house.

    I was hoping that you could offer a suggestion (if possible) for a book concerning Christian marriage. I have the opportunity to help a young couple in understanding Christian marriage and was hoping to find a book that we could go through as a study. I know that Mark Driscoll had been all the rage for this topic but having read your critiques of his view on marriage I can’t in good conscience suggest it. I have been looking at “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas and it seems fairly good. Do you have a go to suggestion for discussing marriage?

    Thanks for your efforts.
    God Bless

  259. M3 says:

    Just thought i’d leave this here.. i’d really enjoy reading your take(down) on this article.


  260. Dalrock, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this. I’ve heard it talked about in the Manosphere a lot about how men cannot rely on women, even their wives, for emotional support, especially if it involves the men demonstrating any sort of weakness. Basically, the idea that you are her shoulder to cry on and she is NEVER your shoulder to cry on. Redpill guys chalk it up to female solipsism and the idea that they are the most responsible teenager in the house. It also sort of goes along with the idea of “Man Flu,” where women seem to be unable to show empathy for their husbands when they are sick, and the idea that women seem incapable of showing empathy towards men in any context. I’m asking because I go to a church that is real big on being “vulnerable” and that if you are not constantly talking to your friends and especially your wife about all your struggles and weaknesses, then you are being sinfully self-protective and “un-spiritual.” I’m not married yet, but this is something that really bothers me because in relationships past when girlfriends would beg me to “open up” and “express my emotions more,” I would do so. I thought I was doing the “spiritual” thing but in retrospect it may have been a bad idea to be vulnerable. I wonder if it caused them to lose respect for me. And all I was opening up about was depression, it’s not like I was opening up about thoughts of pedophilia or something really deviant and pathetic like that. One of them in particular was very critical and neurotic and our relationship was usually her criticizing me for every little thing until I apologized (back when I was on the blue pill). She often wanted me to open up, but looking back on it I think she was just probing for weakness. So I guess my question is, can your wife really be your friend in addition to her being your first mate? And to what extent can you be emotionally vulnerable in a marriage without it compromising the headship/submission dynamic?

    [D: Welcome. This might be worth a short post. If not I’ll come back and leave a comment in reply.]

  261. Nice blog! It shall be a great compliment to mine :)

  262. Holden says:

    I wanted to share this:

    “… but time was, girls set the cultural morays, the standards, the parameters for intimate activity. The girls were the ones that set those boundaries. And now it’s the guys who do… And that means the girls have to live by the guys’ demands. And that means less romance.”

    So girls were the gatekeepers of sex (not their fathers), and their moral superiority kept men in line. Now, it’s those evil men who get to prey on the virtuous women. Women are our moral superiors and are naturally chaste.

    “The high percentage of bachelors means bleak prospects for millions of young women who dream about a wedding day that may never come. “It’s very, very depressing.”

    Nothing is as important as the ability of women to get their dream wedding.

  263. I don’t have your email address, so figure this is the easiest way to reach you.

    I’ve been writing a blog for the past few weeks, and today opened it up to the public. It’s called “Savage Sense”, http://www.SavageSense.com.

    Please feel free to browse through it, and tell me what you think.

    It would mean a lot to me.

    Thank you.

    Darryl Savage

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