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Solomon as Lancelot: Song of Solomon viewed through the lens of chivalry/courtly love.

I stumbled upon a tragically funny post that contorts Song of Solomon into the form of the religion created to mock Christianity, courtly love (what we call chivalry).  The post is titled The Song of Solomon: the Psalm of Married … Continue reading

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The chivalric rules of love.

French poets, in the eleventh century, discovered or invented, or were the first to express, that romantic species of passion which English poets were still writing about in the nineteenth. They effected a change which has left no corner of … Continue reading

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Perversion is love, and love wins.

Deti asked me to clarify what I meant in my last post about complementarian gay activists twisting the idea of repentance and being freed from sin.  Instead of framing being freed from sin as something gays should be thankful to … Continue reading

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Does romantic love sanctify married sex?

Hence Xystus in his Sentences tells us that “He who too ardently loves his own wife is an adulterer.” It is disgraceful to love another man’s wife at all, or one’s own too much. A wise man ought to love … Continue reading

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If Christianity isn’t feminism and courtly love, what is it?

New commenter Tim asks: I’ve come to really enjoy your writing since I first found it about six months ago. I appreciate how you’ve expanded my thinking on many issues. However, although I’ve read many of your archived articles, I … Continue reading

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