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TGC on the importance of a complementarian feminist merit badge.

The Gospel Coalition’s front page banner article today (archive) is 5 Reasons I’m Glad I Went to Seminary, by stay at home mom Elizabeth Garn.  In closing, Garn explains that seminary wasn’t really required for any of the five reasons … Continue reading

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Marriage of feminists and conservatives.

As I’ve mentioned in the past the convergence of feminists and conservatives, especially on the issue of marriage, is quite striking.  Since conservatives lack an immovable reference point to anchor their views, they inadvertently find themselves conserving the radical changes … Continue reading

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From celibate boyfriend to celibate husband (true love doesn’t wait).

Pugsley’s story shows the folly of the celibate boyfriend: When I met my then boyfriend-now husband, I told him right away that I was saving myself for marriage and he was fine with that because it was my body, my … Continue reading

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Suzanne Venker on women’s rights, men’s responsibilities, and why she divorced her first husband.

Several fellow bloggers expressed concern in the comments section of my last post that I might be creating an enemy out of an ally.  After all, in her opinion pieces Venker seems to get it at least somewhat right. At … Continue reading

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Debasing marriage

If you’ve ever looked at pictures of ancient coins you may have noticed that they are typically not very round. One method of debasing ancient coins was to shave off bits around the edges, a practice called clipping.  The debaser … Continue reading

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