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Duluth worked even better than I expected.

The Miami Herald reports that the woman in the viral video wasn’t arrested or charged.  From Woman smashes husband with laptop on plane, video shows: The woman was not arrested. According to the report. there was a delay from the time … Continue reading

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Another case of Duluth working as designed.

Today’s example of Duluth working as designed comes courtesy of the Sonoma News.  The focus of the story is on police brutality, but it is an excellent example of how the Duluth model primes law enforcement to see men as … Continue reading

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Setting the record straight on Duluth.

I’ve quoted from the Duluth Model document Countering Confusion about the Duluth Model in several posts, and the more I look at it the more astounded I am as to just how open the Duluth Model organization is regarding their … Continue reading

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The Duluth model is working as designed; you won’t smart mouth her again.

In the spirit of getting ready for the big game, my wife noticed that the Daily Mail has a piece up today quoting from a group of women on Facebook bragging about abusing men: Threw a chair at him through … Continue reading

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All roads lead to Duluth.

In the early 1980s a group of feminists put together a model to approach domestic violence called the Duluth Model.  Under this new (feminist) model the focus is not on actual violence, but on fighting the patriarchy and “male privilege”.  … Continue reading

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