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Christian hospitality requires accommodating gay sex.

Hospitality is the buzzword complementarians use to normalize homosexuality and demand that Christian parents provide gays with special access to our children.  I’ve previously shared where Rosaria Butterfield and Pastor Sam Allberry (both of the ERLC) make this case.  Pastor … Continue reading

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Rules for dating the candidate’s daughter.

Kemp is running for Governor in Georgia, but I think the same message would go over well in Texas. H/T Cane Caldo

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Rules for dating a Daughter of the King.

I don’t recall what I was searching for, but the other day I stumbled upon a reproduction of Rules for Dating a Drill Instructor’s Daughter at The Gospel Coalition: Daddy’s Rules for Dating His Daughters. How long should you date … Continue reading

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Casual dating and serial monogamy as lost virtues.

There is a story making the rounds about a Boston College professor trying to entice her students to go on dates.  The shocker for older generations outside the men’s sphere is that dating is now a dead practice.  But what … Continue reading

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Why women lose the dating game.

Spike linked in the comments to a podcast of Independent Man chatting with Bettina Arndt: Audio issues and accents aside, this is an interesting conversation.  Arndt is a dating coach who has taken observations she originally came across in the … Continue reading

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