Farewell (for now at least), and thank you.

As you have no doubt noticed, it has been several weeks since I have last posted, and over a month if you don’t count the Merry Christmas post.  I’ve decided that it is time to shut down the blog.  I don’t have a detailed explanation to share as to why I’ve decided this, aside from the fact that I think it is time.  I do want to clarify that:

  1. I haven’t suddenly changed my thinking and decided to embrace chivalry, feminism, etc.
  2. All is well in the Dalrock household, and no one is pressuring me to stop.

I’ve been blogging for just under ten years, and want to thank my readers for their prayers, words of encouragement, and what they have taught me.  I can’t say for certain what the future holds, but at present I don’t have any plans to return.

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299 Responses to Farewell (for now at least), and thank you.

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    Keep on writing, even if you don’t publish/post.

  2. The Question says:

    A sincere thanks for all the work you’ve done.

  3. Scott says:

    There is no way to overstate the impact these writings have had on my life.

    There would be no “Scott and Mychael” as known around the manosphere without it.

    Take care.

  4. white says:

    Pastors everywhere breathe a huge sigh of relief

  5. Wood Chipper says:

    Thank you for all your work, Dalrock. I’ll let Roosh know there’s a job opening.

  6. TheRealGeoBooth says:

    Thank you, Dalrock. I always enjoyed reading you and the comments your posts inspired.


  7. Novaseeker says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work and efforts over the years, Dalrock. Some truly great insights arose from your writings.

    Some of my favorites were: (1) switch from marriage being the context where romantic sex and love flourish in a moral way to romantic love love being the context where marriage and sex flourish in a moral way; (2) switch from intact family model of family to child support model of family; (3) serial monogamy as the preferred female version of promiscuity (aka, promiscuity on a slower time frame); and (4) re-building the mound.

    Alas the time does come for a different allocation of the precious resource of time in our lives. I am sure you won’t have any difficulty finding other good and productive things to do with the time freed by this.

  8. Cary says:

    Thank you for your service to humanity. Your blog has been valuable to many. Good luck and God bless.

  9. Thank you, Dalrock, for all of your writing over these ten years and for your blog which provided an opportunity in the comment section for interesting, informative and thought-provoking dialog, one of the few blogs anywhere where I read the entire comments section. Sometimes it is just time to move on. God bless you and I wish you all the best.

    Your writing will continue to influence me, why, just this week, they have been talking in my church about showing the latest Kendrick brothers movie during the church’s movie night, and in my private conversations with the men there I’ve explained the anti-male bias in these films, some get it, and some don’t…

  10. Remote reader says:

    Many thanks Dalrock. Coming across your writings feels like the work of divine providence. You have made my family and faith stronger by your shining example.

  11. jsolbakken says:

    Thanks for saying good bye, at least, unlike Spetsnaz, for whom I still mourn.

    But seriously, thanks for all your hard work and sincere concern. Godspeed, brother.

  12. Godspeed, Dalrock. You inspired me in many ways, especially as a writer. Your wisdom will be greatly missed. God Bless.

  13. Lost Patrol says:

    Thank you Dalrock. You were the pathfinder.

  14. greginaurora says:

    Will you keep the blog up, or take it down? It would be a shame to lose access to your written word.

  15. Hugh says:

    Thank you Dalrock and Godspeed.

  16. Another Aged Anonymous Since 2013 says:

    I hope you will leave the blog up, even if permanently inactive.
    Just close all comments.
    That way we can continue to re-read the old posts.

  17. drifter says:

    You will be missed.

  18. Steve says:

    You were one I enjoyed reading, hope you maintain an archive, or drop everything into a downloadable PDF. Thanks for the work over the years!

  19. Dave says:

    I value you, man. Thanks for everything you did.

  20. Minesweeper says:

    Thank you Dalrock, your place was a anchor I needed.

    Hope you don’t delete your posts. They are essential reading for men coming up.

  21. Mike says:

    You’ll be missed!

  22. jorxster says:

    Dalrock, will absolutely miss your wisdom and insight! No other blog was so on point when it came to dealing with issues facing Christians today.

  23. Frank K says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done.

  24. You’ve had a huge impact on many people. I’m sure you will continue that in other ways. Thank you for all you’ve done here.

  25. jgarveyrose says:

    Say it ain’t so?!

    Thank you for writing. Always meaty subjects and food for thought.

    I will miss hearing from you.


  26. Oscar says:

    God bless you and yours, brother. Thanks for all your hard work.

  27. Heidi says:

    Thank you. Your blog made me examine several previously-held assumptions and, I hope, change for the better. Several of your posts are classic. I intend to make my kids read the “Interviewing a Prospective Wife” posts in particular when they are older, as well as other posts that show the ways in which our society is actively hostile to Christianity, masculinity, femininity, marriage, and fathers.

  28. My 2 Cents says:

    Thank you so much for your valuable work. I know I’ll continue utilizing it in the future as I put out my content.

    -My 2 Cents

  29. Cindy says:

    You’ve been a great blessing and a huge help. You’ll be missed! I’ll keep my RSS subscription just in case you come back!

  30. Thank you for tremendous amount of work that you put in blog. Wish you all the good things.

  31. Mark says:

    I’m sad to see you go, Dalrock. This has been a great resource for me, for many years. Thank you for the effort over the years. Your writing will definitely be missed.

  32. Thanks for all your work over the years. I hope that at some stage you’ll have a chat with Roosh V, who has recently undergone a transformation. That would be a very interesting conversation.
    All the best for the future.

  33. OKRickety says:

    Dalrock, thanks for your efforts over the years. I do hope the blog remains publicly available, both for those who would benefit from the good stuff, and also as a historical record.

  34. theoldripper123 says:

    This is very sad news. I do hope we’ll hear more from you at some point in the future.

  35. Wilbur Hassenfus says:

    You’ve done more good here than most of us ever will. Thank you for everything. All the best to you and yours.

  36. Pamphilus says:

    Thank you dalrock for all your wisdom and writing. This is my favourite blog and I come here everyday to read old posts, waiting for new ones and enjoying the amazing conversations in the comments section. There is a season for everything as Solomon tells us. I pray that your life will be blessed and that your family will be blessed. I hope you leave the blog up, I still have much reading to do and want to share the knowledge with others. I don’t know you but I view you as a father figure . I have learned very valuable information from you and it has shaped my life. I encourage all men here to share this worldview with young men in your lives. I am a young man and I testify that we need a connection to the older generations. Some people think a blog like this just leads to despair but it’s not true. This information equips men to know what their enemies look like. I wish Gods blessing on all who visit this blog, build civilization men. It starts with your own family and extends.

  37. IvoryWingman says:

    I can’t usefully add to anything others have not said in words better than any I could find. You’ve provided a Christian take on the red pill, and that’s been a great benefit to a great number of men.

    Thank you, and godspeed, Dalrock. All my best to you and your family.

  38. porticoforge says:

    You’ve advanced the cause miles and miles. Thanks for everything. Goodbye for now.

  39. eriksvane says:

    You write that “it is time to shut down the blog.”

    Please tell us you did not think that sentence through, Dalrock.
    As it means, or as it seems to mean, that you will be taking
    the blog entirely off the internet, leaving countless blogs
    (not least my own, not to mention Instapundit)
    with dead hyperlinks in the process.

    Please do not do so. Stop posting, and stop writing,
    if you must, but do not take the blog down (in that sense).
    Let it be, and continue to be, so it can be read and act as reference,
    while so future generations of readers (young and old) can read it
    and try to make sense of the world we live in.


    Also, I have said it before, and I will say it again:
    Write a book, and publish it, with all the content
    from the blog over the years.

    Let there be a current events section (chapter),
    let there be a(n allegedly) Christian movie section,
    and so on, as well as — the most eye-opening, for me —
    a chivalry/Middle Ages section.

    Publish it under your real name or under
    a pseudonym, but we all know that
    you have the strength to see it through.

  40. udZFNLvNnAusAM2T0Hq5 says:

    Mr. Dalrock. Please don’t shutter the blog. Dial back the frequency to whatever you like and turn off the comments, but your insight has been huge. My RSS reader will keep an unblinking eye on your blog and await your future updates, be they annual or decade’ly.

  41. ys says:

    Wondered if this day would come. Dalrock said probably a couple years ago this wouldn’t last forever. It’s hard to blog forever. This blog is for the 2010s. It’s a new decade now. And the world has more problems now. But for the simple days when it was just about feminism.

  42. You will be missed. Farewell, sir, and Godspeed.

  43. russellsnow says:

    Thank you and God bless you.

  44. Spike says:

    Thank you Dalrock, for everything you’ve done for the past 10(!) years.
    You’ve fought the good fight.

  45. ReadPill says:


    Thank you very much for your labors.

    You’ve provided clarity on crucial topics that are swamped with lies, half-truths, and emotional manipulation.

    You’ve changed lives…and probably saved some, too.

    Vaya con Dios.

  46. Dalrock says:


    Dalrock, thanks for your efforts over the years. I do hope the blog remains publicly available, both for those who would benefit from the good stuff, and also as a historical record.

    This is something I’ve given a great deal of thought, and my decision is to pull it, either by taking the blog private or deleting it entirely. I am strongly leaning toward the latter. But from a practical perspective to readers the impact is the same.

  47. OutbackMike says:

    I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed your blog the past three years. You really opened my eyes to a lot of scriptural topics regarding men and women. It has actually helped me become a better husband. (I hope my wife agrees!). God bless you, sir.

  48. Wraithburn says:


    Thanks for all the thoughtful posts. I have found them most helpful and enlightening. I wish you the best on your future endeavors.

  49. David says:

    Pls don’t delete the archives. To stop new blogging is one thing. To delete the archives is quite another. All this valuable knowledge will be lost (outside of the Wayback machine).

  50. wilandmari says:

    Very bad news indeed. I wish you all the best. Can anyone here recommend the 2nd best blog on these issues? This is the only one I have been reading for the past several years.

  51. Mycroft Jones says:

    Thank you Dalrock, for all you’ve written over the years Hope you keep the blog archives up, but may your family life be blessed and fruitful unto the tenth generation. Your writings on the demonic origin of Chivalry have been especially helpful.

  52. The_Peter says:

    Thanks so much for your insights and writing on this blog. I only found this blog 6 months ago and I have to say that I wish I would have found it 10 years ago. Your assessments of the modern church and feminism have given me a lot to think about for sure and even though neither of those things were really revolutionary for me, your evaluation of Complementarianism, and your description of chivalry have *really* changed my perspective about what conservative evangelicals try to pass off as biblical teaching.

    I’ll echo what other commenters have said and encourage you to keep on writing (even if you don’t post). Now that we’re approaching the 2020 election cycle there will be no shortage of spectacles to consider…

    Thanks again for sharing your unique thoughts and perspectives. God bless.

  53. timrean2444 says:

    Many thanks you helped me into the red pill thinking

  54. timrean2444 says:

    Many thanks you helped me into the red pill thinking

  55. Nick M says:

    Thank you Dalrock for your so many articles. Lights that were very enlightening or interesting. We were missing you. It was a great pleasure to discover you. Farewell. God bless.

  56. @ ys:
    …the simple days when it was just about feminism

    This is so true. It is much more complicated now. Would that there were a similar space on the Internet to discuss these issues written by someone with a good grasp on the issues, and like this one, not monetized. Does anyone here know of any such websites on which discussions on these contemporary issues can be found, including a reasonably good comment section?

    Dalrock’s exit from the ring also reminds me of the exit of Empathological some years back, who also covered many issues regarding feminism and Christianity. He also decided to pull back and move on. For sure, I could never write and maintain a blog like either of these.

  57. Lexet Blog says:

    Give us advanced notice. There are some articles that need preserving.

    [D: Consider it given.]

  58. Lexet Blog says:

    I think the years of good commenting have passed us. People will read, but fewer will comment.

    There are old blogs that have remained up, but I can’t think of anything current that has a ton of people commenting.

    Reddit is awful.

    Maybe Adam piggotts blog.
    Sigma frame has red pill content (I am biased as my red pill content will be posted there).

  59. Cadders says:

    There is a time for everything in life. Everything in this world comes to an end, eventually.

    Thank you for all the insight you have provided over the last decade, and for hosting this site. I wish you well in whatever you turn your energies to in the future.

  60. Bruce says:

    It has occurred to me that if Zippy’s unique intellectual legacy/contribution is his writings on usury, then your equivalent legacy would be your writings on chivalry which seem original and groundbreaking to me.

    I guess I would love to see that work summarized for posterity – same for Zippy’s work on usury.

  61. feministhater says:

    I would like to give my sincere thanks to Dalrock for this blog and his input over the years. I have been a commentator on this blog for almost its entirety, and it has changed me and my life immensely. From a very angry and disjointed individual to Christian man with understanding of the world and purpose for his life. I would not have that were it not for a place like this.

    Thank you Dalrock, it meant the world to me to have a place like this were I could share my angst and make sense of the craziness around us. You were always direct and to the point, your articles, critiques and comments valuable and cherished. You dared go where no one else would. You let those, like myself, speak their minds freely, something not easily found in today’s world.

    You are true Christian. I wish you and your family many years of good tidings and joy.

    I will truly miss this blog and the commentators that made it what it was. A place to talk about the real issues plaguing Western society. Not weasel mouthed words but Red Pill truths. I take my hat off to you gents and wish to thank you all for the help you have given me over the years.

    However, all things come to their end. I have also been spending less and less time reading online, preferring instead to focus on the real society around me. Something for which I can thank Dalrock and others for, inspiring me to focus inwards and to God for salvation and purpose.

    Thank you.

  62. NotaBene says:

    Another grateful reader here! I just got into this blog in the past year, late but better than never!

    Dalrock, if you can send me the database file I can install it into a WordPress install on my server and keep the record up indefinitely, untouched. As others have said it would be a shame to “lose” this information.

  63. buckyinky says:

    Thanks Dalrock, hard to put into words the gratitude I owe you for the work you’ve shared so generously this past decade.

  64. ChadowyFigure says:

    Wow, you and Rollo are the only two guys whose blogs I even follow anymore. It is sad to see you go, especially since I missed most of your run as I found the pill late. Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me and done for the community.
    Please leave the archives up, as you are a very important voice. I am not even a religious man and your writings taught me a lot, helped pull me out of a dark place, and mean a great deal to me. You helped my marriage and maybe even saved my life. Hopefully you will at least give someone a chance to mirror your best stuff before you disappear.
    Thanks again, and good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future.

  65. locustsplease says:

    Disappointed really going to miss your commentary on modern christianity. This was the first and best christian blog that called women out on their use of child support and divorce threat point to manipulate marriage against gods plan to what it is today. Also how conservatives are just conserving the last wave of feminism.

    I knew i did not agree with these things but could not have put them together on my own. There is not another blog that comes close to this one dont know where to go from here?

  66. mrteebs says:

    This blog has been a godsend. While I’m saddened that new content will come to an end, please find a way to preserve this decade of work and perhaps make the comments searchable. It is a true treasure trove.

    Please also find a way to preserve and update the blog roll so we can remain connected to kindred thinkers – even if greatly inferior to what we have enjoyed here.

    Best wishes to you and your family. I can readily appreciate the enormous investment if took to regularly provide world-class content while juggling work and home and life and our faith.

  67. Trey says:

    I have only been here for about a year also but I am feeling a great sense of loss at this news. I can certainly understand that you no longer desire to spend time blogging. I can also see the wisdom in locking the comments but I cannot at all understand why you would take down the entire blog? What has been written and discussed here over the past 10 years is a powerful work of Christ that could bear fruit for Him for many years to come. Why in the world would you want to erase all of that work and have it cease to bear fruit for Christ? Truly disheartening news.

  68. jsolbakken says:

    Please do not delete your content. That would be the biggest disaster since the last time the Library at Alexandria got torched.

  69. kfg says:

    Bright skies and fair winds.

  70. Minesweeper says:

    That’s very disheartening, if your gonna remove all your posts forever.

    At least wait till you hit 25M page views. How many could say that.

  71. Dota says:

    This is disappointing because the Godless Left never quits. Hope to see you back in action soon.

  72. hans tholstrup says:

    Good luck. Your blog was always one of my go-to sites. First, Tim Newman stops blogging, now you. Oy veh!

  73. David says:

    Please do not delete your content. That would be the biggest disaster since the last time the Library at Alexandria got torched.


    I can understand the fears around Cancel Culture, but if one stops blogging but keeps the archives up, they aren’t high enough on the list for the faggots to get around to you, since the woke mobs only react to new content.

    The loss of the archives would render a whole new generation of young people vulnerable to sinister Pastorbators.

  74. Random Angeleno says:

    I understand about stepping away. Those bloggers who keep at it like Vox Day and Larry Kummer are really rare. Rollo has slowed a bit in recent years. Here, I have been a reader since 2010 starting with the extremely valuable posts on Interviewing a Prospective Wife and I’m really going to be sorry to see all this great content go.

    I was going to list here all the different major themes running through Dalrock’s posts that I benefited from thinking about and/or acting on, but figured out quickly there are too many. So for very selfish reasons, I hope the archives stay accessible even if comments are closed. But or course it is Dalrock’s content to do with as he wishes.

    Thank you so much Dalrock for showing us so many different nuances around the Christian manosphere. Godspeed, wherever you go in life from here.

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  76. Minesweeper says:

    If this is the end,

    Cheers guys its been great fun chatting and reading about all your lives.

    We will maybe meet 1 day i guess.

  77. Thank you, Dalrock, for your blog, from which I have learned a great deal. I join the others asking you to keep the blog up, because even if you leave it as is, it can provide invaluable wisdom for the ages as much as any published book could. God bless you.

  78. Dal, check your email man.

    I’m really sad to see you do this. Will you at least be leaving the blog up for archiving?

  79. greenlander says:


    THANK YOU for running this blog. I’ve learned a lot from you and the other posters here. It was especially helpful for me at a certain point when I was changing my life as a ‘cog in the machine’ of middle management in Silicon Valley to writing my own rules in life.

    I obviously don’t post as much as I used to, but I still read all your posts and most of the comments.

    One of the things your blog has done is help me realize how critical Christianity is to Western civilization, even though I am an atheist. Our civilization is coming apart at the seams, and the decay of religion is one of the big reasons.

    I agree with everyone who suggests that you should leave the existing content up as an archive.

    Best of luck to you, and thanks again.

  80. Bart says:

    Dalrock, I and men everywhere owe you a deep debt of gratitude. For several years your blog has been a lifeline and a voice of sanity for me when nearly every other voice out there shames men, pities them, or otherwise twists reality for their own ends.

    I do understand the effort and sacrifice it takes to blog on the level you have, and for so long. The constant treadmill of posting, posting, posting can be wearying and I’m sure has eroded your quality of life when real life takes precedence, as it should. I know blogging is often isolating, and remaining anonymous must make it only more so.

    I’ll echo others here in requesting, if possible, that your blog stay up and archived rather than totally deleted. Your reasons are your own, of course, but if those of us here can do something to make that happen, we’re all ears. (Perhaps you plan to put it in book form and want to avoid cannibalizing sales, in which case, more power to you.) There are young, bewildered, naive boys and men out there right now who don’t understand what’s going on, who don’t know what you know. Many more will follow behind them in the years to come. Leaving your work up would pay forward the invaluable work you’ve done in perpetuity. Though I know you don’t owe anyone that.

    Whatever else you have done in life or have yet to do, you have made a bigger difference in the world than the far majority have ever done. Thank you.

  81. Thomas says:

    Dear Dalrock,

    I’m a recent discoverer of your blog through Rollo’s, and I have to say that some of your work so succinctly and efficiently cuts to the heart of the matter, it’s nothing short of the written equivalent of a diamond sword. The posts on threatpoint alone have brought crystal clarity to why I had the instinct to once walk away from a situation where a future of blackmail and parental alienation was all but assured.

    That said, the posts, plus the tremendous comments from all of the readers (which I’ve sometimes spent days poring through) form a collective national treasure to the manosphere, and would be the equivalent of losing the library of Alexandria if it were to blink out of existence. I’m sure any of us here, myself included, would do what we could to help preserve it in archive form for others in the future who seek insight from a truly unique advocate for men and marriage.

  82. Jim Christian says:

    Yer in the clear with me, Rock. Fuck yall, I’m in Florida playing golf. Come on down!

  83. anonymous_ng says:

    I’ve certainly enjoyed my time here and even met a few people.

    May the good Lord have mercy on your endeavors.

  84. Blessings to you for all you’ve done! What a great service this blog has been.

  85. Iowa Slim says:

    Dalrock, I know you have been at this nearly ten years. When I found your site about three years ago, I read through the entirety of your archives. Couldn’t stop. It was about all I got done for an unconscionable amount of time. I’m surprised (and grateful) that you were able to keep your excellent work coming as long as you did.

    I have profited from your work here. My life is better because of it. I’ve been in church recently for the first time in 16 years. My 20-year-old son, who was dabbling in Nordic paganism, recently indicated that he is feeling drawn in the same direction.

    There is nothing like what you have devoted so much hard work to elsewhere on the internet. Nothing to match the scope, depth, perception, and polish of your writing.

    You gave me a path to understand, resolve, and move ahead in a peaceful spirit from a lot of deception, waste, and damage in my past. There was a time when I was coughing up those old hairballs that I was an acrid presence in the comment section. I’ve been reflecting on that during the last month with regret. It was a poor m.o. in a place where you were knocking yourself out to push a positive, constructive agenda. My apologies to you and to the other members.

    Your content is precious and vital. People need it. Please don’t let it be lost.

    I feel sad in a way, but I get it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  86. P.S. Please don’t delete the blog!!

  87. hearthie says:

    God speed. May all go well with you and yours.

  88. Gaius Gracchus says:

    As a decade long reader, but rarely a poster, I wish you well. May the Lord bless you and your family.

    This has been a very important and valuable blog, with great discussions in the comments (and sometimes not so great). You truly have been illuminating the true word of God in an age of watered down and feminized Christianity.

    I wish you will continue in some fashion, as the world will be worse off without your commentary and wisdom.

  89. cynthia says:

    Sorry to see you go, Dalrock. Really enjoyed reading over the years.

  90. cnystrom62 says:

    Best blog ever. Sorry to see you go. You will be missed.

  91. Reluctant Redpill Jedi says:


    Well, it was awesome, and I learned bunches!

    You do you, and God Bless you.

  92. Noooooooo!!!!!!! Dalrock hanging up his hat? This can’t be!

    I have oft found myself dipping into your vast body of work for comfort. Your writing has always appeared lucid and cogent to me and has helped immeasurably. As others have said, please consider leaving up the corpus as an archive.

    Go in peace and I sure hope to see you around the ‘sphere again.

  93. Reluctant Redpill Jedi says:


    Are you doing this because Imran Khan linked extensively to your blog posts in his 10-year follow-up to ‘The Misandry Bubble?’

    Did that generate new traffic and/or hate mail?

  94. Dalrock,

    I can understand your decision to delete all the content. You really stuck your neck out all these years, and with the attempt not long ago by Warhorn Media to get you to identify yourself, and the relative ease that someone could connect the dots and dox you… well, I’d want to do the same thing as I got older and wanted to scale my life back. I wouldn’t want to have the contents of this blog pulled out on me by some angry SJW or mainstream media reporter and have to deal with the harassment later in life. One way to prevent that is to delete the whole thing and not leave a trace. And considering the viciousness of some of these people, it’s understandable.

    For me, the cumulative effect of reading here has changed my point of view on these topics sufficiently by now, and I pretty much understand the message and what to do about it, and for that I thank you and I also thank the many commenters here who have contributed to the discussion.

  95. Gunner Q says:

    Dalrock, you explained to me the truth of Christian marriage and God’s design of the sexes, which I’d been kept in ignorance of for my entire life. I do not forget those who help me.

    Thank you very much. There are few bloggers who can fill your shoes.

  96. okrahead says:

    Years ago I did an internet search for “your Christian wife cheated on you” which led me to the now defunct Christian Men’s Defense Network site, which in turn led me here…. and I think I have some inkling of how Saul of Tarsus felt when the scales fell from his eyes. Seeing this post was like a punch to the gut. I went through the divorce court wringer with all that entails, for all the ridiculous reasons Dalrock has talked about for the past decade… The knowledge and wisdom I gained from this site helped me keep my son when the bottom fell out. That is a debt I can never repay. Godspeed Dalrock, and maybe just take a break for a little while to refresh the batteries. When I needed guidance in the worst way you were there, and I know there are plenty of others out there who need it now and will need it in the future.

  97. okrahead says:

    Re: deleting the blog…. I would burn the Mona Lisa first. It’s not even a close decision.

  98. okrahead says:


    When I was at my absolute lowest, when I had lost my wife and believed I would lose my son, your writing provided knowledge and wisdom that gave me strength to make it through. In the end I was able to keep custody of my son, who this past year confessed faith in Christ and was baptized… which would not have happened had his mother gained custody, as she has completely renounced her faith. I firmly believe your writing was a providential gift to me and helped save my son, which is a debt beyond my ability to repay. I know others are out there searching as well. Please don’t delete the blog, there are lost souls out there who are being won over by your writing.

  99. Paul says:

    I really regret you stop and intend to pull the blog.
    There’s so much information in it, that is of immense value to many.
    I was looking forward to the time you would categorize and summarize all it. Instead you’re going to remove it. I hope I have still time to backup at least some articles. Thanks for your great effort nonetheless.

  100. Kirk Forlatt says:

    So sorry to hear this! This blog was an island of sanity in an ocean of insanity and church bullshit. Best wishes, brother.

  101. S.K. Orr says:

    I will truly miss this blog. I only discovered it recently and have been reading through the archives. The comments in particular have been most illuminating. My hope is that at some point in the future, you will decide that it’s time to resume blogging here. And I hope you keep the site up…there’s so much good material here. Thank you for all the work and thought you put into Dalrock. There’s no replacement.

  102. MZT says:

    I am certainly sorry to hear this news. But thank you for your wisdom over the years. Much appreciated, and best wishes for the future.

  103. info says:

    Archive everything. This blog is very valuable resource for all Christian men.

  104. info says:

    Dalrock. Please leave the blog up. Or at least preserve all the articles. They help us and will help others immensely.

  105. SJB says:

    Thank you, Dalrock, for doing what you’ve done for as long as you did. God bless you.

  106. DocLove says:

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  107. sp3crbn says:

    Thank you.
    So much work went into this site. Perhaps a book with the “Best of Dalrock” would be profitable for you and preserve your work for all the readers.
    Bless you.

  108. Strike Three says:

    Thank you, Dalrock, for all your hard work through the years. Your material has helped me understand why my (now former) wife was treating me this way for so long. You are a Truth Teller and what the Old Testament prophets would call a “watchman.” You leave behind a great legacy.
    Thanks again. May the Lord bless you in all you do.

  109. Minesweeper says:

    Over 100 comments in under 8 hours.

    But if the man has to go, then he has got to go, and how blessed we were to have known you.

  110. feeriker says:

    Echoing others here in wishing you and your family all the best and God’s blessings for the future. I can imagine how much work went into maintaining this blog and creating new content for it on a regular basis, and certainly that must be exhausting. I can certainly understand if you’ve reached the point where it’s just too much to continue with anymore.

    However, I join others here in asking you to please not permanently delete the contents of this blog. There is simply too much golden wisdom here to deserve permanent disposal. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria comes to mind in terms of the loss that would be felt.

  111. Boxer says:

    Reblogged this on v5k2c2.com and commented:
    I believe I first started reading Dalrock around 2009, and I’m pretty sure I started actively posting there a couple of years later. It’s been a great run, but Dalrock is retiring. I’m hoping that he doesn’t pull a Welmer, and burn the library as he wanders out of town. Friend and foe alike should post some thanks, if they are able, for the man who sharpened our arguments even as he flicked feminist ears.

  112. You will be missed. Thanks for all of your writing.

  113. Big20s says:

    Thank you.
    God bless.

  114. Quiet Desperation says:

    I echo the comments of others. You have profoundly influenced my life for the better and helped me to understand things that are sometimes difficult to accept, but that are true. You will be greatly missed. May God bless you for all the outstanding work you have done.

  115. Boxer says:

    However, I join others here in asking you to please not permanently delete the contents of this blog.

    Even if the author doesn’t intervene, I’d bet this site goes missing at some point. It’s hosted on WordPress. The parent company (Automattic?) is also affiliated with the feminist site Tumblr. We can always count on the whiny feminists to take criticism well, and respect dissent. Can’t we?

    You can pull an archive for personal use yourself. Use wget on UNIX or SiteSucker on Mac OS. I’m sure the Microsoft peeps have something similar, probably built into that new edge web browser.

  116. Ox says:

    Dalrock, your work is priceless. No one should blame you for stepping back. You’ve fought the good fight. Enjoy the time away from all of this. God bless.

  117. Lexet Blog says:


    I would like everything to be archived, but should you choose to delete everything, I ask you to do the following:

    1- Keep articles discussing modern church influencers. Not many others (with high readership/comments) have pointed out what you have. The discernment ministries that are supposed to wussed out and are problematic themselves.

    2- keep and compile your articles on chivalry. You can publish them, or post them elsewhere.

  118. b g says:

    Thank you and good luck!

  119. donalgraeme says:

    I don’t think I can add anything that hasn’t already been said. I certainly understand your desire to stand down, I question myself about it all the time.

    Best wishes and God Bless, Dalrock.

  120. Nautilus says:

    Thank you Dalrock. You have had a huge influence in my life and in my marriage.
    Please keep what you have done online so others can benefit from it.

  121. Ninja says:

    Cool just don’t shut down the blog. Some of us just got here. Literally started reading your work last Saturday. Red pill Christians need your work now more than ever. Hope you can transform it into a book or audio book.

  122. craig says:

    I get it. Some twenty years ago when blogs were newfangled, I had one with a fair readership and even got several links from the Instapundit before I had to hang it up for lack of desire to carry on. It’s exhausting when you think you are “supposed” to produce content for your readers, especially if you notice yourself treading the same ground repeatedly. You get to the point where your most heartfelt opinion, like Forrest Gump, becomes “That’s all I have to say about that.”

    So I will just say thank you and Godspeed. Your writing will be missed.

    P.S. Even if you take the blog offline for good, save a personal copy for yourself. You never know what you might want to recall in a few years’ time.

  123. Adrian from Australia says:

    Thank you Dalrock for everything you’ve written.
    Your voice is unique on the internet, and uniquely insightful as well.
    Since starting to read your blog a couple of years ago I have always looked forward to new posts. Your posts have been very helpful to me on a personal level.
    I hope your archive remains available for everyone to read, myself included.
    I also hope you change your mind eventually and re-start where you left off.

  124. JL says:

    Completely understand stepping away. However, please do not delete the blog. You’ve helped a lot of people and the archives are needed. I really hope you reconsider deletion.

  125. rugby11 says:

    Im going to miss you

  126. Would that I could’ve shaken your hand. Godspeed.

  127. I was hoping you’d do an updated statistical analysis on the age of women when they first marry. Meatspace matters. You did what you could in digital. Well done, sir. Your Red Pill contribution of chivalry as blue pill is seminal, and I hope it will be remembered. I hope you will leave up your posts if doing so is not to your disadvantage.

  128. Four Avengers says:

    This is a punch in the gut. Dalrock I can barely express in words the influence your writings had on my life. Next to my father you have likely been the most influential person in my life when it comes to my faith in Christ and my outlook on society. Thank you for your willingness to tell us what we needed to hear even if it was a bitter pill and thank you for your years of dedication to all of us here. Your health and happiness will be in my prayers.

  129. Minesweeper says:

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 American Standard Version (ASV)

    3 For everything there is a season, and a time for every [a]purpose under heaven: 2 a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; 3 a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 4 a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; 5 a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; 6 a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; 7 a time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; 8 a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.

    Dalrock, it’s been a great season.

  130. Minesweeper says:

    <8k views to hit 25M, we can all do it !

  131. Mega says:

    Dal, thanks for all the works you’ve done for the community. I’ve read on/off for several years; thru the good and bad. As life happens. Thanks again and I hope god blesses you in whatever you choose to do next.

  132. Jonadab-the-Rechabite says:

    To every thing there is a time and a season. Yet the passing of the blog is a great sorrow for me and so many others. Over the years you have informed us of what was under our nose and yet we could not see, given us language for our thoughts, challenged our thinking and lit the path back to reason and virtue. God’s speed in your next endeavor; your labors on the blog were not in vain.

    One day in eternity I look forward to meeting you.

  133. Minesweeper says:

    @Jonadab-the-Rechabite says:”Yet the passing of the blog is a great sorrow for me and so many others. Over the years you have informed us of what was under our nose and yet we could not see, given us language for our thoughts, challenged our thinking and lit the path back to reason and virtue. ”

    Dalrock has been the voice in the wilderness, pointing the way.

    Really hope his duluth posts will be captured for posterity.

    Boxer, if you can, grab the lot.

  134. Jack Morrow says:

    Thank you for all your work over the years; it’s been helpful to me, and has led me to change my thinking on some of the things I believed for a long time. I agree with those who hope you leave the content up, as it will remain relevant for a long time. God bless.

  135. white says:

    One has to wonder what are the chances they somehow found Dalrock IRL and if threatened him. Really hard to think of any other reason why an influential writer would stop AND decide to pull all his stuff. Many a great online writer have decided to stop abruptly, but none would delete his own work just like that…. unless forced to.

    If you consider the number of people in the church industry Dalrock had offended in the past, as well as the number of churchian pastors dying for him to ID himself over the years…. this theory really doesn’t seem that preposterous.

  136. Hermine says:

    Thank you for the great work and may GOD bless you!

  137. Splashman says:

    Many thanks!

  138. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    The articles were good. But as good was the support from like-minded men. You can’t always find sympathetic ears in the real world, especially if you live in Los Angeles (or someplace similar). I see and hear so much that outrages me, and have few outlets to voice my complaints. I often feel alone and living in clown world.

    I was hoping that 70s Jason would check in and tell us how his trip to Britain went. I hope things improve for him, and for all the other sad and lonely men out there. We are living through the decline of the West, with worse days ahead.

  139. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    white: One has to wonder what are the chances they somehow found Dalrock IRL and if threatened him. … If you consider the number of people in the church industry Dalrock had offended in the past …

    I don’t think Blue Pill church men would threaten. They’d whine, they’d white knight for the “victims,” but they would not threaten anyone. Not their style.

    Threats come from the left. Antifa, SPLC, etc.

  140. mrteebs says:

    Dalrock, having this URL resolve to “page not found” is a horrifying prospect but pales in comparison to losing this entire body of work forever.

    Please, please find some was to firewall your identity while preserving it for posterity and perhaps allowing it to be republished by someone with no fear of getting doxed if that is a concern for you.

    I can easily imagine this labor of love taking 4 hours per day, and understand that it may be time to move on. But to lose this content forever would be a tragedy. There are so many men within my circle that could benefit from this and trying to retell it requires a line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept approach that would take years (a decade, to be precise) to replicate in even a dim approximation. Reach out to Rollo, Boxer, whoever. Just please do not let this become a torched Library of Alexandria, as @jsolbakken so fittingly described it.

  141. Tom C says:

    All of your hard work over the years is much appreciated. Your articles are a well of wisdom and truth. So much of the “red pill” information elsewhere on the web can be negative and toxic but your tone has always been positive, straightforward and encouraging. I have learned a great deal here and consider myself fortunate to have found you. May God bless you and your family. I wish you all the joy and contentment in the world.

  142. Goodluck says:

    Good luck brother and thankyou for your content. I find myself going back now and again, rereading…

  143. Rex says:

    Thank you Dalrock for all the many hours I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and comments. I respect your decision; indeed all things end. But please do consider a book in the future.

  144. John O. says:

    Dalrock, thank you and God bless you.

    Perhaps you wish to delete the blog out of concerns for your privacy and safety from future harassment. This I understand.

    However, if that is not the case, please bear in mind that your writings can still help men who are at a low ebb in their lives.

    Whatever you decide, Godspeed.

  145. Pingback: TBT: The God Pill – The Portly Politico

  146. Angela says:

    Dear Dalrock,
    I stumbled on your blog a few years ago. I’ve since come almost daily to read, and read as much of your older material as time allowed. I’ve never commented as I am a woman and respected your desire to have this a male place, but I have learned so much on many topics. I’ll mention only one. I am a Christian, married 42 years, and have not had a tv for close to 50 years so am perhaps not as infected with feminism as the average woman. Still, your blog made me reassess how I was taught many of the submissive verses were for the culture in Paul’s time. I read them now with the scales off and wonder how I could have been so stupid to not see what is plainly there. My hair is 6 inches longer–just a symbol of taking what this blog says, and what God says, seriously.

    I’ve never met any of you, but this blog is almost like a church for me. When I read, I’m not having to swim upstream as I so often feel in society and church. It’s very hard to find a church that takes this seriously. I gave your blog info to all my brothers and nephews, to help counteract the conditioning and the anti-male bias in society, and worse, in the church.

    I echo the hope the material will remain accessible. You mentioned making it private–does this mean one could sign up if vetted first?

    You have blessed many people. Thank you so much.


  147. Scott says:

    When you think about it, the phase that has ended here is one of dispassionate, academic identifying the problem(s) and then discussing the origins, directions, probable and proximate causes.

    Someone upthread noted how they got here. In my case, I was sitting in my chu in Afghanistan with my super slow, barely intermittent internet connection and typed into a search engine “why are men always portrayed as losers, dolts, or just pure evil in every media outlet there is?”

    aVFM was returned to me, (or it might have been The Spearhead) where I didn’t stay long. Then I got here.

    That experience has multiplied across the spectrum of maleness, all over the world at this point and some of us have actually become friends in the real world. Over time, the talking about it phase created a pretty strong bond between some of us, and that is the sting of this site about to go down.

    Taking the REALLY long view, as men have a tendency to do, we despair because we feel that so much more has to be done before a major stronghold in this battle can be allowed to go. And that is true. That battle is for nothing less than a total restoration of sane and rational relationships between men and women to be restored. Most of us will not live to see such a revival. And will it be regional, world wide, something else?

    Regardless, it cannot be managed from a website. It cannot be led over digits. Everyone, I think, knows this. These writings may not amount to much for a thousand years. They may be mothballed in some dark cave like the dead sea scrolls until someone dusts them off and says “hey, why don’t we try this instead?”

    It doesn’t matter, really as we all have lives to live and to try to make sense of what we have learned without the support will be difficult. Maybe someone will pick up the torch and aggregate all of this (from here and other sites) into some form of canon. And as my favorite blogger Dalrock once reminded, some years ago…

    “Let the macro issues work themselves out.”

  148. Opus says:

    Ten years ago the Misandry Bubble predicted that 2020 would be the high-water mark of Feminism: In the last few years W.F.Price, Roissy and Roosh have retired or been retired from blogging and now Dalrock such that the Manosphere is much reduced. Is this evidence of the accuracy of TFH’s prediction or worse just the opposite?

    I have often wondered at Dalrock’s patience with me and in one matter which I won’t elucidate on will remain permanently in his debt. I have however learned from this blog: that despite many similarities there are certain fault lines sometimes clear (the attitude to Aristocracy being perhaps the best example – with all due respect we do not need American women with their Disney ideas of being a Princess joining the Monarchy) at other times more opaque and which despite its origins separates America from Brexitland.

    Until the next time we meet, farewell.

  149. Lost Patrol says:

    Opus, our dear old Limey, must never be allowed the last word.

    We didn’t send that crazy chick over, your man invited her.

    The one thing upon which we can all agree – everyone here owes Dalrock big time.

  150. NCMike says:

    Thank you for your content and wisdom over the years. I wish you and your family the best. Hopefully the articles and comments can be preserved.

  151. Novaseeker says:

    When you think about it, the phase that has ended here is one of dispassionate, academic identifying the problem(s) and then discussing the origins, directions, probable and proximate causes.

    Times change. There is a new generation coming up that has had a very different life experience than the “establishment bloggers” of the sphere have had. There are lessons they can learn from the older set, for certain, but they also need to forge their own paths and learn their own ways in a context that is different for them. Even the medium of expression is different (one main reason why you see Rollo, for example, primarily focused on YT now … blogs are *not* where it is at with the younger set of men, not at all, but they do all watch a TON of YT, etc.).

    This is all fine and in the natural order of things. The older set of bloggers (and commentariat) have helped so far, and now it is time for a shift to occur because times have changed, and things continue to morph and change. Different contexts, different reference experiences raise different issues and different solutions — and therefore different people to talk about them from that set of contexts and experiences in ways that are native to that generation, and using means that they find useful.

    It is all in the nature of things, and all fine.

  152. Heresolong says:

    Thanks for all the articles. Thoroughly enjoyed the education and the discussions. I echo the sentiment that the site needs to stay available, even if not as an active blog. Men need to be able to find and read the analyses posted here over the past ten years.

  153. Jon Patch says:

    All the best. Thank you very much, Dalrock.

  154. Eduardo the Magnificent says:

    Discovered this blog, as well as the rest of the Manosphere, around the summer of 2011. I remember the energy at the time; the ideas being debated and passed back and forth. It was both intellectually satisfying and spiritually exhausting to discover just how much wool had been placed in front of the eye. As someone noted above, times changed. It seems the Manosphere hit a rut around 2014-15 where we all just talked in circles and sniped at each other. Then 2016, Trump, and both sides of the political spectrum mashed the accelerator. It seems most of the big ideas have been fleshed out, and there’s not much else to talk about except what to do next, which means meatspace, not online activity. This is a shock, but an understandable one, at least.

    From the bottom of my heart, Dalrock, thank out for all you have done. You helped guide me and many other men back to Christianity and God’s natural order by seeing through the snake oil salesmen within and outside the church, a debt that can never be fully repaid. Do not delete the archives. Men will still stop by and drink from the deep waters here. Do not forsake them because they did not arrive here during the sweet spot. (Not to mention the blogroll on the right, which is just as valuable)

    Godspeed, brother. May God bless you richly for your services.

  155. Jake says:

    Thanks Dalrock.

    For what it is worth: You and Rollo changed my life. Older guy at an apologetics group recommended you quite highly.

    God bless.

  156. princeasbel says:

    I’m copying everything before you shut it down. Your work is too valuable to be privated/deleted from the internet. Feel free to shut it down if you must, but I strongly recommend you leave it up even if you don’t plan to add new content.

    BTW, Rollo said on Twitter:

  157. Kevin says:

    Thanks for all the effort and thought you put into your posts over the years. Was very helpful to my thinking about the world.

    Also thanks to the many insightful participants who posted comments.

  158. ecojosh1 says:

    I hope you keep the site up. There are countless young men in our society who need to read your articles.

  159. Adrean Marantz says:

    You will be truly missed. I’ve been lurking here forever it seems, mostly because of You and many who comment have laid it out better than I would have. Not sure how long it’s been, maybe since the Barbarossa days. I leave here enlightened and awake (but not woke=). I wish you the best.

  160. AnonS says:

    Finding your blog was been the difference between having kids and not for me.

    Found the blog from my office job in my early twenties as an average frustrated chump that prided myself in being “not like other guys”. Rollo was more intellectual and high level then PUA Bro culture and Dalrock included the importance of eternity and divine law. And I realized as much as church culture loves talking about being different from the world, actual biblical instruction is considered so foreign that its unthinkable that it wouldn’t support sentimental chivalry and simping.

    Now I can move towards marriage with more confidence with a girl that wants to have kids and homeschool. While I mourn for the men still trapped in the standard non-offensive mind prison for the girls I know that are following the standard script to their own deep depression.

    I hope someone is archiving the blog, I’ll try to grab my favorites.

    My Two Key Dalrock Nuances
    1. Don’t expect the average to all behave above average.
    2. Bargaining in the shadow of the law. Never assume people can transcend the rules.

    “The compromises of yesterday become the starting position for bargaining today, and today’s new compromise will become the starting point for bargaining tomorrow.” – Dalrock

    “For women there is a temptation to see dating not as a mutual evaluation for fitness, but as a sort of reality show where they are paradoxically both the prize (entirely passive) and the judge (in complete control)… The problem for women who fall into this trap is that other women typically will encourage them in this thinking… that she shouldn’t let haters suggesting introspection get her down.” – Dalrock

    “The irony is this reflexive tendency to denigrate men comes not from a sincere fear of a shortage of good men, but from a sense of extreme and everlasting abundance. It wouldn’t take a miracle to change this attitude, it would take an actual fear of a shortage of good men.” – Dalrock

    “This is a very difficult snare to escape from. Conflating Christianity with the parody of Christianity is so natural, so effortless, and the idea of Christianity separate from courtly love is so horrifyingly alien. As I wrote in the comment thread before Robert chimed in that Christianity is chivalry (courtly love) to the max:

    Christianity teaches that marriage is what makes sex moral (marriage is sanctifying), and that marriage is the moral place for sex and romantic love. Courtly love twisted this and taught that romantic love is what sanctifies sex, and that adultery is the only right place for romantic love. Christianity teaches that a wife should submit to her husband with fear and reverence. Courtly love taught that a man should submit to another man’s wife with fear and reverence. This is, in a word, evil, and the wreckage of this evil thinking is all around us.”

    – “So long as they aren’t faced with an immediate need to secure commitment and investment from a real life man, many women are content to live in a fantasy world where a long list of poor to mediocre choices magically leads to the best option imaginable. Ordinary men are mentally compared to the fantasy man, and of course can’t hope to compete. Only the fear of losing the option to choose brings these women down into the real world, where their own attractiveness determines the quality of man they can attract.”

  161. Sassafrass says:

    I’ve been a longtime lurker for at least 7 years now, good luck and god bless.

  162. 7817 says:

    Dalrock, your work has changed my life. Found a link here, then found a link to the rest of this kind of blogs from here. This has saved my marriage and changed the rest of my life as well.

    Thanks for what you’ve done. Wish I could give you some value in return for all that you’ve given me.

    I respect your decision to close this down. There’s a time for everything, and the heads up to grab articles is appreciated.

  163. Damn Crackers says:

    Thank you for everything. Good luck and God bless to you and your family.

  164. Oscar says:

    From Roosh: “A masculine Christian revival will replace the manosphere.”

  165. ray says:

    “That would be the biggest disaster since the last time the Library at Alexandria got torched.”

    That was no disaster, that was an act of God.

    Alexandria was the San Francisco of its time, a home-base for every type of occult, perverted and satanic doctrine in the Old World; a cauldron of collected evils.

    It set the principalities back a fair bit when their pagan/magical tomes got torched. Oh noes! all that lovely sorcery lost!

    However, as all can see, they recovered.

  166. Gunner Q says:

    white @ January 22, 2020 at 11:16 pm:
    “One has to wonder what are the chances they somehow found Dalrock IRL and if threatened him.”

    Zero chance. Angry feminists would not be so subtle..

    Ten years is a long run for any blogger.

  167. Anon says:

    I have to echo the others in that to stop writing new articles is one thing, but to delete the archives is quite another.

    The archives really must stay up. They will provide the material for a new up and comer to start a real red-pill ministry that actually follows scripture and destroys the feminized Quistianity in churches today.

    Many, many other sites link to articles here as sources.

  168. naturallyaspirated says:

    Dalrock, I’m sure there are many readers, such as myself, who started following your blog later rather than sooner. If I may suggest, how about a string of your favorite or most influential (or whatever criteria you like) posts with updated thoughts in a brief forward to each repost?

    maybe one/week for a while? New comment streams for them, etc.

    Just a thought. ….. Would help unearth some of your buried treasures for a lot of men newer to your blog.

    thanks for all the time and effort. Valuable stuff here, as everyone has said already.

  169. emery says:


    Your blog has given me the path to truth in Christ, reconciling the truths of human behavior as portrayed by PUA and redpill without indulging in their hedonism. PUA did rediscover and document human nature (alpha vs beta, NAWALT, etc) but it was so tied up in notch counts that I could not separate the two until I saw you talking about it.

    You have also made me aware of the sheer quantity of false teachers out there. Your many entries recalled the story of Jesus sending out the disciples for the first time and discovering that the false churches of Jesus Christ spread before the disciples got even one foot out the door.

    Thank you

  170. thedeti says:


    I hope you see this before you take this blog down.

    Didn’t really see this coming, but it became more or less clear that you weren’t going to post as much, or you were going to stop blogging altogether.

    I cannot overstate how important your insights have been to me personally. This blog was instrumental in helping me change my life for the better in many ways. You have helped a lot of men. And for that you should be proud. You are one of the giants of the manosphere. I understand it’s time for you to move on. It’s time for many of us to move on, really.

    Thank you for all you have done, and for the work you have put into this blog. Thank you again, Thank you thank you thank you. Godspeed.

  171. GregMan says:

    Goodbye and God bless. We will miss you.

  172. thedeti says:

    It’s not an overstatement to say I’m mourning just a little right now.

  173. ray says:

    The King sure dug your content if not always your companions. When you began I told you that you were helping to lay the foundation for social/familial relations during the Kingdom. And so you did. He loves to use obscure folks like us to build His new world. To make the powers and principalities sweat and worry.

    I saw you come in, I see you go out, and when you come in again, there I will be. There are many branches but only one church.

    There can be no hiding or retreating from what is coming. They don’t care or forgive. So my advice to everyone is you might as well fight.

    It will be fun to see you rewarded, after the scrap is over. Looking forward to it.

  174. John says:

    Say it isn’t so. You have helped me in more ways than I can count. I looked forward to your insightful analysis and comments. All the best.

  175. Timothy says:

    I completely understand. I turned my blog into a photography only blog and removed over 1700 posts. Got tired of the fight. Blessings.

  176. randallg says:

    Long time reader here. Though I am an atheist I consider myself a Christian atheist in the vein of Oriana Fallaci (RIP). Like Greenlander above I believe that only in our European Judeo-Christian culture could the modern world and its wonders come to be. It’s unfortunate that Christianity is being replaced by the secular Church of Environmental Wokeness. This is not an improvement. While never having married or having children I have benefited greatly from your posts and all the commenters too. Like others I hope you leave the content available for others to benefit from in the future. I may not be authorized to say this, but God Bless to you and yours.

    Having said all that, now would be a great time for a flame war in the comments between Protestants and Catholics…

    (For the commenter asking about 70s Jason he is currently blogging at topface.home.blog)

  177. Rickykay says:


    Sad to see you go – followed this blog and the wider sphere for around 11-12 years.
    Though I never commented much, your work has had a huge impact on me reconciling my christian faith (along with traditions and received wisdom) with the observations delivered by those in the real world (pick-up artists, divorced guys etc…) and giving me a starting point to help me sort good ideas from bad (both modern and traditional).

    It’s not a stretch to say without you (and the interesting discussions in the comments with some linked blogs) I’d have no reference point to measure the rot within modern ‘churchianity’.
    Further – if I do decide to get married (currently single) I’m sure to use your “interview questions for a prospective wife” – as they’ve already helped me dodge one bullet about 2 years back.

    It’s been interesting to see Roosh’s transformation as well as evidenced his blog and Oscar’s post above.

    “And I find something more bitter than death: the woman whose heart is snares and nets, and whose hands are fetters. He who pleases God escapes her, but the sinner is taken by her.
    Ecclesiastes 7:26 (ESV)

    Thank you again for your work over the years.

    God bless you & the family,


  178. Mark says:

    Deti hit on something that was really vital to this place, which is the community aspect of it. Each of us who found Dalrock after some personal relationship trauma, or at least most of us, found this place because we felt completely alone. We felt out of place, and internalized our failures at whatever brought us here.

    This place, and others like it, showed us that we were a community of men. We weren’t alone, and we weren’t crazy. The old order we’d bought into didn’t work, and it was just a glitch that affected our individual lives — it was everywhere. The community here, and the writing here, made a massive difference in my life, and others here, and it was so wonderfully rewarding to know that we weren’t alone.

    I understand Dalrock’s desire to move on. At some point, the mine is exhausted, I suppose. But I again want to reiterate my thanks to him. The writing and ideas here are, and were, like a lightening bolt for so many of us, and that is something to hold on to.

  179. gdgm+ says:

    As a long-time lurker and occasional ‘spell-checker’ here, I will miss the blog, but respect Dalrock’s decision. Thank you Sir.

  180. A Regular Guy says:

    Goodbye Dalrock,

    It’s sad to see you go. I want to let you know your insight was invaluable to me and definitely was a respite for endless man-hating tripe that passes for Christian marriage counsel. I will be archiving your blog and reviewing it for my own Church group’s sake.

  181. Samson J says:

    Hasta la vista, baby… you helped more people than you realize.


  182. john says:

    Dalrock – Please don’t delete your content! This stuff is too valuable to men. I have a server with a web presence and backup and I’d be happy to put all of your content up for free. Contact me at the email address associated with this comment if you’re interested….

  183. Dalrock says:

    I haven’t caught up on the comments, but from the ones that I’ve read I’m reconsidering my decision to pull the blog. I’ll post back with more (either in the comments here or with a post) once I come to a decision.

    Edit: To clarify, I’m reconsidering whether I will leave the existing content up, not continuing to post. Also, I want to thank everyone for their kind words. I am deeply moved.

  184. BilltheCat says:

    I have only been following the blog for a little over a year with occasional dives into the Archives as time permitted. I learned a lot, and gained perspective from both Dalrocks posts and the commentators interacting on the forums.
    Thank you Dalrock (and commentators) for spending the time and effort to clearly communicate ideas frankly. I wish you all the best.

  185. Rickykay says:

    Just checking that my comment isn’t in the spam folder

    [D: All first posts are automatically sent to moderation. I just now went in and bulk approved 31 comments by first time commenters, including yours.]

  186. Eidolon says:

    Because of you, I’ll know to share Western literature with my kids while teaching them that chivalry was mistaken, so they can benefit from the good while rejecting the bad. That’s a great insight which will benefit my family in the future.

    Thanks for everything you did. Good luck to you and your family in the future and may God bless you.

  187. JD says:

    If there’s no more engagement when you stop posting in a year or so, then consider pulling it down. You were well underway when I followed the links from AlphaGame in in early 2012, coming from an evangelical situation complete with divorce and all that sort of goodness. This content would be relevant to a new wave of men. Unless it’s getting you negative blowback in your life, please leave it here.

  188. Silver says:


    I have never posted until now, but I’ve been ghost-reading your blog for nearly two years. I’m a man in my early thirties still processing the impact of my wife cheating and leaving me a few years ago. I can safely say that your work here has given me insights and wisdom I have never found anywhere else except the Bible itself. You have helped me tremendously. May God bless you and your family for generations. Thank you. Whatever you decide to do, I will never forget what you have done on behalf of men like me. There may be many more like me who have silently read your blog for years and I feel safe saying (and I’m sure you know) your writings have influenced far more than you know.

  189. Happily Married Gal says:

    Please don’t delete your blog! I’m a longtime FEMALE reader of your blog and have often sent links to your posts to friends. The content you wrote is priceless and full of wisdom. Your blog is one of my homepage bookmarks. I really appreciate you writing all these years. I’ve been reading your work since 2011. Please, please, please leave your blog and archives up, even if you don’t post anything new.
    – Happily married gal (our 3rd anniversary this April) & longtime fan of your blog

  190. dragnet says:

    Thanks for everything you’ve done here, Dalrock. May God bless you and keep you.

  191. Condog2 says:


    I have enjoyed your wit and humor. Over the past three years, I read all of your posts (many of them several times). I am deeply saddened to see you go, and hope that you will leave this wealth of knowledge for others to find.

  192. Mountain Man says:

    I too am saddened by this news, though I understand some of the why.

    Very few people have changed my thinking as radically as you have. Since discovering this blog (and the larger manosphere) about 3-4 years ago, I have sometimes spent an entire day reading post after post, AND every single comment. I’m not a big blog reader, and have never done that on any other blog. But here, regularly, I would experience revelations and insight of the “How could I have not seen that before” type. It would be difficult to overstate the impact you have had on my life, the life of the other men here, and the larger world. Hats off to you, and a hearty Thank You for all the thought and effort you’ve put into this over the years. Know that it is appreciated.

    Running parallel in importance to the quality of your posts has been the impact of the excellent discussions in the comments section. I have learned so much from Novaseeker, and TheDeti, and Cane Caldo, and Boxer, and a large host of others. Not to take anything away from your excellent posts, Dalrock, but the comments section can stand alone as an impressive body of work and thought. So add my voice to those requesting that you keep the archive available.

    As valuable as all this digital sharing of ideas has been, I’ve always regretted being unable to meet the men here in real life. For example, Red Pill Latecomer has shared comments which were eerily similar to my own thoughts and life experiences, even to the point of feeling like we are brothers from another mother. We both live in LA, and are of similar ages, but if I passed him on the street or sat next to him at a coffee shop, I’d have no idea who he was. We would never have the opportunity to become friends. Similarly, I (and I’m sure other men here) would love to go up to Montana to hang out with Scott and his lovely family. I visit DC regularly, and would enjoy the opportunity to grab a drink with Novaseeker. It would have been great to be able to go to Texas to provide friendship and support to BillyS when he was being treated badly by his ex-wife and by his church. But those things are largely impossible, as I have no idea how to transfer what happens here into meatspace.

    But even though I can’t meet BillyS, or Red Pill Latecomer, or others IRL, there are other men around me every day, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I often don’t put forth the effort to get to know them and form those friendships. If anything, perhaps Dalrock’s departure will encourage us all to take what we have learned here and find ways to put it into practice to change our own little corners of the world. At least I will be trying to do that.

  193. Mountain Man says:

    One more thing, Dalrock. You obviously have the gift of discernment. Whatever you do in the future, I hope you will continue to find ways to bless the Body of Christ with your gift.

  194. Scott says:

    I (and I’m sure other men here) would love to go up to Montana to hang out with Scott and his lovely family.

    Brother I have dreams like that.

  195. Jimmy J. says:

    Saint Dalrock… this man saved lives. See you on the other side, brother.

  196. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Thank you. You did make a difference.

  197. Anon says:

    There should be no connection between wanting to stop writing, and deleting all prior writing.

    In the old days, a body of writing that had a finite beginning and end was called a ‘book’. If someone doesn’t want to start a second book, they did not automatically unpublish the first book on account of that.

    Since Dalrock’s primary enemy are pastorbators and cuckservatives like Warhorn, rather than the SJW regime (who just wouldn’t understand most articles here), there is nothing to fear from cancel culture based on stagnant archives.

    Close comments to new comments, but let the body of work stand for eternity. I mean, we can’t lose the 2000 comment thread on ‘Are women done with men at 55’, among countless other threads.

  198. Iowa Slim says:

    Please do leave the blog up, Dalrock. I got sucked back into the fog around ten years ago. A relationship with a woman that led to a second failed marriage. Something like a seven year stretch of my life trivialized, diverted into foolishness, and drained for nothing. I just kept digging. I didn’t know any better.

    When I discovered your blog in 2017, I devoured all of the posts. I would note the date each article was written. It was eerie for me to mentally match publication dates with bad steps I was taking at the moment that the knowledge you were putting out there was appearing on a blog I wouldn’t learn existed until years later. I don’t deal in regrets, amigo, but I can tell you that catching your content in real time would have opened my eyes and saved me so much misery and loss.

    You don’t think you got inspired to bust your hump for all these years over something trivial and shallow, do you? You’ve had men tell you on this thread that they did catch you in real time and turn their lives in a better direction as a result. I’m a middle aged man who went through this wringer all of his life, brother. I have five sons. You better believe I’m filled with compassion for men and boys. The fruits of your work will be discovered by men who need it if you simply leave it in place. It could save lives.


    This guy made sure that his 18-year-old content stayed out there to help men, although he decided to lay the work aside years ago. He didn’t want it to go waste. I found it 16 years after most of it was written.

    Please think about this. If you want help with the cost or managing your content’s preservation, all you need to do is ask. You have earned the grateful loyalty of a large crowd of capable, good-hearted men here.

  199. Doomsdave says:

    Thanks so much for everything. I hate to see the archive gone. I have been reading for 8 years, but I don’t post. This blog has been an amazing resource for me. God Bless you.

  200. Bart says:

    Before it all comes tumbling down, a shout out to many regular posters I learned from, and got a fair bit of solace too:

    Redpill Latecomer
    Lost Patrol

    A few others I’m probably forgetting. Always enjoyed skimming through comments and thinking, “That sounds like X,” and scrolling back up to see, yep. Kinda like hitting a happy hour after work, but no worries about hr moles.

  201. Bart says:

    Boxer …

  202. Lexet Blog says:

    Earl. Probably one of the most astute commenters out there, but he doesn’t blog himself.

  203. mrteebs says:

    I second Iowa Slim’s sentiments about your readers gladly helping to shoulder the costs of preservation. This blog has been a veritable encyclopedia of wisdom – both in the posts and in the comments.

  204. ray says:

    Add my voice to those urging retention of all blog content. Was surprised you desired otherwise. Many coming up will be much aided by some of the guidance herein, if you will allow that. Also, do not underestimate its hindrance to the enemy.

    I think you under-value these works, that’s good, shows humility. But I don’t underestimate your blog, I value it as it’s worth.

    Not knowing all of your personal circumstances, I will support any decision you make concerning this page.

  205. Lexet Blog says:

    Rollo – how can I send an email to you? There is a subject you brought up on Twitter I would like to discuss with you

  206. mrteebs says:


    Your post about reconsidering the obliteration of this site versus simply freezing the content made my day. Some hope is infinitely better than no hope.

    I have rarely commented 4 times to one of your posts, but if you were truly going to nuke the site forever, I was seriously contemplating acquisition of some type of automated tool to harvest all the content and preserve it. This isn’t sentimentalism. It is like preserving a vaccine at the CDC and taking any necessary steps to ensure that last vial is never destroyed.

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  208. Angela says:

    It is not only men who are grateful for your body of work. I stumbled on your blog perhaps two years ago when trying to make sense of how shabbily my nephew was treated in a divorce. I had noticed how men were portrayed as buffoons and dolts in ads but did not know of the systemic bias against them in the courts. I’d never heard of the Duluth model, and chivalry was supposedly a good thing–the powerful protecting the weak.

    I am a Christian, and would have said I believed in biblical inerrancy. I’ve been married 40 years (to the same great man) and was brought up to believe marriage was of great value. But only reading your blog knocked the scales from my eyes on the tough submissive verses. I was taught they were cultural, speaking of issues in Paul’s time. Enlightenment didn’t happen all at once, and at times I found the honest appraisal of women (both in the blog and in the comments) disconcerting, but I persevered, reading every day, and now I can’t believe how stupid I was. I have shared your blog with my brothers and nephews, and try to be a voice of sanity in bible studies. But there is still so much to learn from this blog, and having learned, to reinforce. Everyone who reads here must know what it’s like, always swimming upstream against the flow, fighting the strength of the surrounding culture. Being able to come here and be among kindred spirits is healthy for the mind and spirit.

    This blog is like a church to me. I sit quietly in the back and get fed meat instead of skim milk. It’s very difficult to find a church that actually teaches biblical marriage, or manhood or womanhood, as you know as you’ve written perceptive articles. Sometimes lip service is given to these issues but one can tell it’s not real.

    Your blog says you are a father, so you are also a husband. Husband : to manage, conserve, preserve, save, safeguard. Please husband this blog. It’s unique, original, priceless. I am a better person, a better wife, a better Christian from reading it. Whatever you decide to do, t
    for all you have done. I am amazed at your perception and your output.

    And I thank the commentators also. I’ve been enriched, entertained, and challenged by all of you.

    [D: Thank you. I removed your last name as you requested before approving this comment.]

  209. Angela says:

    Thank you for all you have done.

  210. It’s sad to see you go. Thank you for showing us many of the errors in Churchianity.

    My marriage would not be the same (or even existed) without you. I’m very grateful.

  211. Ame says:

    i don’t comment here as it’s a place for men, but i have referred men here. imo, fwiw, it would be very sad to see you pull it. however, i do know ‘there is a season for everything under the sun.’

  212. Rum says:

    Roissy went to lengths to keep his work out there. If Dalrock disappears, that will be where the next generation of men will have to go to learn anything really true about dealing with the reality of female nature. And it may or may not encourage them towards living righteously.

  213. P says:

    Thanks for your writing Dalrock. The manosphere itself is defunct or has spilled over its banks. If you want to you should find out where the conflict now lies and keep writing.

  214. greenlander says:

    Dalrock, you have accumulated an enormousness amount of content. Have you considered either writing a book yourself, or licensing the content of your blog for a book written by a third party, either by a flat fee or a share of the profit|?

  215. jgarveyrose says:

    Indeed. I miss his caustic wit.


  216. Anon says:

    Well, Titania McGrath now as over 410,000 followers, and the Men’s Rights Reddit is still growing, so red-pill thought is certainly not waning. It has just burrowed deeper and is harder for the left to shut down.

  217. Hugh Mann says:

    What everyone else has said.

    And thank you for your posts, and may God bless you and yours.

  218. Swordsmith says:

    I just discovered your blog today through Rollo and love what I’ve read so far… PLEASE do not delete it.
    I’m a Christian who’s life has recently been massively helped and blessed by waking up to some of the “Red Pill” conversations. But there needs to be more followers of Christ in the convo, so if you can’t continue blogging please at least keep it public

    God bless

  219. JRob says:

    Thank you Dalrock and tenured commenters.

    You’ve changed the lives of men, in a positive way, in my small sphere of influence.

    The Warhorn episode really opened my eyes. Uteroanity isn’t the only serious nonsense coming from the evangelical church. One commenter mentioned the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and Fighting for the Faith. I listened.

    I encourage anyone scratching their heads about the direction American Evangelicalism is headed to check out Issues, Etc., start with every archived broadcast of Dr. Rosenbladt.

    God bless, keep the faith gents.

  220. Anthony says:

    I have used so many of the posts from this blog as an intellectual / spiritual shield against the bullshit society feeds us, and the distortion of scripture some in the church would have Christians believe. I have passed on posts to many a brother in Christ to open his eyes too.

    Your work reached an audience on the other side of the world. From a reader in Down Under, thanks mate!

  221. bobsutan says:

    Please do NOT delete the blog as many others have done in the past. Millions of people have benefitted from it and millions more will in the future. Think of it as a legacy and leaving the world better than you found it.

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  223. Robert What? says:

    How terribly sad … for us.

  224. Swanny River says:

    Yes, sad for us. Sad for me because I have been strengthened and encouraged by your posts and comments for many years now. Thank you.

  225. Bart says:

    @Lexet Blog

    Yep, Earl too. Love his stuff. I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting. Call em out everybody.

  226. MetalMan says:

    Hi to the gentlemen here, and to our highly esteemed host. I’m a long time lurker and have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight from this blog.

    Dalrock, my good sir, our majestic Creator and Lord has blessed you with a sharp mind, and keen understanding. You have blessed us all by using the gifts He has granted to you.

    You’ve been a great blessing to me, and I really appreciate the effort and dedication you put into this blog. You helped me understand why me and the culture were at odds, and why I never bought into, nor adhered to it. I will miss you using your insight and wisdom, taking on that culture, and guiding us back towards what our Lord would have us do. In fact, what I always appreciated most is your adherence to Scripture, using that source of true wisdom and absolute truth, as a contrast against the errors that were being preached or pushed by the culture.

    Also, a shout out to the gents who chimed in in the comment section over the years. I think highly of many of you. Many are my brothers in Christ, and we have the same fundamental beliefs. Thanks for your insights as well, and the sharing of your personal stories, that not only I, but others could learn from. Sorry, I would like to list all of you but I can’t, but here are some notable mentions that I can think of; JDG, Lyn87, Novaseeker, Deti, Robin Munn, Mr Teebs, Okrahead, Feministhater, ,AnonymousReader, The Question, Lost Patrol, GunnerQ, Oscar, Empath, Feeriker, Scott, Opus, Deep Strength. and Jonadab the Rechabite, To all my brothers, whether listed or not, keep your focus on our Lord, and in everything you do, honor and glorify Him. See you in heaven.

    It has been a great ride Dalrock, but I knew someday it would have to end. A big hearty thanks, for all you’ve done. I wish you and your family all the best in the years to come. May our Lord bless you in all you do.

  227. Houpeb says:

    I’m sure I speak for many others when I confess that I’ve read Dalrock for a number of years but I’ve never (until now) posted a comment; frankly I’ve never had anything insightful or original to add to the discussion. But I’ve looked here every day for new posts and threads and my thinking, about relationship and faith, has been improved as a result.

    Dalrock you’ve influenced, positively, many more men than you realize, and through those men you’ve influenced their families, friends, and acquaintances. You’ve shared insight and conclusions unavailable elsewhere and you’ve given many of us a renewed sense of how to live out a Christian life in a way that recognizes and holds accountable the failed ethos of this time and place, a way that enables us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from that failed ethos. To that end I’ve been planning to recommend this blog to my own teen-age son who is experiencing many of the same confusing and demoralizing problems which have been documented and diagnosed here.

    You owe us nothing, we owe you much. While recognizing that, I join with many others in asking that you keep the blog content available.

  228. Pb says:

    Thanks for all your work, and God bless you and yours!

    The Spearhead, now Dalrock. Who will continue this important work?

  229. Pb says:

    I definitely agree with the others.. please don’t nuke the content. Is there some way for someone to download the content and make it available through file-sharing or torrent? I know Blogger has not made it easy for it’s users to download their content.

  230. drifter says:

    These comments speak volumes.

    well done, good and faithful servant

  231. Rocknrollchuck says:

    Dalrock, thank you for all the help you have provided us over the years. Your blog is a treasured resource, and you’ve helped more people than you will ever know.

    In addition, whether you realize it or not, this blog is a HUGE part of your legacy that will endure for generations to come. Please consider leaving or archiving it for us brother.

  232. Boxer says:

    Is there some way for someone to download the content…?

    Yes. There are multiple ways for you to do it, in fact. Using wget is probably the easiest:

    It took me about ten minutes over a regular cable connection. I have a local directory with index.html and it all works perfectly.

    …and make it available through file-sharing or torrent?

    I wouldn’t do this if the author expressed the desire to take himself off the internet. Downloading for personal use is one thing. Republishing his work is another.

    Either way it was a great run. I’ll always be grateful for this blog, its author, and all the gladiators in the arena. This was where I was taught many important lessons, when I needed to learn them.

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  234. Lee says:

    Dalrock, Please don’t delete your blog. It’s a tremendous contribution to Men worldwide and a significant monument to your life here on Earth. Lee

  235. Micah McGraw says:

    This is ironic. I had a dream just the other night that you finally revealed your identity.

  236. Bee says:


    Thanks for researching, analyzing, writing, and hosting comments. I have learned a lot from you and from your commenters. Thank You!

  237. John says:

    I am sorry to see you go. I have looked forward to your thoughts and insights for many years. I look forward to meeting you on the other side of eternity.

  238. American says:

    Acknowledged. A good man is more than an issue, even when that issue compels him to invest his investment and attention for a time. Thank you for all of the great and often profound insight which has made many of us wiser and able to engage in better decision-making both inside and outside of the voting booth.

    When I think of you, I am reminded of Genesis 49:22 for you have been “a fruitful bough, A fruitful bough by a spring; Its branches run over a wall.” Your vines have grown over the wall of your own household and blessed many friend. May God reward that.

    We shall carry the baton forward now though I cannot help but wish the content of this blog is re-framed into a book at some point. It matters not that feminism has peaked and is soon to fall into decline, your viewpoint is important to this generation and subsequent ones. Peace and God bless the mighty Dalrock, who’s had an epic run.

  239. Cane Caldo says:

    Thank you Dalrock.

  240. psansonetti79 says:

    Quick question, what do you think GOD will think of you for cucking like this?

  241. psansonetti79 says:

    Quick question, what do you think GOD will think of you for cucking like this?

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  243. Will S. says:

    Thanks, Dalrock.

    God be with you.

  244. topCAT says:

    Hey bud, as I just came across this site, I gotta know if the content will still be accessible?

  245. Roofus says:

    Thank you, Dalrock, for all your hard work and research. Please do not delete the blog. There is still so much to be learned from your past work for so many Christians, God Fearers, and those searching. Blessings to you and your family!

  246. Rusty says:

    I second the requests to leave the blog up, with comments.
    Thank you for all the years of insight and for doing the heavy lifting. Is there anyone you would consider a successor to carry the torch?

  247. DeNihilist says:

    Thanx Dal. May you and Mrs. rock live in peace and grace. Really appreciate all you have done for me.


  248. Thank you for the warning. Many of your articles I wanted to pass onto my children.

  249. AmicusC says:

    I truly wish you the best. Yours was one of the first blogs I found that made sense and answered questions I didnt even know how to formulate.

    You have truly done wonders for many people. I thank you for the time and effort you have put into this blog. Your willingness to engage with your commentors really made this blog special.

    Again thank you. I hope you leave the blog up so that others may find the answers they seek.

  250. Thank you, Sir. I agree with many who have already said your content should remain available, even though you don’t wish to add to it. Please let me know how I can help preserve your wisdom.

  251. DaveP says:

    Thank you Dalrock! I cannot begin to tell how much positive impact you’ve had in my life

  252. Behind Enemy Lines says:

    Thanks, Dalrock, for your work and wisdom over the years. I’ve been reading the blog for most of them, although I rarely comment. You’ve planted a MIGHTY seed of good. Watch it grow!

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  254. imnobody00 says:

    I understand that nothing lasts forever but I feel really sad. It’s like losing a friend. I followed you from the very beginning, I read you daily and have written tens of comments in this site.

    This site has informed hugely my vision of the world. When I found it, I was sick and tired of women. I could not integrate my red pill knowledge with Christianity. Now, I am a happy married man and I chose my wife according the information I learned from here. I will always be grateful.

    Thank you, Dalrock, for everything. And may God bless you and your family every day and forever.

  255. horsemanbombadil says:

    I cannot add more heartfelt thanks to what has been said. A deep deep debt.

    An observation.

    As I scroll thru I recognize names, not a few or a dozen but hundreds. It stirs memories of character, impressions, arguments, brotherhood.

    This was not just Dalrock’s thoughts for reading.

    It was as place of civil debate between passionate men. The quiet place for support.
    In the truest sense a community under God.

    Besides missing our learned host, I will miss you all as well.
    Hang in there, keep going forward and know that even in the silence you have brothers.

    Peace and Blessings.

  256. AnonS says:

    Webcopy program took 4 hours to backup the site. It ended up being 1.3 gig uncompressed, 130 mb compressed. I could send a link to Scott to have him host it on his site. Its been a part of my life for the last 8 years.

  257. Dale U says:

    Are you willing to consent to other people hosting the content from your site, on their sites?
    I am also willing to take over the site and pay the hosting fees, at least for the first year. Can you pass the torch?

    Thank you for all your efforts. May God bless your new ministry focus, whether serving your family or anywhere else.

  258. JDG says:

    Thank you Dalrock. Through these past years your writings have helped immensely in my quest for the truth regarding male and female relationships in a post feminist world. Your insights have helped many and have the potential to help many more. I hope you choose to keep your writings available for the sake of others who are seeking answers in these matters in the future. May God continue to guide you and use you until He takes you home.

  259. James says:

    Thank you for publishing so many thought-provoking essays over the years. I’ve only commented a handful of times, but I’ve been a reader for ~8 years and have enjoyed both your articles and many of the comments. I don’t blame you for retiring–everything comes to an end at some point–and I wish you the best in whatever you do next.

  260. jsolbakken says:

    “I haven’t caught up on the comments, but from the few that I’ve read I’m reconsidering my decision to pull the blog.”

    Hallelujah! Our prayers have been heard!

    Nobody said this had to be a full time job. I think the best advice was the guy who suggested regurgitating previous posts to create new comment threads. There is no problem of your sort of content ever going stale.

  261. The Rogue Comrade says:

    Thank you for all that you have done. I wish for you all the same peace, tranquility and contentment that your work has provided to me. God Bless

  262. Late to the Party says:

    I have over 3 years read through the entire archives and comments. I really felt connected to red pill aware men and loved the thoughtful responses. I never commented but very much appreciated those that did. Redditt with the short responses and jabs back and forth rarely feels like much of a conversation to me.
    Thank you Dalrock for all you have given me for my late in life red pill awareness. You have changed my life for the better.

  263. mrteebs says:

    What I found here was brotherhood. Hope. Authenticity. Community.

    Matrix was cool. Even cooler was taking the red pill in real life — and far more enlightening. Discovering a whole new vocabulary to convey things for which no words previously existed, but could now be capsulized so succinctly.

    We talked like men talk. Not like spiritual pussies and phonies that wore a church face versus a life face.

    We read each other’s stories and sometimes wept knowing someone was walking the same dark path, but many times smiled knowing the words might keep someone from shipwreck – like our own sons.

    Thank you Dalrock. I owe you more than can really be conveyed here. I write extensively for a living but cannot hold a candle to the gift that is in you to crystallize those things we know but can’t articulate, as well as those things we don’t know but embrace once the truth is revealed so convincingly and eloquently. In 10 years, I don’t think I ever saw you lose your temper. We don’t have to agree on every theological issue. The fact that atheists, Catholics, Orthodox, Pentecostals, agnostics, and tigers of many other stripes could come together was something to behold and something I have never experienced before – the embodiment of iron sharpening iron.

    I cheered when you explained threatpoint, chivalry, the myth of mutual submission, and the many damnable inversions that have infected the church and culture at large. When you gave names to things that previously had no name in my limited universe. Why I felt so agitated after watching a Kendrick brothers movie. Why that PBS bullshit that makes wives pine for the days of Lords and Ladies and carriages is so insidious. Why AWALT.

    I cringed when the Warhorn debacle unfolded, hoping against hope that they were dealing in good faith, and being reminded again of Matt 10:16.

    I laughed when first discovering this blog at the headline “how to field strip a baby.” Made me feel like I should be wearing camo to accomplish the needful.

    I respected that you always managed to honor your household without turning these pages into rants about your own family issues, which must surely exist, while keeping them private and neither pedastalizing your wife nor debasing her.

    I liked that you had your shit together logically, coherently, and theologically – that posts and comments and rebuttals were not just cathartic rants. If people engaged you with challenges, they had better be at fighting weight and in the best shape of their lives.

    I appreciated that you didn’t let scope creep dilute this place into your thoughts on every subject under the sun. It would have been very easy to drift into theology and politics, but you kept the GPS locked.

    Someday, on the other side of eternity, I hope to meet you and those believers who frequent these parts. Until then, you will be missed more than you can know.

  264. dpmonahan says:

    This blog taught me:
    1) to have more compassion for men
    2) to better understand how women communicate
    3) just how much chivalry has infected us, and just how unchristian it is.

  265. DeepThought says:

    Thank you and we will miss you. So few have your ability to dissect topics even fewer discuss.

    We hope you change your mind but wish you the best.

  266. Mr. Generic says:


    I would also like to thank you for all the years of analysis and wisdom you have provided. To say that you have a uniquely insightful perspective on how feminism has infiltrated all of our churches and perverted the truth there would be an understatement. I’ve been reading dissident and manosphere blogs for years and *nobody* had your level of insights until you started blogging them. I myself have been “blown away” at times when a simple, short blog post opened my eyes to things I had been blind to my whole life. You are truly furthering God’s work!

    I’d also like to join in with the hundreds of people above imploring you to leave the blog up or establish a permanent archive. I completely understand your desire to step away, but I feel like we in the (formerly) Christian West are in the midst of a dark age that we are just beginning to climb out of. Your years of witty, delightful insight can serve as a beacon of enlightenment for future generations. I really do believe future historians will view your work as significant and impactful!

    P.S. Can you imagine da GBFM 2050 including your work amongst the “classic” authors he recommends?

  267. JustRae says:

    Mr. Dalrock,
    You have helped me, tremendously, to begin to understand a number of things I had never thought about before. Personally, what the difference is between a man who doesn’t WANT a relationship to work out, and a man who doesn’t THINK the relationship will work out, and most importantly WHY. Happily married for almost 2 years, having both come from kind of a Trainwreck of a life…. well I thank God mostly, but finding your blog at the time I did, helped me more than I can say. I imagine you’ve impacted many people you’ll never meet in person. Thank you, good luck in your endeavors, and safe journeys.

  268. farmlegend says:

    Dalrock, my brother, I will greatly miss the wisdom from this place. I’ve probably read every blog post from the beginning. Your blog has been of substantial benefit to me in coming to a point of peace with the Clown World in which we live. Thanks also to the many excellent regular commenters here.
    Would love it if the blog were left here as is for future reference for ourselves and our brothers (and sisters, I suppose), and would be pleased to make a contribution.

  269. Chad says:

    Typical scenario for me – head to the gym, take a break between sets, get sucked into a Dalrock post on my phone, head down to the comments because those are great as well, wonder how I can apply what I’m learning in my family, realize I’m still at the gym like getting a bucket of water thrown in my face, move on with my workout but with my mental wheels turning. The physical growth from the workouts was more than matched by the mental and spiritual growth I experienced because of this site.
    Thank you to Dalrock from a multi-year consistent reader. Eye-opening words of love from a Christian brother. I would greatly value your work staying up and accessible for me to refer to.

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  271. pukeko60 says:


    But get your life back.

    God speed.

  272. OKRickety says:

    Re. 70s Jason, I’m sorry to say he states on his blog that he is no longer a “practicing Christian”.

  273. Minesweeper says:

    @OKR, could just be he no longer attends or tries to fit into a church. I’ve had friends who state they no longer believe.

    His really is a strange one, I mean, he looks totally acceptable, is healthy, approachable, got a stable income etc.

    He seems pretty angry at the dalrock crowd atm.

  274. UpNorth says:

    Thank you for everything, your posts have changed my life and many lives around me. Especially good is the relationship advice for finding a spouse. God bless you and your family!

  275. OneMore says:


    Long time reader, first comment. A small repayment on the debt of gratitude I owe you.

    Reading you and Rollo, among others, continues to improve my marriage, a marriage which is good and where my wife and I both put in effort on a daily basis. However, the greater value you have given me is understanding my own parents’ rocky marriage and subsequent divorce. My father was and is an imperfect man: while not a physical abuser, other character flaws left him utterly defenseless when Duluth was applied against him. It also made it easy for me to blame him for the problems in his marriage which led to the divorce (Why couldn’t he communicate with her? Why didn’t he buy her more flowers?), and ultimately to cut ties with him.

    So much of my own approach to the situation was informed by my conditioning in the Feminine Imperative. Your blog has given me the language to better understand this, to understand women, men, marriage, myself and my father. I checked here almost daily for new posts, and my web browser is dog-eared from going back through the archives. The topics you write about so effortlessly, really are obscured to many like me, and I needed to have these things spelled out clearly in order to grok them.

    Because of what I had read here and elsewhere (and applying my own experiences as a husband and father), I came to see how difficult my father’s road was, as well as ways in which my mother (and certain blue-pill “helpers”) shared responsibility in the failed marriage. As a result, I traveled a long distance to reconnect with him over several days and introduced him to his grandchildren. We continue to have regular conversations, something that seemed impossible for many years.

    The cross must be carried daily: a happy ending is still beyond the horizon. But my thanks to you and all the commenters here for helping me come this far.

  276. 8 in the Gate says:

    Dalrock, I also wanted to express my extreme gratitude to you for the years of work you have put together here that has been such a benefit to so many. When I found this blog a few years ago, I was desperate – for a new way to think and to see. Of all that I was seeing, all that I had been taught; I knew something wasn’t right, I just didn’t know how to find it. It has taken me years of reading and re-reading, pondering and considering to change my thinking patterns. I can’t even count how many times I’ve come back here for redirection and a measure of sanity. I have been strengthened, encouraged, admonished, and sharpened by your words and from the comments of so many men that have given me a deep sense of camaraderie, though unmet.

    Someone upthread noted your discernment. I could not agree more. You have a gift of being able to see through the peripheral noise to the foundational issues and preconceptions, and then able to translate that clearly and succinctly for the less astute of us to understand. It’s as if you are standing on a hill closer to an unfolding event and can more clearly describe and explain what is happening to those of us farther behind whose view is more obstructed.

    I wish you all the best as you move forward with life. Perhaps one day, this side of heaven, I would be able to shake your hand and thank you personally along with others that have truly blessed me such as Cane and Scott. Even so, I know in the end my own family will be better off for the things I have learned here.

    I am profoundly thankful and profoundly sad. I feel like I am saying goodbye to a dear friend. Brothers, I wish you all God’s peace. Farewell.

  277. DeNihilist says:

    What a week.

    Dal decides to shut it down, feeling grief

    the head of one of the largest Muslim collectives attends Auschwitz with the Jews and denounces anti semitism. feeling joy. Is this the Lion laying down with the sheep?

    President Trump becomes the first President to attend the Rally For Life. Feeling wonder.

    God Bless to all my brothers and may life be filled with weeks like this!

  278. Dave II says:

    Dalrock, a hearty thank you for all your work these past years. Your insights have been nothing short of transformative. Yours is my favourite blog on the Internet. What you’ve done is truly amazing. A blog where not just the content but also the comment section was worth the read. I’ve been waiting for your book, but it doesn’t seem forthcoming – and I respect that. But just br assured that the loss of your blog would leave a hole in the Internet – especially the manosphere – that is highly unlikely to ever be adequately filled.

  279. Novaseeker says:

    It’s notable that the enemies are celebrating. See here:




    What they do not understand, of course, is that the ideas are not going away, but have instead become mainstream, and are all over YouTube, which is currently the main platform for idea dissemination on the internet.

  280. Anon says:


    It’s notable that the enemies are celebrating.

    A lot of people here, myself included, don’t even know who those f**gots are. I popped over at Nightwind, and it appears that he doesn’t have any real arguments, other than telling men to ‘be blue pill’.

    The fact is, Dalrock’s archives are the material, sitting there, for a new up and comer to create a real Christian ministry, under his real name, and shift the culture through that. It can’t be Roosh, despite his recent turn to austere Christianity, but someone else who is currently under 35, has no past baggage, and is unafraid to use his real name.

    It could be a virtual church through Social Media, as described above.

  281. Gunner Q says:

    Here’s a new blog that hopes to continue in Dalrock’s footsteps.


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  283. This blog was invaluable to me at a time when I really needed it. Thank you Dalrock.

  284. fsy says:

    All is well in the Dalrock household, and no one is pressuring me to stop.

    But what were you blinking in Morse code?

    I only saw this post now, so I can only add one more voice to all the others full of gratitude and real awe for your work. There is no question that this material must be left up to be available for all the millions of men (and women as well) who need it even if they don’t know it. If you don’t do it, please let someone else do so.

  285. Philip Melanchthon says:

    @Boxer, you wrote that wget only took 15 minutes for you. Would you please share the exact wget command you used? Thank you.

  286. Philip Melanchthon says:

    @Dalrock, Thank you for applying your intellect and wit and sharp pen to this subject and this blog, and for creating a space for men to interact about these issues that do not have a forum in most churches. I have rarely commented but read regularly. I believe you are responsible for casting a bright light on things taken for granted and on things never considered. Thereby you have transformed the thinking, not only of your readers, but through them, the church and the world. I have noticed recently that other bloggers/content creators are retreading the conceptual paths you pioneered and discussing the landmarks you named in our cultural landscape. If they do not give you credit it may be that your effect has been so thorough — you have transformed Things Which Cannot Be Seen into Things Which Are Obvious. Dalrock, that is incredible work. Well done!

    In a season of darkness when, in the face of church disfunction, I was severely tempted to abandon my faith, your writings and concepts have helped me to recognize the darkness in the church and the cowardice of certain hirelings. Seeing and distinguishing matters more clearly, I was able to see the goodness of God again. I cannot thank you enough.

    Furthermore your and your thoughtful commentators helped me to read the Bible more straightforwardly, without the tortured readings and applications my elders used. This enabled speaking the Word clearly in certain frontier situations.

    I am happy to report my impression that a greater part of the world would consider the current male-female cultural moment in the USA a little silly, if not idiotic. Perhaps the Americans and Europeans can afford this foolishness. Elsewhere, it is obvious men and women are different, they can’t afford to pretend otherwise. And yet the technological changes that have transformed the relations in the US are transforming relations everywhere. It’s good for men everywhere to understand their context in which they find themselves.

    Although there is value in witty Twitter repartee and in lecture videos, there is still great value in having a place to hash out, in writing, counter-cultural concepts and practice impacting faith, the formation and shepherding of Christian communities and families, marriage, parenting, grand parenting. I would love to address these topics, if possible, with you, Dalrock, and with those you have gathered.

    The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you and your family, Dalrock, and to all who walk in the truth.

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  288. Vektor says:

    Thank you for everything. You are a beacon of light in a sea of dark.

    The Manosphere will carry-on, but with your departure and 2 of the 3 R’s effectively gone, it feels like the end of an (internet) age. Hopefully the wisdom shared here will carry on.

    Good luck and Godspeed.

  289. Quiet Desperation says:

    Today as I listened to my wife tell my daughters that God wants them to prepare to be wives and mothers and to be kind to their future husbands, it hit me like a bolt of lightning that the return to Biblical teachings and practices will not occur through the churches, but in the homes of the faithful believers in Christ. I suppose this was already obvious to many of the contributors here but only today did it become crystal clear to me. I know my family owes a great deal to the truths I have learned here from Dalrock and other contributors. My children will be taught the Biblical truths I have learned here. Based on the comments, I know many others continue to treasure these truths as well. Again, thank you, Dalrock, for sharing your inspired wisdom with us for so many years. Farewell, and may God bless you and your family.

  290. Ryder says:

    Thank you for everything, Dalrock.

  291. 5k40 says:

    I’ve never commented here before, and only read sporadically (I’m always meaning to dig into your content more, and running out of time), but please, don’t remove the blog. Step away, if that’s what you must do, but leave it for posterity, please. I know you don’t know me from Adam, but add this voice to the long list of them asking you to stay your hand, rather then putting the sword to a decade of work.

  292. Hazelshade says:

    Thank you Dalrock from the bottom of my heart. You and your family take care and God bless you.

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