Manspreading is about envy, not space.

The BBC has an article up about an ugly feminist receiving “backlash” for her pettiness. Laila Laurel won a “major award” for creating a pair of seats designed to force men’s legs together while forcing women’s legs apart.

According to the BBC, Laurel designed the chairs to solve the problem of men taking up too much space:

She said the “concept” chair was inspired by her experiences of men “infringing on my space in public”.

But if you look at the picture in the BBC article, by design the seats quite obviously take up extra space in order to assuage feminist envy of men.  It isn’t about saving space at all.

She also made a second chair intended for women which encourages sitters to push their legs apart.

According to the Independent, the Belmond hotel company was so pleased with her feminist furniture that they want her to design something for their guests!

As part of her prize, Laurel will be commissioned to create a product for the hotel and leisure company and receive a £1,000 bursary.


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87 Responses to Manspreading is about envy, not space.

  1. Of course it is about envy. If they really cared about space then they’d hate on fat people the same way they hate on men.

  2. Anonymous Reader says:

    The man is sitting in a posture that will reduce blood flow and cramp muscles, possibly leading to reduced circulating T and even low level chronic pain.

    Progress wins again!

  3. Will S. says:

    Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    Penis envy, as always…

    Nothing changes…

  4. Randy M says:

    We’ve finally entered the brave utopia of retributive woodworking. Justice is coming.

  5. Damn Crackers says:

    We’ll all be forced to sit on sybians in five years.

  6. Damn Crackers says:

    OT: The first condemnation of MGTOW comes from the Synod of Gangra (4th Century):

    Canon 9:
    If any one shall remain virgin, or observe continence, abstaining from marriage because he abhors it, and not on account of the beauty and holiness of virginity itself, let him be anathema.

    “Zonaras writes: Virginity is most beautiful of all, and continence is likewise beautiful, but only if we follow them for their own sake and because of the sanctification which comes from them. But should anyone embrace virginity, because he detests marriage as impure, and keep himself chaste, and abstains from commerce with women and marriage, because he thinks that they are in themselves wicked, he is subjected by this canon to the penalty of anathema.”

    This canon is found in the Corpus Juris Canonici, Gratian’s Decretum, Pars I., Dist. xxx., c. v., and again Dist. xxxi., c. ix.”

  7. greginaurora says:

    If he turns the chair around, he can sit in it like her.

    Does this chair come with a guard to ensure that only the correct sex is using it in the correct direction?

  8. Dalrock says:

    Belmond Hotels has a new commercial:

  9. Opus says:

    The other day we were discussing a dandy from Brighton – I hate the place, far too many unwashed ill-kempt students manspreading on the buses. It will come then as no surprise for you to learn that this young lady is a student at the University of Brighton. This is one of our upgraded Polytechs and thus not the sort of Alma Marta that you want on your C.V. My friend’s stepson is an attendee thereat and is reading Facebook studies or something like that because he abandoned his first choice which he found too difficult. He has just failed his year and must do it again yet managed to get a spread in the local rag a couple weeks ago to tell everyone that he is a victim. His victim-hood (more like stupidity) enables him to obtain free stuff. Despite his (adopted) name he is no more English than you and as far as I am concerned must go back but of course I never say that. The one point in his favour I have to say is (being Muslim) he told an under-dressed female student to cover-up. She naturally complained. Tough problem for the administrators that Islam -v- Feminism.

    Brighton has more than one Uni. It also has a college for aspiring pop-musicians appropriately entitled The Bimbo Academy. That at least is what I call it – (It is really The BIM Academy and I forget what the letters stand for).

  10. Ranger says:

    Also, I think that the “non-manspreading” chair actually encourages extreme man spreading. What’s stopping the guy from putting his legs on the sides of the chair?

  11. Gunner Q says:

    The real story is she had a boyfriend willing to help her test an anti-male chair.

  12. Dylan Sexton says:

    cant see your comment, dalrock

  13. cnystrom62 says:

    The funny thing is that if both chairs were available men would probably sit in the women’s chair and women would sit in the men’s chair based on the ergonomics.

  14. PokeSalad says:

    Clown world….honk honk

  15. TheTraveler says:

    So much effort. So much stupidity. So much time and money wasted.

    This is the Whining Millenial version of a chastity belt.

  16. American says:

    All I have to say to this totalitarian anti-male feminazi Laila Laurel is simply, “You sit in it.” Because I never will.

  17. Paul Murray says:

    So, that’s how you get a degree in design from the University of Brighton.

  18. Luke says:

    I’m with Strom here. I’d likely just sit in the “for chicks only” chair, and ignore any looks or comments from the ball-lacking crowd. (Bonus points for bringing a Walkman or Ipod with visibly wired earphones.) Then, when anyone lays hands on you, you either punch them out if they’re male, or file a police report if it’s a broad.

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  20. Joe says:

    Could not resist

    Another Major Award that has to do with legs.

  21. TheTraveler says:


    I’m dating myself as a fossil, but it gives new meaning to the immortal (if that’s the term) words of one Arthur Fonzarelli, AKA “The Fonz”: “Sit on it!”

  22. Who says men create the best inventions?

  23. The male version of the chair slices the balls off, while the female version attaches a pair.
    Feminism engineered into concrete reality.

  24. American says:

    Well Nikolai, we could just smash her wooden works of the devil with a well placed stomp. “Oops! That sure is a crappy foot rest.” Snort a bit before walking off bull legged.

  25. Scott says:

    The whole world and everything in it is stupid now.

  26. Robert Mando says:

    Narcissists will always out themselves.

    you notice that she created a chair which forces women to sit in a specific position WHETHER THEY WANT TOO OR NOT?

    so much for being concerned about “A woman’s right to choose”.

    Laila Laurel cares only about forcing everyone else ( of both sexes ) to conform precisely to her desires, she has no respect for the preferences or opinions of others.

  27. Anonymous Reader says:

    An image of people dressed in full clown regalia sitting on those little tables would be funny.

  28. locustsplease says:

    This really goes back to first wave feminism. They bitched about what they wanted but never said they were gonna stop bitching when they got it. Men gave into the demands expecting some dam quiet they were absolute fools!

    We want to vote sorry hun all there is to vote on is war and infrastructure things gals like you dont do or know jack about. The answer is no now make dinner.

  29. Notice how this retarded design is forcing men to sit like effeminate faggots and making women sit like a man with their legs spread

  30. Isaac says:

    Those are ugly, plain chairs that look like something made in a jr. high shop class. IKEA wouldn’t sell those.

  31. Vektor says:

    Misogynists are not born, they are created. Women like this are living factories.

  32. Gaza says:

    She should name the womens version the ‘bumble chair’ and the mens version the ‘1040EZ chair’.

  33. Hugh Mann says:

    Both chairs are pretty ugly things. To be fair on the designer, she’s being a “good girl” in the current university and media culture, she’s going along to get along by doing this.

    Put her in a different culture and she’d be designing equally ugly clothes to preserve female modesty.

    Original men aren’t that common – original women even rarer. This girl, who seems to have zero design or engineering skill, is going with the flow and has probably nailed-on a first class honours degree.

  34. purge187 says:

    “She said the ‘concept’ chair was inspired by her experiences of men ‘infringing on my space in public’.”

    Um, it’s not your space, hence the reason it’s called “public,” you mentally impaired sow.

  35. Mr. Curious says:

    “ugly feminist’ – superfluous!!!

  36. Cordell says:

    Not going to take this sitting down.

  37. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Russia cracks down on gay adoption:

    It all started when a 12-year-old boy was brought to a Moscow hospital with a stomachache last month. The doctors suspected appendicitis. But the checkup quickly took a different turn. When the boy mentioned that he is adopted and lives with two dads, the doctor called the police.

    On Wednesday, Russia’s Invesigative Committee, the country’s main federal investigative body, officially launched a criminal case against the officials who allowed one of the fathers to adopt children. It is the first case of its kind, Interfax news agency reported. …

  38. feeriker says:

    Russia cracks down on gay adoption:

    Good for Russia! 🇷🇺🇷🇺

    Let the counterrevolution begin!

  39. Sven says:

    Cant wait for women in mini skirts to sit in the womans chair.

  40. Robert What? says:

    Soy Boys might be able to use the one on the left quite comfortably.

  41. Spike says:

    Laura wants women to spread and men to be demure, since she lives in “opposite world”
    I personally am very good with an axe and will re-design such furniture if confronted with it

  42. Opus says:

    I checked: in the University League Table for Great Britain out of One Hundred and Thirty One of them Brighton ranks One Hundred and Fourteenth. Having said that even the best Universities seem to be full of special snowflakes and the like. Youngsters here talk of ‘going to Uni’ whereas I believe in the United States people refer to ‘going to College’. One cannot of course trust these tables one bit. I see that Oxford has been demoted from second to third because it is not sufficiently Diverse. That will only increase its popularity. My country is full of talent: I enjoy buying a Big Mac in Macdonalds (I am afraid we have them) because the young ladies who work there (all white English) are as delightful as they are competent. These females never went to Uni and will have children in their twenties who will be as excellent as they are. Avoiding the Marxist dogma and False Rape Feminazis of Universities can only be to the good.

  43. info says:

    Feminism and sex inversion go hand in hand the chairs visually represent this.

  44. TheTraveler says:


    Sounds like a good plan. As some have observed, though, the quality looks lousy. Pick ’em up, one good shake–instant firewood.

    You might need the axe for when some furniture manufacturer (after giving this twit a bunch of money for her “revolutionary design”) starts mass-producing these.

  45. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Sports Illustrated features a 55-year-old swimsuit model:

    Kathy Jacobs is “55 years young” and feeling herself.

    The California-based model-actress has been in the game since the early 1990s, when she was a “petite” (i.e., short) poser for NYC’s iconic Ford agency. Nearly 30 years later, she says, she’s “still fighting for inclusion in the industry.”

    And she’s doing it in a bikini.

    The silver-haired siren’s career is definitely on the upswing, with appearances in Miley Cyrus’ new “Mother’s Daughter” video and a campaign for the Soji Health CBD skin care brand.

    But her biggest “get” yet is impressing the increasingly inclusive folks behind the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition runway show over the weekend at the W South Beach in Miami.

    “As a 5’3” tall, 55-year-old woman who has been told she is too short to be a model her whole life — and is now being told that she too old as well, my heart is filled with deep gratitude,” Jacobs posted to her @ageisbeauty Instagram account. …

  46. Novaseeker says:

    My observational experience with women in that age range who are in some way attractive (and they exist, although there are few of them relative to the cohort as a whole) is that it much, much easier (not easy, but much easier) to maintain a body that looks a certain way than it is to have a face/neck that doesn’t betray age.

    That woman has a nice body still — likely combination of diet/nutrition/training/resistance regime, as well as good decisions relating to sun, booze, sleep and so on. Well done. But her face betrays her age and looks nothing at all as attractive as a woman who is even 10 years younger, never mind 15 or more. And so it makes sense that those pushing “women in their mid 50s are beautiful, age is just a number!!” as a meme focus on the bodies and not the faces — the faces deteriorate in ways that are harder to address without a lot of surgery, and too much surgery makes you look obviously fake as well, so it’s a much harder thing to address and is more genetically based than anything else. And of course the face matters for overall attractiveness quite a bit … but by shifting the focus to the body, which is (with difficulty) more easily addressed, the focus shifts away from the face/neck, which is always the most obvious telltale of age and deterioration of beauty in any case.

  47. TheTraveler says:

    But yet, we should disregard women’s appearance–focus on her “inner beauty,” particularly if we’re talking about fatties and purple-haired freakazoids. Nonetheless SI, a paragon of virtue-signalling that long ago sold its soul, focuses on an elderly woman…for her BODY.

    This tacitly acknowledges the failure of the half-century “inner beauty” campaign. If you can’t beat reality, manipulate it.

    Just a few of the many, many contradictions in hivemind world. That nobody ever calls out and condemns any of these contradictions indicates to me that media MUST BE centrally controlled.

  48. Hugh Mann says:

    OT – I wish this woman well, but I wonder if 42 isn’t a bit late to start trying to have a family? Hasn’t anyone ever told her about fertility?

    “England Netball head coach Tracey Neville is to step down after July’s World Cup in Liverpool after four years in charge. Neville, 42, led the Roses to Commonwealth gold in 2018, having taken over from Anna Mayes ahead of the 2015 World Cup in Australia. The former England shooter says her decision to step down is to “start a family”.”

  49. Frank K says:

    Hasn’t anyone ever told her about fertility?

    She’s probably been told all her life that she can do anything. Too bad no one told her that Kim Possible is a fictional character (her slogan is that she can do anything).

  50. Frank K says:

    Those chairs have to be one of the stupidest ideas ever. Right up there with this idiotic idea:

    The purpose of that seat is supposed to be to “raise awareness of sexual harassment” on the metro. As if those who harass are going to give a rat’s patootie. And everyone else knows better than to white knight, since they could end up stabbed or shot.

  51. BillyS says:

    An implication I am sure she didn’t consider (or want to admit) is that this makes a woman’s natural position to spread her legs….

  52. Minesweeper says:

    Woman designs chairs that force women to be sluts and men to be gay.

    Nothing to see here.

  53. Minesweeper says:

    I’m amazed she hasn’t been arrested yet, forcing women to publically part their labia.

    If a man did this, well, it would be 20 years in the gulag at least.

  54. Minesweeper says:

    Why hasn’t a man ever designed a chair that forces women to spread their legs yet ?

    Shurely the whole field of chair design is rampant with sexism and misogyny.

  55. File under “dumbest thing ever”.

    Nevermind that the majority of women take up way more space then men on buses, subways, trains and planes.
    This is even more true in North America where 70% of all women are obese to morbidly obese.
    Planes are the worst for this.
    Because not only are American women so obese, they are actually bringing onto the plane large orders of McDonald’s and Mexican food and 2 liter cups of red coke to consume right next to you.
    This is the real disgrace.
    Don’t get me wrong, men are fat as well.

    Add on to this the female handbags and shopping bags, etc. it is obscene how much space they take up.

    I can sit in the middle seat of an airplane and stay in my lane, no manspreading required. Maybe an adjustment or two if the flight is long, but nothing oppressive to a female neighbor.

    I’ve seen elderly men forced to stand on bus rides in the city while young women throw their handbags and shopping bags to occupy availlable seats, communicating “you may not sit here!”
    I for one am sick of it, and so I feel it’s OK to say something to this entitled broads, and publicly shame them if need be. IDGAF anymore.
    They can arrest me for pointing out the obvious.

  56. Luke says:

    Whatever happened to the ideas of 1) first come, first served (or seated), or 2) if you want better service (to include seating, such as at concerts), you understand you’ll need to pay a premium price? If some stranger paid the same as me, and they want my seat that I got to first, there’s a short pier they need to take a long walk on, one way, at night, alone. (I’ll make exceptions for a wedding-ring-equipped white pregnant woman who’s nonwhite child/companion-free and free of extra piercings, tattoos, blue/shaved hair, etc., or a disabled man with a cap on indicating he’s a mil veteran, but that’s about it.)

  57. Opus says:


    It is as much in America, I presume, as here, an unwritten rule that one does not in either work or at play discuss ones political or religious views. There is then the cliche that an old acquaintance of some particular person when asked by reason of length of familiarity about his acquaintances views on these matters replies that actually he has no idea. I am reminded then of an acquaintance of mine talking about his own Father’s funeral and hearing the Vicar say that my friend’s Father’s views on religion were something of a mystery – even his own clergyman was ignorant thereof. It strikes me that such caution prevents wars of religion and facilitates both work and play and was part at least of what enabled England to become top-nation.

    I set that out as I have just returned from a shop where I was making a photocopy and could not but overhear the conversation between a customer and the sales assistant who was a young English man who came, on the basis of his accent, from the lower-depths. I had missed the opening of the conversation but in his unattractive voice the salesman said and loudly that he had no objection to anyone having their own chosen religion. I imagine that that might well be the general view of readers here: Congress makes no laws as to religion whereas England is a theocracy and the head of State is head of the Church. Had I been in the conversation I might have pointed out that one distinguished English philosopher – T. Hobbes – would not have agreed with the salesman. I put the salesman’s views down to the usual, liberal kumbaya ideology so prevalent nowadays. He, however, continued by anecdote and seemed to know someone who had worked in an office where a Muslim also worked and where a Christian had complained to the management that the Muslim at the preordained time of the day turned to Mecca and indulged in his prayers. The English Christian was sacked.and the salesman thought this perfectly reasonable. Even if you take the view that what a Muslim or indeed anyone else does in the privacy of their own home is their own concern – something on which the liberal elite are entirely inconsistent – it strikes me that saying ones prayers at work is a case of ‘in-yer-face’ and of course a breach of the unwritten rule I mention in my first paragraph. The same reasoning used to apply to the fans of homosexuality yet look how they now behave. I am afraid that in an age when people cannot metaphorically keep it zipped-up I am of the view that Hobbes (who was attempting to thwart further civil war) was in my view right.

  58. Jim Christian says:

    Boston’s T trains and subways,women, aside from their rampant obesity taking up 1.5 spaces, these women bring two bags loaded with their crap and ‘spread’ it around them on the floor. And they don’t pull into their own one space even if a member of the sisterhood needs a seat. Throw in the big puffy jackets they wear all winter and the fatties are easily taking up two seats’ worth. I got no sympathy.

  59. Oscar says:

    @ Opus

    Congress makes no laws as to religion whereas England is a theocracy and the head of State is head of the Church.

    How’s that working out for you?

    Remember; “there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is His Prophet.”

  60. Paul says:


    Say again?

  61. Minesweeper says:

    @Paul, so your saying she copied an existing design ? She has no originality at all……

  62. Opus says:


    That charming church is so I learn St George in the East (though I must say it does look a bit R.C. to me rather than as I understand Anglican) which I have at least walked by though not entered and the reason for its apparent emptiness is not just because we don’t like to be too crowded and it is not Christmas or Easter or because the men are in the pub which is probable for there is an almost entirely female congregation but because the Cockneys who would have been its congregation were in the 1950s turfed-out of bomb-scarred London for the greener-fields and modern-accommodation of the new-suburbs all paid for I suppose with borrowed American dollars. Those women are middle-class and own their own des-res property in London. Dear Americans you have never had to live with the ravages left by the Luftwaffe and thus there can be few new housing-estates in your country at least none caused by a housing shortage caused by the Germans. Muslim men do not drink and that may be the explanation for their full turn-out at the tenements that somehow the Luftwaffe seem to have missed. The Open Air Mosque may be full but I cannot see any women.

    I obviously think that my salesman is clueless and he reminds me of those men who used to cheer-lead for the then hoped-for sexual-revolution only to find that far from the easy free-for-all they had imagined, the bottom 80% of men were soon eased out of all female company in favour of Chad Thundercock and in the like way it will not be long before my salesman will be expected to acknowledge as you say that “there is but one God and that his prophet (may God be pleased with him ) is Allah” and in the same way as it is now not possible to say that well actually you loath Homosexuals and think they should be imprisoned and say so without repercussions. You can’t say that – so much for free speech. As the scimitar is raised to the sound of Allah Akhbar it will be little use his asking if there is any wiggle room for say, Quakers or Episcopalians because the Crusades, you know, were all the fault of the Roman Catholics or protesting that one is in any case Atheist (as he indicated) indeed that would make it even worse.

    Once again I am reminded of Tolstoy’s Pyotr Rostov and his sweets – giving away everything he had for the purpose of being liked.

  63. Oscar says:

    @ Opus

    Muslim men do not drink and that may be the explanation for their full turn-out at the tenements that somehow the Luftwaffe seem to have missed.

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that. As you said yourself; you Brits aren’t very religious, so you have no idea what religious devotion even looks like. Well, look at those two photos I posted. One is what “not very religious” looks like, and the other is what religious devotion looks like.

    Can you guess which is which?

    Do you think you can resist fervent religious devotion with nothing?

    The Open Air Mosque may be full but I cannot see any women.

    Mosques are segregated by sex, which is impossible in the open air, so of course there are no women there. Besides, they’re all busy making and raising the babies you’re not making or raising.

    So, remember; “there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is His Prophet”. Because, you’re going to need it.

  64. Hippopotamusdrome says:


    Congress makes no laws as to religion … How’s that working out for you? …

  65. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    if you follow the encroachment of PC into sci-fi culture:

    Sci-fi author Greg Benford got into trouble at Loscon 45 last year. His main crime seems to be that he called a woman “honey” during a panel. She complained to the convention. Later, hotel security escorted Benford out during his book signing.

  66. Anonymous Reader says:

    if you follow the encroachment of PC into sci-fi culture:

    Just reading about the Hugo award for the last 5 – 10 years reveals a lot.

    His main crime seems to be that he called a woman “honey” during a panel

    Not just any woman, though. Apparently he indirectly referred to N. K. Jemisin as “honey”. Refer back to the Hugo’s of the last 5 – 10 years for details. Aging white male human fails to genuflect to modern mediocre female writer – no wonder the SJW’s went after him.

    Irony: Benford’s law obviously applies:
    Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available

  67. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    The woman who complained at Loscon used the term “old, white men.”

    I’d be willing to lodge a formal complaint, claiming I was offended by this ageist, racist, sexist term. Fight the SJWs on their own terms.

    But I know it wouldn’t be taken seriously, due to the double standard in assessing what is ageist, racist, and sexist.

  68. BillyS says:

    Why does anyone with even half a brain support these fools?

    Stop supporting them in the slightest!

  69. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Not just any woman, though. Apparently he indirectly referred to N. K. Jemisin as “honey”. Refer back to the Hugo’s of the last 5 – 10 years for details. Aging white male human fails to genuflect to modern mediocre female writer

    I’d never heard of Jemisin, so I Googled her. Turns out, she is a woman of color. Which compounds Benford’s hate crime.

  70. Moses says:

    Feminists hearts are brimming with hate for men. Wow.

    Gelding is not far off.

  71. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Here is Loscon’s Code of Conduct:

    It’s pretty nutty. But typical of modern America.

  72. Anonymous Reader says:

    Nowadays “code of conduct” is a root password for SJW’s to gain a free hand to punish wrongthinkers and reward whomever they want. It’s not just an innocent “oh, let’s all get along” document, any more that Joe Stalin was mere head bureaucrat of the personnel division of the Bolsheviks in the 1920’s.

    Some of the biggest abusers of CoC’s in open source software are men in dresses who “transitioned” over the age of 40. I don’t want to contemplate what kind of psychological damage is involved, frankly.

  73. Scott says:


    This is being shared all over social media over the last few days:

    And I keep wondering, how many first (fill in the blank ethnicity) + (fill in the blank gender) + (fill in the blank whatever important position) articles and news stories do we have to be subjected to before the powers that be (left-right-middle all do this) are satisfied? How many until they conclude that our civilization has been reorganized sufficiently on principles like “equality” or whatever to say the good fight is over, the prize is won?

  74. Paul says:

    The CoC includes the following indicators of when someone is feeling harassed, and hence an actual offense has occurred:

    “Don’t use that word
    Actually my preferred pronouns are…
    I did not ask for assistance
    You are making me uncomfortable”

    must be real fun at the Loscon…

  75. Hmm says:

    We’ve come a long way from “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

  76. BillyS says:

    They will never be satisfied Scott.

  77. Ray6777 says:

    OT: Feminist wants to destroy patriarchy but keep chivalry

  78. TheTraveler says:

    Re: the new “woke poster person” AMA prez, Sci-Fi, Feminists who want chivalry:

    None of this is rational. It makes for an unjust, skewed society. Tom Clancy once wrote about the Soviet Union: “An unjust society is an unstable society.”

    Sooner or later–probably sooner rather than later–this will all come tumbling down in one, big nasty heap. The only question is, will the better parts of Western Civilization survive the tumble?

  79. wodansthane says:

    Does this chair work on wives? A lot of husbands would pay top dollar for it.

  80. American says:

    @Scott, These apostates who’ve traded creator God and His holiness for a life immersed in sexual immorality will never stop on their own. Unless they are stopped, they will keep digging all the way down into the bowels of hell deceiving and dragging as many people and societies with them as possible. Even screeching in torment, they’ll STILL be digging. They’re the demographic who will line up for the mark of the beast like it’s a free new iphone.

  81. Opus says:


    A tale of two nations from common beginnings

    America: Mr Trump intends to spend $2 Billion over eighteen months in a bid to be granted a second term.

    Britain: Six weeks ago eleven M.P.s from the Tory Party put their hats in the ring. This was quickly whittled down to two and then the members of the party cast a vote. Total Costs: nil

    I just loooooooooooove democracy and I see that a Donald Trump lookalike has been elected. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  82. m11nine says:


    Imagine! Asking a woman to use a chair to force open or close her legs! Her body her choice and all that… Either chair would be feminist sin, best to not even go there.

  83. c matt says:

    Wait, there’s a man in that picture?!?

  84. Minesweeper says:

    @Nick Mgtow, nice one !

  85. JR says:

    The fact that the “pope” sits on an ancient private Roman toilet as a throne, which contains a hole which makes the best chair for men to increase fertility by cooling their testicles is triply ironic to me. In biological reality, the best chair for a man’s fertility would contain a deep hole between the legs and the best garment a miniskirt. This is all quite amusing.

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