Stepping away for a bit.

I’ll be turning on moderation around 9:00 PM this evening and won’t be turning it off until Sunday evening or Monday.  I’ll probably do the same for the latter part of next week as well.

In the meantime you may be interested in the fact that Deep Strength has a book that will soon be available.  Click here to see the table of contents.  I’ve asked him to let me know once it is available so I can help get the word out.

Also, after a bit of a pause I see that Larry Kummer of Fabius Maximus has been very productive lately, including:

Lastly, from Pushing Rubber Downhill: Low trust societies.

4-1 Update:  Moderation is now off.

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  2. Opus says:


    Walking up-town back to my place, I pass my favourite church and preferring that to a park bench slip inside and sit down. There are a number of people in the church. Behind me I can hear a man talking to a woman and I thought he said to the female ‘you are a mere stripper’. The woman was not sure either what he had said and so she asked him to repeat. This time it was clearer: ‘You are a mere stripling’. She agreed that compared to her female friend who she said was ninety-three she at ninety-two was indeed a mere stripling. Then an equally old thane enquiring of me whether this was my local church and whether I was staying for the service which she explained, as she passed me a copy of the book of Common Prayer open at the page headed Communion, was quite short – a mere half hour. I then noticed a woman in a dog-collar talking to some people and fearful that I would be next in her list of people to pose before I slipped out of the church silently avoiding being expelled for my views on Titus 3. I conclude that church is a place for children and great grandmothers. ‘Twas not always thus: the City of London has more Wren churches per the square mile than casinos in Las Vegas.

  3. ray says:

    “NASA has aborted its mission for a first-ever all-female spacewalk around the International Space Station because there are not enough spacesuits to fit the female astronauts, the agency said.”

    Yeah not enough spacesuits to fit yeah tell them that. Bah-hah! Zillion dollar budget, not enough spacesuits, it’ll sell. ISS = ISIS, these dorks are so Egyptian-drenched.

    Actual engineering conversation: “Five women in a capsule would detonate before reaching the stratosphere. This is not Ghostbusters 3.”

  4. @Oscar, grew up in London in the 90s, I could weep over what was lost let me tell you.

  5. John says:

    Dalrock, did you see the Notre Dame article about the women in yoga pants, and particularly, the nasty, nasty comments shaming the mother who asked young women to stop coming naked to Catholic mass?

  6. @Opus, I mean, sorry Oscar.

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