The perfect response to Patriarchy Chicken.

Commenter Junkyard Dawg described his own response to Patriarchy Chicken (emphasis mine):

That actually happened to me a number of years ago. I was in a park where there is a wide walking path. People walking toward one another from opposite directions usually each moved to the right (like on the roads) to let one another pass. I saw a woman coming my way and moved all the way to the right, to the edge of the path. I soon saw that she had no intention of moving and she also was all the way over on the right (in her case, the left), and for sure, I was not going to step off onto the grass to let her pass, nor move to the center of the path – why should I?

I didn’t know how I was going to handle it, as she was almost face to face and I didn’t have much time to consider. But just seconds before, I stopped, put on a big spontaneous smile and said, “Good morning, how are you?” (We were now both standing still, face-to-face, about a foot apart.) This apparently was unexpected and she seemed to come to her senses, said, “OK,” and then moved over and kept going, and I resumed walking.

This is perfect, because it defeats the passive aggressive intent of the “empowerment” and forces the ugly feminist to choose one of three responses:

  1. State outright that she is playing childish power games.
  2. Go around.
  3. Engage in a friendly conversation.

If she chooses option 1, you can then respond with appropriate amusement.  But chances are she will do as the ugly feminist did in Junkyard Dawg’s experience and move out of the way.  Option three isn’t ideal, but keep in mind that being friendly is pure torture to an ugly feminist, so no matter how much you would prefer not to talk to one, she is far more bothered by being polite than you are.

It is also possible that she wasn’t actually an ugly feminist at all, but instead just not paying attention.  Note that this response is perfect for that scenario as well.

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  1. Truth be told, normal politeness and cheerfulness is really hard to defend against. I’m not talking white knightery, I mean the normal politeness and cheerfulness which all people should really have. It’s real hard to for someone to come back harsh over that without looking like the bad guy.

  2. Wraithburn says:

    I’m going to have to remember that one, good response.

  3. AnonS says:

    The one who moves probably has something more important to do. The one who has the least to lose can try to stand there all day.

  4. Patrick says:

    I think in the old days of the manosphere that would have been classified as a shit test. I wonder how Roissy would deal with it.

  5. Jake says:

    I’ve always just screamed oh yeah and bowled through them.

  6. I travel frequently for work.
    Just my opinion here, but you will not a find a more interesting laboratory with examples of this kind of confrontational feminism than modern day airline travel. It’s not so common, but when it the instances do occur, oh it’s just….*mua*….exquisite.

    Tight quarters. Encapsulated space. Typically dirty, high mileage, run down machinery. Clientele of mixed socio-economic backgrounds, and education levels. Sprinkle in enormous levels of entitlement for what is essentially a Greyhound bus service 30,000 feet in the sky.

    The loading process is always the finest hour to observe these instances: I give you the overweight carry on luggage and the feminist.

    It is fascinating to see women of all ages board flights and stop at their seated row and wait – casting eyes to any male in proximity to help her lift the bag up into the overhead compartment. She will often not say a word. She will merely make reluctant eye contact with a “some help?” look.

    Not an issue by itself. I often do get up and help them.

    And most men do help – some jumping up to be of service, others reluctantly “playing chicken” and ceding to the demand to help – just so the boarding process isn’t held up by them and the flight can depart on time. My own motivation has become more from personal self-interest, because I have seen more than my share of “WELL THEN I’LL DO IT MYSELF!”-feminists with shitty upper body strength, almost decapitate elderly people or mothers and toddlers by failing to lift the luggage upward properly. No need for that.

    But what is remarkable to me is how so many women even today after receiving such service and assistance do not say “thank you” at all and just take their seat, or do not even make eye contact with their helper ever. Yet when the plane lands these same damsels will seek out strong assistance once more to help her bring it down so she can go on her way unencumbered.

    So often they can barely bring themselves to say “thank you” as a result of the second half of Dalrock’s law on feminism. It must be bad enough for them that they have to ask for assistance at all, but to say “thank you very much. I really appreciate that!” has to be the worst ever.

    Damn all of you friendly, gentlemanly men screwing feminism up!

  7. I agree 100% with No. 3, if you can pull it off.
    Even if you don’t, any public witnesses to her response will likely be in your favor.

    Killing them softly with unapologetic masculine presence, strength and kindness is the worst thing ever.

  8. Scott says:

    Everything is so stupid now.

  9. seventiesjason says:

    Toss of the coin. I help women sometimes on a plane or at the rail platform with luggage. Sometimes I get a thank you, sometimes I don’t. I hold the door for anyone coming into a building behind me, man or woman. Sometimes I get a “thank you” sometimes I don’t.

    I help the homeless in street ministry, late at night. Sometimes I get a “thank you” sometimes I don’t. Usually I get the story that if they just got $5.00 or $10.00 bux it will be okay…or bus fare, or cab fare…and when I say “no, I don’t have that” I have been on occasion had a huge loogie spit on me and the usual “foul language” (mental illness) lobbed, men and women have done this to me.

    When I help a woman. I am not expecting a thank you, a phone number, a date, a “conversation” and I don’t use it to “open a set”

    I do it just because. It has nothing to do with chivalry, or saving a damsel in distress, or hoping that she may like me.

    It’s just called “basic decorum” and how a civil society works. You say “thank you” to the bus driver when you swipe your eCard upon boarding. You smile and be “polite” when trying to return something at Walmart because being “socially friendly” in customer service gets you further and the issue resolved faster.

    All the above things I mentioned have nothing to do with “weak men screwing feminism up”

    Expecting a thank you from someone when you “just do” something isn’t a requirement either. It’s just bad manners. I don’t stop working with the homeless because many are plain ungrateful. If a woman doesn’t say “thank you” to me, that’s on her, not me. If a guy doesn’t acknowledge me when I hold a door for him, that’s his problem not mine.

    I don’t knock people over to help someone, but if the person is right there….what difference does it make? Maybe the woman who doesn’t say thank you is just a spoiled woman. Maybe the dude I held the door for didn’t say thank you because he’s a jerk.

    I really, really doubt you men here watch a woman in a situation and think “If I help, I am a weak man who is screwing feminism up” or “She may not say thank you, and I just wasted my time”

    and for you players “if she is an 8 or higher, I’ll help her only if she will give a BJ in the bathroom”

    Lowest common denominator will continue to plummet if we all behaved like this in every situation. You don’t verify that someone paid their “rent” before you rescue them. You don’t call the ambulance for someone having a stroke in a public area because “Hmmmmm….don’t know if she’s a feminist or not.” nor do you watch someone drown and think “If I help, I may not get a thank you. Let’s just watch and see if they can help themselves”

  10. D Beguiled says:

    Her response says it all.


    Ok, you got me.

    Ok, it’s no working.

    Ok, I’ll behave like a normal human being.

    Ok. (Oh, ok!)

    Listen closely to women because often they will tell you exactly what is going on while pretending not to. She could have said “Excuse me!” and kept trying to walk through you. Would have gotten away with that.

    But she instead acknowledged that you were onto her. It probably caught her by surprise.

    They do this with their dogs too. If I see a woman walking towards me walking the dog, I know that by the time she reaches me, either the woman, the dog, or the leash will be blocking my way, no matter where I decide to walk.

    Yours is an elegant solution.

    Unfortunately I am more blunt. I stop, look her dead in the eye, and say: “It isn’t a contest.” Sometimes follow up with: “You aren’t winning anything.”

    More of a red flag to a bull. Usually they move aside but screech after me something like: “You aren’t winning either!’

    Anyway, funny how people’s dark motivations come bubbling out in such weird ways.

  11. Burner Prime says:

    I’ve had the imminent-collision thing happen as well. Can be women or certain cultures. For both cases I think it’s a case of being accustomed to others moving out of the way, not a power trip. I do the same in either case: I keep going straight, slowing enough to avoid an actual collision. They always move aside, no conversation needed. Dudes (certain cultures notwithstanding) rarely cause this problem, only much younger bucks trying to assert dominance and only with their very young peers – and that was back in the day when they had higher-T and more ZFG. Modern soys never pull that.
    Now for @constrainedlocus:

    “Not an issue by itself. I often do get up and help them.”

    All this chivalry material must not be getting absorbed… I would only help an elderly person. Younger women I just stand and wait, unless specifically asked. Or wait for a white knight like yourself to tally-ho to Mi’Lady’s rescue. Saying it’s for ‘selfish reasons’ is a phony cover story.

  12. seventiesjason says:

    D… seem to be looking for a fight or confrontation…….and that is just tiring, and I don’t believe that is “true masculinity” or verifying a “law of feminism” or if you happen to move somehow your man-card is gonna be called in at judgment.

    I don’t jump turnstiles to help a woman. If she is right there. Help. Also you mention elderly……many elderly are feminists, are you gonna ask her first if she is one?

    Who uses “MiLady”? btw?????? Yeah, writings from the 12th century do.

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  14. poetentiate says:

    Technically that’s sexual harrasment. Initiating a conversation with a woman you do not know on the street. Or at least that’s where it is rapidly heading, with the cheering of all those “I’m not a feminist” women.

  15. ray says:

    Jake — “I’ve always just screamed oh yeah and bowled through them.”

    Damn. Now I’m feeling inadequate.

  16. Anonymous Reader says:

    Everything is so stupid now.

    If you printed a bumper sticker with just those words, I wonder how many you could sell?

  17. Scott says:


    It’s how I keep from going crazy

  18. Frank K says:

    Whenever I see someone, anyone, struggling to lift a piece of luggage into the overhead compartment and I’m nearby I will say something like “Let me help you with that.” FWIW, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t thanked. Maybe it’s my winning smile, who knows?

  19. Spike says:

    I agree with response Number 1, Dalrock.
    Women not moving aside on a footpath, when it is common courtesy, are playing a very childish, juvenile game. They are banking on men’s good will, and that good will is rapidly diminishing.

    I expect if feminists keep up stupid campaigns like this and piss men off enough, then there WILL be female oppression, violence and exploitation, making feminism a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  20. freebird says:

    Next up we can talk about feminists with multiple Bulldogs,Peanut butter,and the things you wish you hadn’t known about all that.

  21. ray says:

    An ode to International Women’s Day:

    source — Daily Crow

  22. Anon says:

    They are banking on men’s good will, and that good will is rapidly diminishing.

    Don’t count on it. Cuckservatives are able to dial up the supplication by 10x above current levels, and are extremely keen on expanding government to force other men to comply.

  23. feeriker says:

    Whenever I see someone, anyone, struggling to lift a piece of luggage into the overhead compartment and I’m nearby I will say something like “Let me help you with that.”


  24. TheOtherScott says:

    I see this all the time in Europe. I attempt one small avoidance move and then I look them right in the eyes and keep on my chosen path. I’m 6´3″, 240# so you can imagine who loses that conflict. I’m constantly surprised at their surprise when they have to jump out of the way to avoid being crushed. Of course I get a lot of comments about how rude I am.

  25. squid_hunt says:

    “Only what women do and feel matters.”

  26. ray says:

    More ‘Patriarchy Chicken’ —

    The empowered dearie also calls for the death penalty for any Evil Male that visits a massage parlor.

    Welcome to the New Woman Order.

  27. tsotha says:

    So knocking her on her ass and then pretending you didn’t see her is out?

  28. Opus says:

    As this is not the most serious of threads and as my belated contribution to International Women’s Day allow me to leave here the following:

    I had forgotten the following and fairly one might think remarkable facts which do make it so hard for women these days to be the first to break through that patriarchal glass ceiling – when it was done over a century ago or even two. There are in London (you may count differently of course) four major theatrical companies: The Royal Opera, the National Theatre, The Royal Ballet and the National Opera. Although I cannot account for the Royal Opera which was the latest of the four to be formed (1946) the other three trace their origins back to 1880 and the theatre where once, Bill’s friend, your Kevin Spacey was the artistic director namely The Old Vic. The three companies in their embryo stages were started by a woman Emma Cons and after her death turned into something we recognise today by her niece Lillian Baylis. The pair of them were of course well connected and left-wing but that is predictable: starting theatre for the masses only to be taken over by the elite.

    On the same subject the first theatre in the town in which I reside started life in the 1790s. The proprietor died and so the management was taken over by his widow a woman who was largely illiterate. She had such success that within a while she had had built and ran seven or eight theatres in the county. She never used a bank but apparently always kept her money about her person. The theatres folded after her death in the 1840s but I presume largely by reason of the coming of the steam railways making journeys to London and thus its theatres and return easily undertaken the same day.

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  30. She was not paying attention. Few women do. Utter lack of surroundings and spacial awareness. Push a grocery cart thru a store. You can move to within a micron of a woman who is oriented sideways to you while reading a list of the things the item she holds is free of, and she will choose the comfy chair of her furrowed brow studying to the notice of an approaching cart that cannot pass.

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